Twenty years after Michael Jordan won his third championship while rocking the Air Jordan 8, the ?Aqua? colorway will release again. Scheduled for an unspecified date in 2013, sneaker fans worldwide will rejoice when these hit shelves. Are you anticipating the return of the ?Aqua? 8?s?

Source: Modern Notoriety

  • TheRealPNasty

    @TheRealPNasty I will be there!!!?

  • Drewsthatdude


    • BrendanLLM

      @Drewsthatdude game over lol someone is dying next year

      • Drewsthatdude

        @BrendanLLM i’d pay double retail for em

        • BrendanLLM

          @Drewsthatdude man. theyre hurting me. time to have a jordan only high interest savings account lol

        • Drewsthatdude

          @BrendanLLM only thing i copped this year was the VIIs, i been saving up for the Bred 13s

        • BrendanLLM

          @Drewsthatdude ive only copped olympic 6s and raptor 7s. ive been chilling and now that i see what next year looks like im glad i have lol

        • Drewsthatdude

          @BrendanLLM i was gonna cop olympic 6s, but the site i used wouldnt let you ship to a different address than your billing info -____-

        • BrendanLLM

          @Drewsthatdude i only mess with sites that take paypal for that reason lol

  • Sneakerhead2320

    We’re coming up on some special?anniversary?years, JB will be taking full advantage of that.. They ‘ll be going for everybody’s throat for the next 5 years…?

  • AnthonyOkafor


    • Tyrone De Vera

      WTF I’ve already got these

      • Tyrone De Vera

        Around 2 years ago

  • ShawneyySlime

    Lmao , watch it be nubuck.?

    • nicekicks

      ?@ShawneyySlime?That’s what they’re supposed to be.

    • Neezy

      ?@ShawneyySlime?SMH Try again.

      • AljosaCikojevic

        ?@Neezy??@ShawneyySlime?dey are suppose to be nubuck n the back is durabuck?

  • Neezy

    Just wore my 07’s yesterday. Definitely time for a new pair.

    • KingLee93

      @Neezy there 8’s my dude

      • KyleAndrewRead

        ?@KingLee93??@Neezy?omfg he said his pair from 07…. wtf lmao

        • InChampWeTrust

          ?@KyleAndrewRead??@KingLee93??@Neezy?LMFAO its ppl like him.. why ?nike increases their prices and why true sneakerheads cnt get shoes on release dates?

        • Kev Loco

          ?@InChampWeTrust???Nike doesn’t?increase?prices?based off of what people know

        • Neezy

          ?@KyleAndrewRead? For real! LOL Even if I DID mean the VII’s, why would I put a zero in the front of it?? LMFAO

      • Neezy

        ?@KingLee93? *facepalm* Um, that’s “07’s” as in the pair from 2007! When I post the sneaker numbers I ALWAYS use Roman Numerals.BTW – That’s *THEY’RE or THEY ARE*

      • Neezy

        ?@KingLee93??*facepalm* Um, that’s “07’s” as in the pair from 2007! When I post the sneaker numbers I ALWAYS use Roman Numerals.
        BTW – That’s *THEY’RE or THEY ARE*

    • KingLee93

      @Neezy nah I ain’t no hypebeast I just missed out on the 07 pair cuz nerds like you tty and buy 2 pairs and all you do with the second pair is sell it for twice the price…so yea thanks nerd

  • TheKidSica

    @trev_king23 when we doin this hiphopiop deal??

    • trev_king23

      @TheKidSica when we get a card

  • TimmyOdum

    @FollowTreston my favorite only right to get em

    • FollowTreston

      @TimmyOdum no doubt

      • TimmyOdum

        @FollowTreston you too ?

        • FollowTreston

          @TimmyOdum you already know, deff in my top 10

  • WhoSFlyy__

    @BrendanLLM I’m officially upset lmao. MJ hates me

  • gods_lost_son

    Cant wait

  • OrionHook

    I got a pair from 07 9.5 hit me up

    • vtino828

      ?how much?

  • OrionHook

    Got a size 9.5 from 07 worn 1 time there a little small on me hit me up

    • 216_Kris

      @OrionHook hit me up on twitter cuz i need these @216_kris

  • zhazed

    @Dtroit_Player Yeah homie

  • jBracz

    @AndrewTrombino @palumboj3 i already know @mpalumbz is buying these

  • ChiefStacks_PS

    @rayray_TLB and the fire reds .. smh

  • Miguel Zuniga


  • tupacq0

    sgcunlxvymrqkotgy @OctobersOwn_JP

  • johnny kilroy

    had some back in 1993 top sneakers !!!

  • BrandonSmith2

    Now hopefully the black/chrome 8’s will return?


    @ASVPSuav a world war will take place bc of these

    • ASVPSuav

      @SNEAKERKINgG I will wait for however long it takes


        @ASVPSuav aha i may hafta get these again. itd be worth it

        • ASVPSuav

          @SNEAKERKINgG as long as they aren’t shitty quality

  • JustCallMeDDoe

    @RobDecember yea you hard then what size you wear lol…

    • RobDecember

      @JustCallMeDDoe 11.5 im chillin though

      • JustCallMeDDoe

        @RobDecember damn big foot ass lol

  • greghall024

    more og styling please!!! lighter grey in the back and glitter sh*t in the purple paint hopefully. and the INSOLE! (but we know it won’t be like that) :/

  • dasigmas

    Still got my aquas and playoffs from 07. Still look brand new. JB, keep retro-ing the same sneakers, PLEASE. I get to spend my money on other heat!

  • JFedelia20

    @n__sell you couldn’t stay away from twitter…..I called that.

  • franchizzze

    @kc_uy matic cop ba? Hehe.

    • kc_uy

      @franchizzze COP! Aabsenan ko trabaho ko para dito. Haha.

  • Kev Loco

    The 8s are one of the best designs, In my?opinion?! I will try to get these

  • SofusHarbo

    im gonna start saving up..!

  • DaRealFatBoi

    @NoCHAINZZZZ Me 2 they a must cop


      @DaRealFatBoi truu

  • bhaddbrons0

    yctkbpishgrrecgnl @kristynsVV

  • YungAtif


  • jamarparker

    prps cover my 8s

  • itssjas

    @ReptarSample I was going to make the s/o to you but I didn’t know your tag name from another website lol. But thanks for the info!!!!!!! 😀

    • ReptarSample

      @itssjas ya arreaddy know!

  • asdrewq

    how hard is it to cop these in size 8?

  • JuliaHennig

    definitely a 2013 release highlight

  • Kinideez
  • This_A_Everyday

    Wish they would’ve never got rid of the grey dye on the heel. That contrast was what made the shoe pop. That original glittery purple was also better. They need to retro it with the original 93′ colorway.