Support the movement. RT, like, and share this video and we will send a postcard to Nike addressed to the CEO to read Matthew Walzer‘s letter signed by your name.


  1. brandonbreez says:

    Done and linked to this post on my blog as well. ?Great cause. #NikeLetter

  2. nyjumpman23 says:

    Shared +1

  3. TA2DWHITEBOY says:

    What size does he wear i would be more than happy to pay for say the nike zoom glove if they are in ds condition or the flightposite.? Please let me know nicekicks?
    Long time reader and supporter

  4. msatlas says:

    I have a friend who works at one of Nike’s ad agencies. I sent Matthew’s letter to them.? Not sure if that’ll get much traction but it’s worth a shot.

  5. Dude_Man_Roger says:

    i was thinking of the mag the whole time. funny that you pulled in out at the end. #NikeLetter

  6. Mean_Gene says:

    The kid needs flightposites. simple as that.

  7. nicojd says:

    im going to do this, my dad had a stroke when i was 5 years old, he was a long time sneaker fan but has problems tying his shoes too, i have a lot of respect to everyone in this vid

  8. antjustdoesit says:

    make sure you check out Kick Squad’s video recap of sneakercon Miami!?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Der4dZaqSLQ

  9. OriginalRoss says:

    #WHOGIVESAFUK………. Listen he is going to college which means he isnt that much in need except for being able to tie his kicks #BIGFUKNDEAL. He can get help from a friend and meet NEW ppl. He might even get lucky and have some girl tie his shoe and give him some DOME while she is down there. There are BIGGER problems in this world than some kid not being able to tie his damn SNEAKERS !!!!

    1. bob789679 says:

      ?@OriginalRoss?why ARE you hash TAGGING and CAPITALIZING random WORDS?

  10. sneakerphile42 says:

    First of all, hats off to you guys for making this movement happen. I think it’s pretty cool and with everyone’s support, our voices will be heard in Beaverton. To that OriginalRoss character, what you wrote was completely out of line. If you don’t want to support, then don’t click the link. To everyone else, let’s make this happen!!! #NIKELETTER RT to the world!!

    1. OriginalRoss says:

      ?@sneakerphile42?Dont get it TWISTED I applaud the kid. He has done things doctors said he wouldn’t or possibly couldn’t and has overcome it. Now he is taking something so simple and making it a big deal. Im pretty sure the friends he makes in college WONT CARE. Instead of looking at it as a hinderance he should be looking at the BRIGHT side not the negative. Its not like he is a GIANT and Nike doesnt make shoes big enough or he has some kind of special condition and cant wear Nike sneakers. He just cant tie his DAMN laces on his own….. #BIGWHOOP. Whats next someone will have Fruit of the Loom design self pulling up underwear ? Self buttoning shirts ? Self zipping jeans ? Google Brolylegs… This dude plays Street Fighter with an xbox360 controller wit his tongue face and ONE hand with very limited movement but he knows he cant do everything and doesnt care. People out there worst than this kid is all im saying. He needs to look at the positive that can come from this his freshman year not the NEGATIVE. How about innocent ppl who get STABBED over sneakers. We should be writing Nike to find a solution to possiibly avoid SNEAKERHEADS or HYPEBEAST from losing their LIVES. Sorry but I value a human life more than I value some DAMN kid not being able to tie some DAMN laces.?

      1. Onlyme23 says:

        ?@OriginalRoss?I think you might have missed the point. Yes there are going to be people better off than him. But also, there are going to be people worse off than him. The point is, it’s a beneficial idea, that as the result of one person, may make a difference to thousands of people. There are other conditions that may prevent people from easily tying their laces. After all, why not use social media to drive a good cause? With these things you do need someone to start the movement. Addressing “bigger problems” and supporting this cause doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive.

