Kicks On Court: A Roster Rewind of the 2004 USA Basketball Team

Roster Rewind
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A bronze medal doesn?t mean it was all bad for the 2004 USA Men?s Olympic Basketball Team. Yes, the Athens outcome was an underachievement by national standards, but history shows that the squad still had some heat. From Allen Iverson to LeBron James, see who wore what in this Roster Rewind.

Reebok Question 2

Worn By: Allen Iverson

While Allen Iverson faced the daunting task of proving he could lead and represent the country?s best, his brand had the challenge of topping one of their top models. The Reebok Question 2?was well received, keeping it classic while showing signs of growth. AI sported the sequel, leading the team in scoring with a fractured thumb on his shooting hand.

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