Much like Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James also proclaims “It’s Just Different” while showing off exclusive footwear. It is not confirmed, but it can be safely assumed that they are referring to the perks of being affiliated with the biggest sneaker companies in the universe. Another similarity the two share is the color scheme they have been recently spotted in. Melo rocked the Air Jordan 9 “Motorboat Jones” last week, and King James has showcased a luxurious all-red Nike LeBron X with black accents. The only variation from the two tone colorway is the white speckles present on the midsole. These may never be released, but stay tuned to Nice Kicks for the latest release information. Would you cop these if they dropped?

Nike LeBron X - Red/Black

Nike LeBron X – Red/Black

LeBron James in the Nike Air LeBron X Red/Black image via ATL Pics

LeBron James in the Nike Air LeBron X Red/Black image via ATL Pics

Source: LeBron James

  • bingham302
  • chicharon777

    follower! first ewing with his 33 hi back in 1990, later jordan with his raging bull 5 in 2009, now lebron thinks he can pull this off in 2012!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • Neezy

      @chicharon777?Do you realize how many all red/blk colorway sneakers have been done? Hell, even T-Mac has all red/blk kicks. Is he a “follower” too? Y’all stay riding Bron’s jock. It’s sad. lol

  • OjayJuiceHenry

    it’s safe to say that x’s will take over where the 9’s left off, too many colors coming out @ the same damn time!

  • jojo2089

    sick, hope these are a future release cause thats a dope CW

  • Neezy


  • Encore Kickz

    these are nice,
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