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Whoopi Goldberg is Whoopi Goldberg.

A profound statement? It might not seem so, but it is. Through her life and career, Whoopi has played many roles and worn many hats, but the character that fits her best is the one she was born with.

Last week, the Hollywood vet entered our realm when community member Timothy Lewis tipped us off regarding her “Electrolime” Foamposite sporting on The View. Following a Celebrity Sneaker Stalker appearance where she won out as the overwhelming favorite, we caught up with Whoopi to discuss her recent Foamposite fixation, the changing of the guard with females in the sneaker game, and why she truly rocks what she likes.

Nice Kicks: Your Foamposite sighting made waves. What attracted you to that sneaker?

Whoopi Goldberg: The color! Visually, the shape, because they look like the most comfortable shoe in the world, so I bought like four or five pairs. I’ve been wearing sneakers for years. If you look at any of the movies, like Jumping Jack Flash, you see me in the early Reeboks and on The View I’ve worn all different types of sneakers. With these Nikes, I went into the store with my grandson, who is also a sneaker person, and I just fell for them.

Whoopi Goldberg on The View in the Nike Air Foamposite One "Electrolime"

Whoopi Goldberg on The View in the Nike Air Foamposite One “Electrolime” (watch episode here)

Nice Kicks: You picked up four or five pairs. What other colorways did you get?

Whoopi Goldberg: Let’s see, I got the starry night looking ones…

Nice Kicks: The “Galaxay” Foams?

Whoopi Goldberg: Yes. I also have the “Copper” ones – they’re all at The View – and maybe some blue ones.

Nice Kicks: That model was made famous by Penny Hardaway. Are you familiar with him?

Whoopi Goldberg: Oh yea, Penny and I go way back.

Nice Kicks: Did you two ever discuss sneakers?

Whoopi Goldberg: No. Here’s the thing: I’ve been wearing sneakers for 30 years in all of my movies. At the time, people didn’t really want movie stars to represent their shoes. They wanted sports people. People like me never got the opportunity to design something for Reebok. Reebok made an amazing shoe that was worn by Sigourney Weaver and myself, but she was wearing them in Alien. They’re really great looking and somebody has brought them back in a weird way with Velcro – it’s really a great looking shoe. But really, it was only the sports stars and now it’s music people. When somebody tweeted me and said that you guys had added me to list of folks of the week with hot kicks I was like, ‘That’s cool.’ Then when they said and oh by the way you won, I was floored! I felt vindicated because I wore sneakers to black tie events and to the Oscars. I wore sneakers everywhere because it?s comfortable! Now, they’ve become okay to appear in public with a short skirt, in a short dress. I’m just glad to see that it’s still happening.

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  • ianstonebrook

    @SidAshford ha, thank you man!

  • MichaelBraxton

    “I never, ever, ever take them for free because if I want to talk to you like I am now about these Foamposites, it?s not because Nike has given them to me, but because I really like them.”

    Realest words ever.

  • ianstonebrook

    @t2eez_NK thank you man

  • ianstonebrook

    @HooliganJosh thank you josh, good lookin out bro

  • Nick DePaula

    That was one of my very favorite things I’ve read on Nice Kicks. Loved Whoopi’s positive outlook on everything and how she kept emphasizing that she was into “fun” stuff. Awesome job Ian!

  • solesirius

    @OSDLIVE @nicekicks the entire time i read that, i heard Whoopi’s voice in my head…dope read


      @solesirius @nicekicks Same here…LOL I’m gonna go back and Watch “Eddie” again to spot kicks @whoopigoldberg

      • solesirius

        @OSDLIVE @nicekicks @WhoopiGoldberg don’t forget about Jumpin’ Jack Flash

  • JoseThe3hird

    @vsvptay hip

  • TaxfreeMaphia

    great interview and Whoopi looked pretty fresh in the foams

  • Ctrower

    I watch this episode of the Veiw and was floored when I seen them on Whoopi’s feet. Whoopi is my chick and she wore the foams very well!