What the…? Again? The?Nike Zoom KD IV?has seen unprecedented success this year. The special colorways, such as “Aunt Pearls“, “Nerfs“, and “Weaterman“, created frenzies across the globe. With the “Gold Medal” makeup dropping Saturday, Durantula showcased a pair of that encompassed all of our favorites. You can see traces of many of the big releases this year in what KD referred to as, “All In One“. No information if these will be released or not. Would you cop these if they dropped?

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Source: Kevin Durant

  • PMoney

    Would I cop these? Is that a serious question? Of course I would! Still think the Kobe’s were the best “What the…” but these are still pretty sick

  • Swaggasaurus55

    the whole “what the..” is being overdone just like the galaxy colorway…id still cop because im collecting all the kd’s but if i dont get them at the release im not dropping 400+ on them

  • rant and whine

    nothing tops the dunk SBs

  • legitkicks351996

    Of Course I would Cop.The Most i Would Drop On These is $650 Though

  • http://kicksonfire.com/ The_Sneaker_Head

    who Wouldnt Cop?

  • dresr82

    As much as i love the KD 4, these are TOO UGLY!!!!!!!!!?

  • budgetballing

    No no no no no no NO!

  • ThassWsup

    good to have for deadstock but highhhhhly unnecessary, lol.

    • alex

      u suck

  • timpan35

    LOL YEA 😀 MUST COP!!!!!!! ><

  • atsu_ken

    ????What the????KOBE?????????????

    • gatagataya

      @atsu_ken ??????????????????(^^;;
      ??KD??????????????????????????????what the?????????????

      • atsu_ken

        ????year of dragon?????(T ^ T)

        • gatagataya

          @atsu_ken ?????????????????????

        • atsu_ken


        • gatagataya

          @atsu_ken YOTD????????????????lll?

  • jmuellr10

    hell yes

  • YungSupa


  • timstanleyjr

    definitely cop these

  • ShawonWilson

    Oh Yeaaaaaaaaa !

  • lourenzH

    Buka om @romiutoro bagus bgt

  • reefa_rifani

    @romiutoro tenang aja bro, kelihatannya untuk yg ini kurang oke dosis racunnya… Hehehe

  • j_sizzle24

    @SeanDingo_ What the KD’s? Dooooooppppppeeeee.

    • SeanDingo_

      @j_sizzle24 Hell yes bro!!

  • HiranEdge

    @Shaddot23 you like those?

    • Shaddot23

      @HiranEdge yea y don’t you like em??

      • HiranEdge

        @Shaddot23 too many colors

  • simpleasblu

    @_DavidHawthorne im good bro. just been out here grinding. you know how it is. hbu

  • alex

    these are awesome