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Dwyane Wade and Li-Ning made it super official at Miami Heat practice yesterday. Following the superstar?s signing and a preview pic, D-Wade laced up his first signature with the Chinese brand. A black-based colorway bares a mid top build, white outsole accents, and a speckled midsole. What are your initial thoughts on this sneaker? You tell us in the comment section.

Dwyane Wade practicing in his new Li-Ning signature

Dwyane Wade practicing in his new Li-Ning signature

Dwyane Wade practicing in his new Li-Ning signature

Dwyane Wade practicing in his new Li-Ning signature

Source: El Nuevo Herald

MartinD44 5pts

Was he tryin to make the dumbest-ass face he could when makin these dunks?

MartinD44 5pts

Sorry Dwayne. Li-ning=no ring. LAs bringing home the bacon to the real title town!!! Dwights in the house!!!!!! Shaq needs to stop shaqtin a fool, and hating on the best center in the game because it won't look good when hes flossin that new ring

mooch 5pts

if he thought his jordan shoes were weak then these r what comes after weak....super weak

AVPNYKFan7 5pts

Man Wade wat were u thinking leaving Jordan Brand 4 this trash thts on ur feet SMDH!!!! u should've signed wit Nike,Reebok,Adidas,Under Armor,or back wit Converse cuz this Li Ning aint working talkin BOUT NO SELL!!!!!! FOR YOU

NowThatsG 5pts

Adidas is main sponsor of the NBA. SMH at some people these days.

treesty 5pts

Li Ning's and Adidas Capris.  Did Dwade spend the summer in China and Europe?

Zvarner3 5pts

Are these releasing to the public soon?

Airmattress 5pts

I like how the the laces form a W at the bottom of the laces.

TiagoSerra 5pts

man this  shoe really look like the air jordan 3

jonblaze4real 5pts

@jose3030 @nicekicks who has switched shoe companies/contracts the most? Dwade has to be up there no? @ianstonebrook

TheMadJotter 5pts

@jose3030 @nicekicks and he still can't sell #sneakers they are ugly converse Jordan and now Payless

dezzie79 5pts

This guy has zero personality and it shows with his shoes 

acdc2 5pts

WHEN"S THE RELEASE DATE? NOT. These shoes are pure garbage.

MaskONorOFF 5pts

after the fly wades 2, which were terrible, these are way better

Alphonso_S 5pts

even though it's not a real good pic of them, they already look better than any of the shoes he had at NIKE.

MartinD44 5pts


 Actually hes gettin paid either way. The way hes dealt with injuries over the years, I think he was just considering the future and decided to cash-in no matter how obscure the brand is. Obviously hes given up on being the second Jordan as far as his sneaker legacy goes, but currently I think Lebron's are the only shoes that will some day be retroed and live beyond the actual player's career. So dwaynes not alone there. The only player whos signature shoes have come even close to MJ would be Penny obviously. Maybe a few of Kobes, but  a lot of his signatures are funky lookin. Shoot! DWade was at JB and they couldn't make anything worth-while for his signatures there, so how should any other company be different? Unless Tinker himself designed him a pair, Dwade was never gonna be known for his stylish signature shoes.

NowThatsG 5pts

@treesty Adidas is the main sponsor of the NBA's jerseys and apparel... "The NBA and shoe and apparel giant adidas announced an 11-year partnership early Tuesday in London [that will make the brand the league's official uniform and apparel supplier.]"

DrYuhmudder 5pts

@TiagoSerra I don't see AJ 3 in that at all, good riddance from Jordan Brand. They need to purge the rest of their useless signature lines

DC MostHated
DC MostHated 5pts

thats wut i was thinking from these pics, and yes they already look better than any pair he had with JB, shame

jonblaze4real 5pts

@ianstonebrook @jose3030 Nice, had a feeling about Garnett, forgot about Shaq. Artest and spree appear to be in the lead at 6 changes, lol.

ianstonebrook 5pts

@jonblaze4real @jose3030 haha KG gets props for sig lines on every brand