Air Jordan 4 Black/Red

Back without a Countdown Pack, the Air Jordan 4 Black/Red is ready to return. Enjoy detailed images of this upcoming retro, set for a Black Friday release.

Air Jordan 4 Black/Red

Air Jordan 4 Black/Red

Air Jordan 4 Black/Red

Air Jordan 4 Black/Red

Air Jordan 4 Black/Red

Air Jordan 4 Black/Red

Air Jordan 4 Black/Red

Air Jordan 4 Black/Red

Air Jordan 4 Black/Red

Air Jordan 4 Black/Red

Source: Sole Land


  1. colterwood says:

    @PSFresh @codaclothing @Lexewen sure are!

  2. SparticusShakur says:

    gettin tired of yuh showin upp every yr…

  3. gotjordans says:

    How much this time, $160.00? SMH!

  4. Rataface805 says:

    Give me 2 pairs these are fresh

  5. seeaanoconnor says:

    @milun_kumar first ones just cause they’re different

    1. milun_kumar says:

      @seeaanoconnor thats what i thought hmmm, they both come out similar time so i need to decideee

      1. seeaanoconnor says:

        @milun_kumar the colours of the second one i swear are always the colours just in different orders

        1. milun_kumar says:

          @seeaanoconnor yeah ‘bred colourway’ and i got 3s like that and ima get 11s like that, you may be on to something here boi

        2. seeaanoconnor says:

          @milun_kumar ahah but you better consult @mike_spyrou for more info

        3. milun_kumar says:

          @seeaanoconnor LOOOOOOOOOOL he said the same ?

        4. seeaanoconnor says:

          @milun_kumar looool do what he says

  6. MattSidWho says:

    @milun_kumar thunders man, all day

    1. milun_kumar says:

      @MattSidWho dyou think? I love the breds ?

      1. MattSidWho says:

        @milun_kumar yee the breds are hard but thunders do it for me maynnn

        1. milun_kumar says:

          @MattSidWho I dunno what will suit me more though

        2. MattSidWho says:

          @milun_kumar thunders are much more stand out init, breds’ll just be beaters really,

        3. MattSidWho says:

          @milun_kumar depends on your wardrobe init

        4. milun_kumar says:

          @MattSidWho yeah I got the bcm3′s tbh a pppair of thunders would be sick for my collection

        5. MattSidWho says:

          @milun_kumar thunders are pricey af tho,

        6. milun_kumar says:

          @MattSidWho yeah but itd be worth it cus the value would stick with them for time, definitely a cop tbh, if I’ve got the money ill buy both

        7. MattSidWho says:

          @milun_kumar breds are retro’ing this xmas, but the quality will be wack

        8. milun_kumar says:

          @MattSidWho yeah i know, christmas eve DEFINITELY buying them

        9. MattSidWho says:

          @milun_kumar naaa new retros are swag quality, gone downhill man

        10. milun_kumar says:

          @MattSidWho yeah course thats inevitable though, theyre still a cop always espescially 11s

        11. MattSidWho says:

          @milun_kumar i need to get some money together to get a couple new pairs

        12. milun_kumar says:

          @MattSidWho next year are some of the sickest retro releases

        13. MattSidWho says:

          @milun_kumar what is there? your grapes been confirmed

        14. milun_kumar says:

          @MattSidWho and the 1′s in blue, bred 13s, fire red 5s few others

  7. QuezMauriceMurphy says:

    Will these be?available?online, I don’t wanna take the risk of getting injured trying to get these on black friday.

  8. SmokeyWayz says:

    Got these this morning around 10:30am, then flipped my bike two minutes after I left Footlocker, landed on my face in traffic and spent the rest of the day in hospital!
    Was it worth it?? F-Yeah!!!

  9. mac_hoffa says:


  10. mac_hoffa says:

    11.5 or 9 230 hmu gstateslim@yahoo.com

  11. Mofuka Jones says:

    Fresh. Enough said.

  12. bigsizzle1 says:

    I placed an order, they have my address, info, how long does it take for your order to come