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Marcus Troy stands out in a crowd no matter what setting he’s placed in.

The consummate style conossuier is undoubtedly a go-to consultant and influencer for some of the most popular brands, including Nike, PUMA and Bentley (yeah, Bentley too); he has also curated successful style/sneaker-based campaigns, digital media experiences and events with respective brands. You can often find him styling on everybody with the latest fashionable apparel wears by way of his Instagram, yet today, he solely focuses on his current footwear selections. Check out Marcus Troy’s five-sneaker rotation in the latest installment of My 5.

Follow Marcus Troy on Twitter as he embarks on his latest mission called #WalkwithMebyMT?with The Timberland Company.

Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse NRG “Infrared”

My 5

Marcus Troy: “These are such a great update to the original Air Max 90 Infrareds. They are so comfortable and light. Love these!”

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  • OjayJuiceHenry

    lol not all danners are made in the u.s.a. but besides the 90 max’s yawn…

  • commonsensibility

    truthfully its hard to take some of these seriously as the people are just posting items they got for free and are paid to support. I guarantee he didn’t pay for any of those shoes, if he had to…he’d probably have a completely different rotation. Not hating at all, free stuff is great, but I’d prefer to see what 5 shoes dude would actually spend his earned $ on.


    I agreed with all but them mop ass Converse. Never understood the whole “buy them damaged” wave. But other than that, solid?reasoning?behind the picks.?