        1. OriginalRoss says:

          ?@Onlyme23?NO ! You missed the point NOT me. You are taking interest in this cuz you like sneakers and think they should have something in place for this kid but what im saying is you FOOLS have your interest MISPLACED on a FOOLISH issue. Ppl will bombard Nike with tweets of this STUPID issue then when accomplished they will return to their daily lives without giving THOUGHT to any SERIOUS topics at hand. Plus you are looking at the NEGATIVE side of it. Im pretty sure ANYBODY would gladly help someone who seems incapable of something simple as tying their shoes and not only that it gives him an opportunity to meet someone new or maybe even a new friend. Kids life would be MUCH happier with constant INTERACTION with REAL people than having SELF LACING sneakers.?

        2. Onlyme23 says:

          ?@OriginalRoss You make a lot of assumptions about people you do not know.

        3. OriginalRoss says:

          ?@Onlyme23?Assumptions ??? How am I making assumptions ? Wait…. are you saying people give homeless people money on a daily basis but people wouldnt help a this kid tie his shoes if he seems incapable of doing so ?? Wait or do you mean assumptions when I said you guys have interest on a foolish issue ??? If so google lace locks which is a simple solution and you will see why this is a foolish issue but if you feel im still assuming please tell me how !!

        4. suehamilton says:

          ?@OriginalRoss?So he always needs someone around him when he wants to tie his shoes? ?There are many people who would use this product so it is not a bad business move for Nike. ?These people should not be stuck with ugly, often hard/stiff orthodic shoes. ?He should not need an assistant living with him all the time so he can do small things like tie his shoes.

      2. sneakerphile42 says:

        @OriginalRoss Last I checked, Nike made the RSVP through twitter and also banned campouts at their store in a response to the violence. As for mom and pop spots, you can’t control what they allow and what happens after people leave a store. This kid had an idea and he is challenging Nike to make it happen. He isn’t begging for attention, nor is he acting helpless. I’m sure he has friends but would rather something that isn’t only easier but cool too. We take everyday things, like tying shoes, for granted. You don’t think it’s a big deal until something happens and you can’t do it anymore. I commend the guy who plays Xbox with his tongue, that’s cool. But, you don’t think that for one second, if there was an easier solution, he wouldn’t take advantage? Let’s be for real.

  11. Jamieff4ywav4ul says:

    @Annie_Hwang http://t.co/Wx9aQLmS

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    @JaneInSLC http://t.co/ydIo1JB6

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    @Duckman_MN http://t.co/mWr1aPTv

  15. Ashleeim8kzof70 says:

    @JasonRPast http://t.co/DrfO5rEN

  16. AmberHarmony9 says:

    @JasonRPast yea I have! Pretty interesting. We will see what happens!

    1. JasonRPast says:

      @AmberHarmony9 you ready for the start of Buffalo Bills football tonight?!

      1. AmberHarmony9 says:

        @JasonRPast so pumped! Wish I could be there! #gobills

        1. JasonRPast says:

          @AmberHarmony9 go to San Fran with us. You’re already in for Houston.

  17. AnthonyVojvodic says:

    @maddynorton just want to make sure this is you and not spam before I open?

    1. maddynorton says:

      @AnthonyVojvodic Yep that’s me, those links are totally fine.

  18. Mean_Gene says:

    Honestly I dont think everyone cares?like?they say they do, I think this is just a cheap?cover-up?by alot of sneaker sites to try and get nike to release fully functional Marty Mcflys. We already have flightposite shoes and you could push for gloves that will negate the need to tie a shoe. Id rather petition for something actually worthwhile like Stoping QS ?tags,?limited?releases, and?creating?more ?supply of ?popular releases than giving a shit about ?some kid who cant tie his shoes.

  19. therewegojendoe says:

    @matthewwalzer24 will do :D

    1. matthewwalzer24 says:

      @therewegojendoe thank you!! Do you go to Douglas?

      1. therewegojendoe says:

        @matthewwalzer24 I just graduated!