Air Jordan 4 “Dr. Manhattan” Custom

With Comic Con less than a week away, Sekure D took his love for The Watchmen to a new level with a detailed Air Jordan 4 ?Dr. Manhattan? custom. Using a ?Military Blue? base, the detailed custom includes Jon Osterman?s, or Dr. Manhattan?s, atmos symbol on the toe box, and an intricate graffiti pattern across the upper panels with ?Who Watches The Watchmen?? written in pink across the tongue in the comic book?s famed graffiti font. Matching pink laces representing the sands of Mars add contrast, and finish the customization nicely. Check more work from Sekure D, and an explanation of every nuance of this custom.

Air Jordan 4 "Dr. Manhattan" Custom

Air Jordan 4 “Dr. Manhattan” Custom

Air Jordan 4 "Dr. Manhattan" Custom

Air Jordan 4 “Dr. Manhattan” Custom

Air Jordan 4 "Dr. Manhattan" Custom

Air Jordan 4 “Dr. Manhattan” Custom


  1. TreYeezy_ says:

    Nahhhhh Too Much Goin On w/ This…

  2. Alexander Rodriguez says:

    i dotn think i would wear but these are hot

  3. Leonardo Perez says:


  4. Vic Dalmacio says:

    nice design but it should be on a canvas… not an AJ4.

  5. Stephon Rip Tate Jetson says:

    #dope J’s

  6. Nick Schaefer says:

    I hate the tongue

  7. Robert Kim says:


  8. RBH says:

    Something original, instead of the regurgitated garbage Mache keeps turning out.?

    1. mache275 says:

      ?@RBH thanks buddy

      1. isnortkicks says:

        ?@mache275?i beg to differ, i like most of mache’s customs.

  9. Eric Albarran says:

    Fresh as hell.

  10. JasonBrooks says:

    Its a brilliant idea to use the military 4s as a base. I might have to do something like that.?

  11. Vince Hernandez Jr. says:

    These joints is official

  12. Kendrick SelfMade SelfPaid Smith says:

    them bitchez hard #concrete

  13. Jason Croom says:

    Garbage!!! Who the F@:k is wearin this s#!t????

  14. RDogg23 says:

    This was very well thought out and executed to perfection. I would pay to get these.

  15. Marcus Beck says:

    where’s the blue penis?

  16. greghall024 says:

    beautiful custom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! props!!!

  17. Spencer Hall says:

    dope ass shoe

  18. ClicheSneakerPhrase says:

    So beautiful. The quality is outstanding

  19. bigwill516 says:

    These are something gaudy

  20. DugLast says:

    Serious paint skills. Props to Sekure.