Nike Air Yeezy II Charity Raffle

It is our great pleasure to announce the details of the Nice Kicks?Nike Air Yeezy II Charity Raffle benefitting the Austin Children’s Shelter.

We are giving all of our local customers the chance to purchase the “Platinum” Nike Air Yeezy II by supporting a charity that we love.

From June 5th – June 8th, customers may purchase tickets in-store for a chance to get the Nike Air Yeezy II in their size for the box price of $245. ?Each ticket is just $10 and in return you will receive a chance to purchase as well as a $10 coupon valid at Nice Kicks. ?You have nothing to lose. ?We will be drawing?winners?for each size from sizes 8-13.

This raffle is only open to customers in store. ?(If you are not able to visit us at our store in Austin, you may enter this Yeezy II raffle.)

With such attention brought to such a big release, Nice Kicks wanted to take the opportunity to benefit a local charity we love. ?ALL money raised for the raffle will be donated to the Austin Children’s Shelter.

Good luck to all. ?We look forward to announcing the winners on June 9th as well as raising as much as we can for such an awesome charity.


  1. Erik Cuevas says:

    We love the kids

  2. Dirk Matthias Rudolf says:

    Thumbs up for this raffle!

  3. Rob Ashlock says:

    This is great!!

  4. Masi Deidehban says:

    Respect! Is it one ticket per person?

  5. Xavier Shannon says:

    Will the black ones be available?

  6. NiceKicks.com says:

    We will just have the “Platinum” pairs. Locals can buy as many $10 entries as they want.

  7. William Willie Santiago says:

    Great contest by you guys!

  8. Alex Pelaez says:

    Just a question how many pair do you guys have so you guys can give away 10 pairs local and 10 pairs worldwide and still have some to sell?

  9. timmyp281 says:

    If I drive to ATX from HTX and purchase the raffle tickets, would I need to be in store on the day of the release to see if I had won, or would you post that winning raffle on twitter as well?

    1. nicekicks says:

      @timmyp281 To enter, you just need to purchase the raffle tickets in store and the shoes if chosen. We will contact you if you are selected.

  10. ATL KICKS KING says:

    GREAT for the kids

  11. Allison Halfhill says:

    Alex, we aren’t going to be selling any to a line up, just through these two raffles.

  12. Robert Mendoza Jr says:

    I can use all the $10 coupons to buy the yeezy’s?

  13. Khalil Mahmoud says:

    Do you got mad heat, And want to be a tester of a new app for iphones where you buy , sell , trade and compete with other people’s sneakers. Also do you want to attend a follow up event where they have raffles for sneakers Like Galaxy foams , south beach pre heats and Air yeezy 2 !!! If you have Heat and feel like you want to be a part of a Exclusive thing Inbox me !!!!

  14. Gerson Previl says:

    Gerson loves the kids and a size 8 too please

  15. Tommy Davis says:

    Need these in 11 pleasseeeee

  16. TheMacLikeRoni says:


  17. BoxFresh says:

    Love it, unlike livestock Toronto and Vancouver there is no support for locals. Gotta support your own! Awesome marketing plan as well as a very good way to show support, educate and create awareness. #Keepeducating @NiceKicks.com?

  18. Andres Chavac says:

    Mad respect hope y’all raise plenty of money for them!

  19. TankDaDon says:

    Been calling every where trying to get em stores tell me two stacks n some changee n miami. a must have shoe bt thats way out of budget bt 245 sounds hella good size nine please

  20. Anthony Nguyen says:

    Size 9.5 please :)