Nike LeBron 9 “What the LeBron”

What the?? The zany design scheme first seen on the Nike Zoom Kobe VII has made its way to the Nike LeBron 9. This shoe is somewhat of a compilation of some of the more popular iterations of LeBron signature, such as ?Watch the Throne? and ?Galaxy?. Much to all of our dismay, these will not see the light of day. They were made exclusive for friends and family of Nike and LeBron. Would you have copped these if they released?

Nike LeBron 9 "What the LeBron"

Nike LeBron 9 “What the LeBron”

Nike LeBron 9 "What the LeBron"

Nike LeBron 9 “What the LeBron”

Source: Croationstyle


  1. panfanofKD35 says:

    Might cop… they should come out with a Nike Zoom KD IV “What The Durant”.

  2. DrYuhmudder says:

    Not as nice as the Kobe’s

    1. rant and whine says:

      ?@DrYuhmudder?kobe’s not as nice as the OG SB dunks

      1. DrYuhmudder says:

        @rant and whine Agreed

  3. TyrellBrathwaite says:

    i think the whole “WHAT THE…” series needs to go to sneakers or collections which actually have classics to make a “WHAT THE…” compilation, this right here has hype and wack written all over, i personally wouldnt cop it, and if someone gave it to me as a gift, i’d delete them off my facebook #JUSSAYIN, kicks like the charles barkleys, the pennys (THAT WOULD BE A SERIOUS “WHAT THE….” shoe, or even a WHAT THE JORDAN shoe be exciting to see,

  4. JMCOLON26 says:

    This shit looks horrible just like the Kobe’s…. They need to leave the concept alone it worked on the Dunks but thats about it…..

  5. billgabay says:

    @dregonz @romanpido @disisjmac I like those Lebrons but definitely not that “color”.

    1. dregonz says:

      @billgabay @romanpido @disisjmac #WhatTheKobe Who thought of the #WhatTheSeries??? http://t.co/B4ornqn0