Release Reminder: Nike LeBron 9 P.S. Elite “South Beach”

Whether you call it the ?Miami Vice? or ?South Beach? LeBron 9, one thing is certain: they will release at Nike Basketball retailers this weekend. Going on sale June 2, 2012, this summer-friendly sneaker will be a great addition to any ensemble of kicks.

Nike LeBron 9 P.S. Elite
Wolf Grey/Mint Candy-New Green-Pink Flash
June 2, 2012


  1. Devante Turnbore says:

    the lebron 8 south looked way better

  2. Sam_NoIAm says:

    These will sadly be pass for me

  3. Jonathan Morosini says:

    Just got back from the mall and saw them. Really disappointed. They look better in the picture, which is unusual

  4. Danny Claros says:

    no shit sherlock ^^^

  5. Chris London says:

    And da house of hoops in baton rouge only getting 24pair I tired of Damn near hving to stay up 24hrs fa a pr of shoes Damn Nike just make more shit!!!

  6. Antonio Tony Terrell says:

    Resellers will look ab-so-lut-ely stupid when they gobble these up and nobody buys them.

  7. Diggler63 says:

    I’ll try but not stressing if I don’t get them

  8. Ken Joseph says:

    Can u get them online at midnight?

  9. David Campo says:

    not really feeling these

  10. RealDiehl says:

    Can not wait. Got my pair coming in the mail. Really hope they are on the galaxy foam limited side like I was told they are going to be. Soo excited

  11. Bryce Foster-Simeon says:

    Good, i hope no one cops ‘em so i won’t have a problem

  12. geeman4eva says:

    $250 + tax damm I’ll get them but then that’s it for ?me and over priced kickz

  13. RyanKnowsWoods says:

    Will Nice Kicks be getting these instore?

  14. Chris London says:

    ^^^^^^^fa real

  15. Mathew Burns says:

    People have already been selling them for over a month on eBay. Resellers have them for like 500 on average. Y’all are late.

  16. Zay Diestro says:

    They’re not releasing online. Only in store.

  17. Jay Jackson says:

    I want em but camping I will never do

  18. _misterr says:

    @$250 –? maybe.
    @$500+? –? HELL **** NO

  19. dcboyz303 says:

    how long do u think it will take them to sell out in size 13 please SOMEONE TELL ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

    1. geeman4eva says:

      ?@dcboyz303?size 10 and up go fast but 13 you mite have a shot

    2. khari998 says:

      ?@dcboyz303?online? maybe 3 minutes. on twitter? maybe less. ur best bet is to go into the store tmr morning. i wear size 13 and im getting up early as hell tmr

  20. Jesse Parker says:

    they are too releasing online, why are you giving false info for