LeBron James Debuts the Nike LeBron X

LeBron James celebrated his second gold medal and ten-year stay with Nike by debuting the LeBron X. A Team USA colorway coincides with today?s hardwood accomplishment, while visible Zoom Max cushioning and Hyperfuse construction showcase a decade of innovation. Stay tuned for more information on the latest LeBron signature.

Nike LeBron X

Nike LeBron X

Nike LeBron X

Nike LeBron X

Nike LeBron X

Nike LeBron X

Source: Nike, Inc.


  1. MumyLlenin says:


  2. OriginalRoss says:

    Price tag keeps going up and up…… I wonder how much these will cost ??? Especially if they do an Elite style shoe. $250 for the Miami Vice is my limit for one sneaker and that was pushing it !

  3. hickman_marc says:

    Jason@Nike did it again. The Lebron’s are almost exciting as the Jordan releases,(I said almost!)

  4. lace_fiend says:

    its niice… still think the 9 best so far

  5. jtrain73 says:

    They’ll make a south beach one and everyone will try and get them, regardless of what they actually think of the shoe. Trust me on this.

  6. Damoiseau_LXE says:

    That’s 360 ZOOM Max unit. That’s not Air Max.
    Finally, like the shape despite the reverse swoosh.
    Think I prefer the “Floridians”, but these are nice too.

  7. TGIS says:

    they look just like the lebron 8 p.s but with a 360 air max unit and a reverse swoosh

  8. nicojd says:

    i think these are really cool, i like this cw, but i just know there are gunna be some crazy cool cw’s coming out.

  9. ANUBIStheAPE says:

    It is pretty much ONLY ?hoopin’ shoe, def not designed to rock…

  10. OriginalRoss says:

    Nike trying to recycle the LeBron 8s mixed with the Lebron 9 lows and like fools we will continue to buy and overpay…….

  11. so_rudez says:

    The 9 was a step forward in design for the Lebrons. This is 2 steps back.

    1. Damoiseau_LXE says:

      @so_rudez Like ‘em, but you’re right : nothing new in the design.

  12. Sam_NoIAm says:

    That’s not Air Max. It’s the first time ever seeing a visible ZOOM Air unit

    1. Snpdo says:

      ?@Sam_NoIAm most definitely not the first visible zoom…

    2. Damoiseau_LXE says:

      @Sam_NoIAm Some old running shoes got visible air zoom unit. The Air Zoom Miler for example.

      1. Sam_NoIAm says:

        ?@Damoiseau_LXE? @Snpdo that’s a running shoe but there has not been a basketball shoe with visible zoom

    3. kongking says:

      ?@Sam_NoIAm?that air unit is too thick to be considered a zoom unit

      1. Sam_NoIAm says:

        ?@kongking?go look at the specs and you will see that I’m not lying?

  13. cpthree24 says:

    They look alright, I’ll probably rock. If you ask me though, design is lazy by Jason Petrie and his team. No Jordan ever looked the same. This is a rebooted lebron 8 v3.

    1. TheOne_AboveAll says:

      ?@cpthree24 So you don’t think the Jordan 6′s and the 7′s look alike

      1. Sam_NoIAm says:

        ?@TheOne_AboveAll??@cpthree24?yeah I was thinking the same thing when I read that because of the soles on the 6 and 7 but that’s about it?

    2. zeno215 says:

      @cpthree24 or the 10′s and 11′s, or 14′s and 15′s, or 3′s and 4′s

  14. zey0013 says:

    They’re ok nothing too cool. They better make some dope cw ill probably cop em.

  15. CarolinaKickG says:

    I didn’t like the sneak peek photos of these that we kept seeing, but after seeing these close up on his feet during the game, I think I’ve changed my mind.
    New video, with giveaway! :? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1UQkojw0Eo

  16. NickReese says:


  17. Longlivetheking says:

    From what I heard these will retail just 10$ more then the LeBron 9s, which would be 180. I’m guessing the Nike Plus version will be 290, or 300. Since the Hyperdunks plus were 110$ more then the normal version of the shoe.

  18. Gdaddy says:

    Im cop. Too bad the price tag will be 180+ :(

  19. AllEyezOn3 says:

    I guess I’m just not seein what y’all are…these look whack to me…too much of the repeating triangle patterns on some of these Nikes