Nike LeBron X GS Fireberry/Black

The Nike LeBron X gets pretty in pink for this flashy GS makeup. Black branding and a white midsole contrast the mostly pink upper, set off further by two-tone laces. Look for this kid’s colorway to hit select Nike accounts, including Oneness.

Nike LeBron X GS

Nike LeBron X GS Pink/Black

Nike LeBron X GS Pink/Black

Nike LeBron X GS Pink/Black

Nike LeBron X GS Pink/Black


  1. _workSliGHt says:

    @KaymarTanner lol , oh yeah . I was looking for those . I need em!

    1. KaymarTanner says:

      @_workSliGHt Them Bron10s crazy

      1. _workSliGHt says:

        @KaymarTanner Truuu lol

        1. KaymarTanner says:

          @_workSliGHt U seen them white and grey 9s 4 kids?

        2. _workSliGHt says:

          @KaymarTanner nah .

        3. KaymarTanner says:

          @_workSliGHt these.. http://t.co/saAn4mPE

        4. _workSliGHt says:

          @KaymarTanner those ugly lol

  2. LEANZ says:

    That’s some selfish bullshat man. Baby feet getting all the good one’s now huh. This pink overkill is hilarious too.?

  3. f_wetzel says:

    @MrTeeBonilla pinky pink pink <3

    1. MrTeeBonilla says:

      @f_wetzel u gettin em

      1. f_wetzel says:

        @MrTeeBonilla you think I got money? Sike :/

        1. MrTeeBonilla says:

          @f_wetzel u got plenty of time ha

        2. f_wetzel says:

          @MrTeeBonilla true…. Cool beans

        3. MrTeeBonilla says:

          @f_wetzel only in GS too *sigh*

        4. f_wetzel says:

          @MrTeeBonilla poooooop

        5. MrTeeBonilla says:

          @f_wetzel ur GS ha

        6. f_wetzel says:

          @MrTeeBonilla I mean poop for you

        7. MrTeeBonilla says:

          @f_wetzel poop indeed

        8. f_wetzel says:

          @MrTeeBonilla yesshhh

  4. IamTweezy910 says:

    @JuscallmeTam screenshot and send me the pic. Nicekicks dont open on the school site.

    1. JuscallmeTam says:

      @IamTweezy910 http://t.co/A12ep39L

      1. IamTweezy910 says:

        @JuscallmeTam yea those are dope….

        1. JuscallmeTam says:

          @IamTweezy910 hell yea and they only coming out in kids I think

  5. Joey_DNats says:

    @kloney41 those are only for kids

    1. kloney41 says:

      @Joey_DNats oh cmon why they gotta do that theyre so sick

  6. video says:

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  7. breezy says:

    were can i get these

  8. breezy says:

    where can i get these

  9. kloney41 says:

    @Joey_DNats ahhahahaha i guess ur right

  10. Joey_DNats says:

    @kloney41 u see the china ones

  11. kloney41 says:

    @Joey_DNats the green and red ones right? theyre pretty nice but not my favorite

  12. Joey_DNats says:

    @kloney41 yea the 10s in general are awesome