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Earlier today, we shared with your our entire sneaker conversation with Nate Robinson – well, not quite. We saved the best for last by giving Nate the platform to reveal his five-sneaker rotation. Well-known silhouettes make up Robinson’s current rotation in new and timeless color schemes. Check out Nate’s My 5 below.

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Air Jordan 13 “Playoffs”

Nike Air Max 1 iD

Nike Air Max 1 iD

Nate Robinson: “I usually rotate all of my Jordans each and every day. On Instagram, I pretty much show what I’m wearing daily. I like the “Playoff” 13s a lot right now. That’s my favorite shoe to hoop in.”

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  • TreYeezy_

    Tuff Lineup… No Hypebeast shit w/ Galaxies & Concords

    • Kingofkicks

      @TreYeezy_ Whey people alway say if you got concords or galaxy’s you a hypbeast? They probably rocking concords and galaxy’s because they like them and put them in their rotation. Some of y’all be sounding like haters that couldn’t cop and bitter!

      • beasleyfacebash

        ?@Kingofkicks??@TreYeezy_?Stop being reasonable.

  • Yanni Ksdns

    your next mission NiceKicks is to shows us the whole Ray Allen collection!!! Especially the ones we have not seen and mentioned by Nate.!

  • Yanni Ksdns

    “Ray has a lot of stuff you probably haven?t seen. He has the 12s in all kinds of crazy colors: white and yellow, white and green, black and gold. He has crazy colors.” Dooo eeeet!

  • Gu

    Nice lineupnice to see someone where shoes they actually like, not whats hyped up
    not saying that you can’t like shoes that are hyped up, just sayin hes not a follower?

  • Jason Wuthang

    The Playoff 13’s and 11’s and 5’s and 3’s and 12’s

  • _misterr

    Thats wasup.

  • SupaBlackB

    nice current rotation…AM1s are so slept on….

  • joel oliver

    Very nice rotation, current, but still deep.


    Can we PLEASE see Ray’s shoe collection?! Sounds like the guy has out of this world heat.. too bad he only rocks it on court on rare occasions

  • JohnGotty

    Nice to see he kept it simple and honest. Good read.

  • RDogg23

    Damn! Am I the only one seeing a felony going on? Nate ripping off that little kids J’s right in front of him!

    • mmcalli_23

      ?@RDogg23?He putting on his kids shoes, smartypants

  • WiLLsSiDeKicK

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  • ChrisBoateng
  • fataljones

    Nate has a great sense of style when it comes to sneakers.

  • gotgameyea

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  • TeamSeanSimmons

    Solid rotation…..

  • bluelly

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  • TuckerJimmy

    Hype BEAST

    • TuckerJimmy

      in such a good way

  • Carrol Fennessey

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