And Then There Was X: The 10 Longest Signature Lines in Hoops History

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And Then There Was X
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Every year signature series come and go, but some have what it takes to go the distance. In light of Nike and LeBron James releasing their tenth shoe together, we profile basketball’s longest lasting signature shoe lines.

Penny Hardaway

Run: 1995-98, 2012
Models: 6

All-Star game and fresh marketability pushed Penny Hardaway?s sneaker series to another level. Following four Air Penny models and the infamous Foamposite One, Anfernee?s line received an extension with this year?s post-retirement Penny V.

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Ian Stonebrook lives in Austin, TX where he spends most of his time kicking it with friends and fam, hooping, golfing and going out.

27 Comments on "And Then There Was X: The 10 Longest Signature Lines in Hoops History"

  1. Sam_NoIAm

    The Jordan XV are the ugliest Jordans of all time and they’re on of the most ugliest shoes period of all time

  2. Koach_CartER

    jordan 15s hands down the uglies shoe ever made.. carmelo line was good up to the 4th shoe…didint know there were that many iversons i stop wearing em after the answer 5

    • GyanShieldsdad

      @Koach_CartER?I don’t think they are the ugliest but they certainly look like 2 loose vaginas that you stick your feet in.

    • Rockaway Bully

      @Koach_CartER I gotta agree with you 15’s one of th ugliest Jordan’s ever made n suck to play in to I remember when these came out I was in freshman yr of collage and it came with a headband n little baby towel I only know cuz my friend copp but I didn’t I thought they look like boots that the con Edison guys use where in the sewers

  3. GyanShieldsdad

    Some one please articulate bad quality retro detail. ?All mine retros are straight.had a little crease but im wearing em dgaf bout that.

    • ianthony345

      @GyanShieldsdad?People say releases now are cheaper and have lower quality than the older releases. I mean they still make them good but they use cheaper and lesser materials then they used to. like on shoes with metal lace tips they dont do it anymore, just plastic. and glue problems

      • GyanShieldsdad

        @ianthony345?Okay, I understand your point of veiw. And I would agree with the tips and the glue but the leather…i’m not sure its still leather it may be thinner but I couldn’t say by how much. I would just say the the “crease threshold” has been surpassed with some of the leather. And maybe it should be thicker but its still leather. ?As for the glue I would say that the craftmen. im sure they can easy up on the glue but we don’t really know the process. They ned to makes more sneakers in the USA. I think that why im slowly moving back to newbalance. I might pay 150 but im never dissappointed with the quality.

  4. mackmane843

    my bro used to collect the iverson line…… the lebron line is gonna climb up the ranks as far as sneaker lines.

  5. Rockaway Bully

    I think Jordan 15 all the way too 19 were ugly as hell 20 to 23 I liked a lot n of course 3 to 14 n some 2’s n 1’s to me r basically like dunks n there so many color ways no way to have every 1 that drops there r so many of them they should just release regular 1’s not this 1 phat or alpha crap ajko r only ok cus most go the time materials use for that r good quality

  6. Encore Kickz

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