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After practice pics, the Li-Ning Dwyane Signature is seen in detailed images. Still lacking an official title, this makeup relies on a black base, white outsole accents, and a speckled midsole. Wade branding appears on the inner tongue, while a ?W? shaped lace base adds identity. Given the chance would you rock this shoe? Tell us in the comment section.

Li-Ning Dwyane Wade Signature

Li-Ning Dwyane Wade Signature

Li-Ning Dwyane Wade Signature

Li-Ning Dwyane Wade Signature

Li-Ning Dwyane Wade Signature

Li-Ning Dwyane Wade Signature

Li-Ning Dwyane Wade Signature

Li-Ning Dwyane Wade Signature

Source: Kenlu/Weibo

NayrbMartinez 5pts

l don't care how ugly this is as other say..what matter is how it would deliver on the court..probably im gona buy one just to test it..Try something new..

mackmizzle 5pts

shits look like the default shoes on 2k

MrRiles 5pts

I'll buy them cause I hate Jordan's cause he's only about making money of the backs of kids parents. Don't sell them so kids will skip school to buy them.

DavidScott1 5pts

I hope that check they wrote him was worth it. I'd sport them to for the right amount of money. lol.

IamAaronM 5pts

@B_Jones84 @B_Catch sadly they are better than any Jordan brand he ever dropped

kevinsalazar 5pts

If you don't see the design hints from the III's, then you're just blind. 

Neezy 5pts

What are some'a y'all looking at though?? Maybe I just know my sneakers a bit more, but NOTHING in the design of this sneaker says an Air Jordan ANYTHING! I see some similarities to the ZLII's in the midsoles, but nothing that you all see.

youngsneakerlover 5pts

Any1 else think they kind of resemble the AJ 3's. These are much uglier though a huge step down

eyemef 5pts

zoom lebron 3 combined with kobe 4 plus converse weapon evo and a reducted peak logo..FUGLY!

Neezy 5pts

LMAO (again)

Sneakeriffic 5pts

Amazing how many dweebs post on saying these are garbage even before these pics came out. These are the same fuxxx that would post how awesome them new Jordans or Nikes are even before seeing them! Get of them nuts, dumbasses!

jordan95 5pts

with that triangle on the side these look more like a Peak shoe than anything. still better than what he had with JB though

TheQuakerOatsGuy 5pts

Looks pretty damn classy to me.  Could be alone on this one, but it looks like something you could wear out to the club.  

GyanShieldsdad 5pts

If they put an LV logo on that is instantly worth 2000 bucks. I need to see more colors. Still looks like a luxury pair of kicks..not b-ball. But I like em. Still 10 times better than anything jordan made for him.

JonnyB15 5pts

Look like Metta World Peace's kicks

acdc2 5pts

PURE GARBAGE! Probably the last time he'll be able to cash in though. 

hashtagapparel 5pts

These actually look better than the line he had with Jordan lmao!!! He needs a new logo though..

TheWayne 5pts

Poor D-Wade! He's changed companies TWICE and still suffers from the Converse Curse.


All of his shoes look like their still designed by Converse. Just sad.

JoseEnriqueTorres 5pts

they kinda resemble the retro 4 from the sides. they're nice though

Fern23 5pts

Available at Walmart !!!

lionelcook 5pts

By far the best Wade shoe as far as design! Does look like a Lebron 2 though.


Alphonso_S 5pts

hmmm... they don't look as good as they did in the blurry shots with D Wade wearing them. What materials are they made of?

GyanShieldsdad 5pts

 @Neezy Hate to say this but some people will be groupies for Jordan no matter what. I have plenty of J's but i'm not so infatuated that I think every red white and black sneaker is a bred. I just wished The Jordan brand would have tighten him up with a better design. I wonder what Wade thinks though? I bet he is still counting the money...lol

acdc2 5pts

 @TheQuakerOatsGuy li nings, or whatever they're called, at the club? You must like dancing/drinking alone. These shoes are garbage. But whatever. Go for it!

dalinkwent817 5pts

 @EvJurk  Sorry, I used "midsole" incorrectly. I should have said uppers.  But imagine a pair of 3s, and the parts that are elephant print, right above the midsole. These shoes took that and blacked it out.