No longer extinct, the Air Jordan 7 ?Raptors? are set to release for the first time since 2009?s ?60+? Pack. Donning the color blocking seen on the original 1992 release and 2002 retro, this pair stays true to form with an all-black upper set off by red and purple accents. Look for these to drop sometime this September.

Air Jordan 7 “Raptors”
September, 2012

Air Jordan 7 "Raptors"

Air Jordan 7 "Raptors"

Air Jordan 7 "Raptors"

Air Jordan 7 "Raptors"

Air Jordan 7 "Raptors"

Air Jordan 7 "Raptors"

Air Jordan 7 "Raptors"

Air Jordan 7 "Raptors"

Air Jordan 7 "Raptors"

Air Jordan 7 "Raptors"

Air Jordan 7 "Raptors"

Air Jordan 7 "Raptors"

Air Jordan 7 "Raptors"

Air Jordan 7 "Raptors"

Source: Marquee Sole

  • JemmyTheLaser

    I like that they are making them like the old raptors, call me picky… but I don’t like those laces. Hopefully they change that.

  • shooz44

    I know it’s a minor detail, but why are they using oval laces on these. The flat laces look better. I’ll be swapping them out when I get them.

    • alexzuhhhhh

      you can change the laces lol

  • CaedusFaLk

    love the sole on this number but hate everything else. these are the cheapest looking J’s.

  • joel oliver

    I never cared for the tilted forward jumpman on these, it looks weird/silly/lazy/fake. ?That being said, this is one of my favorite makeups of this model, and it looks true enough to the OG. ?I’ll probably cop. ?The tongue doesn’t look correct/way to light, but it might just be the picture or the monitor I’m using, or my lack of experience with the 92s.

  • Andr? Grier Lue

    material looks different but nevertheless I want em

  • Eri Omar Mandes

    must cop

  • Eric Todd Jr.

    still got my og pair from 1992 too bad i was a baby then lol

  • Daniel D-Money Pierre-Louis

    those laces got to go

  • Jhonny Magicpants

    Grrrrr ….deez iz sooo mean

  • Edgar Leonardo Florimon

    The shoe looks good they have to change the laces and add more too it the shoe looks like they didn’t try but I’ll cop once I cop a OG to make a comparison vid

  • TaylorBaySide

    Do you have to go to a store to cop these or can you get them off line when they come out?

    • LaFlareSoIcey

      ?@TaylorBaySide?bruh u new to the shoe game,cuz u confuse. make way for us that been in the game for a minute and knows where to cop

    • theizz19

      ?@TaylorBaySide?you can do either but its not easy to get em online.

  • Sneakers & Sex

    Why everybody tripping off the laces?! They look just fine … and the shoe itself is just READY! #LoveSneakers

  • Sam_NoIAm

    Lol I really don’t like the laces either

  • SpacelySprocket757

    Stil have to getting..but laces i agree look lil awkward?

  • RE

    I have a Concords, Bords and Altitude 13s in size 11.5 and a pair of CDP Bred 11s in size 11. if anyone is interested, feel free to email

  • jaycollector23


  • Juan2KooL

    Damn thats the first thing i noticed as well. those ugly ass laces!! eww?

  • LBC

    The laces are the same from the 2002 release.?

  • PeterMaasIV

    They look like they would fall apart after a wear or two…

  • Darnell Yancey

    These are fcuking HORRIBLE! They could’ve gone with a little more PLUSH nubuck than that! Lord help us!

  • theizz19

    These sneakers look fine. Idk why everyone is always crying about the quality or small things like the laces. It is what it is. If you dont like them, don’t get them.

    • Mr Laurant

      ?@theizz19?your stupid…I guess quality does not matter to you..If Im spending my hard earned money I would like the best quality period..your probably ?use to low level knock off quality.

      • Darnell Yancey

        ?@Mr Laurant? “you’re” not “your.” But exactly!

    • Darnell Yancey

      ?@theizz19?You’re a moron, kid. Those of us who DON’T like them, WON’T get them… but what the hell does that have to do with saying these look like sh!t?? It’s pretty obvious that the quality of these are ASS. If you can’t see it, then you deserve to wear lack luster products, at a horrible expense. No way in HELL are these “worth” a $160 price tag. Walmart sells kid’s light up sneakers, with velcro straps “better” than this!

      • markmarkcity2000

        ?@Darnell Yancey?this is 2012, your’re buying jordans for the way it looks and his name, not for quality, as time passes things change, ur 160 is going towards his name brand and the appearance for the shoe period, stop talking about quality it wont change anything

        • Darnell Yancey

          ?@markmarkcity2000?That’s got to be one of the most dumbest rebuttals EVER! I understand that nothing will be the same as it was BEFORE (I’ve been wearing Jordan sneakers since elementary school), but EVERYONE doesn’t buy them solely off of “looks and the name.” There’s a lot MORE to it than that! Maybe you need to figure it out!

        • markmarkcity2000

          i didnt say everyone buys them from the looks and name, you need to learn to read and comprehend whats being typed to you, and i alrdy know history behind most pairs of jordans cuz ive been wearing them for years, but in this day and age new children are growing up and just wearing jordans cuz its a new fad to them, so techinically the majority of the newcomers are buying jordans for the looks and names, they are too young to even know anything unless they research it,?dont be ignorant

  • _misterr

    LMAO. These joints look like replicas.

    • js91152

      ?@_misterr?cause thats what they are……

      • _misterr

        ?@js91152 Ok, these joints look like fakes. *
        FIxed it.

  • PaulSingh

    reminds me of the 2011 laces may cop though if i dont get?the?fire red 4s

  • ibhye

    the laces are just like how they were the last time these released, not sure how the laces were in ’92, but i kno for sure these were the laces they threw on them back in 04 i believe was when they last released. personally i love that they went back to these laces for this particular 7s.

  • Jesse Avelar

    Gotta grab these

  • Martel FootWork Jones

    Why do they looks like that???

  • Timmy Mcmaster

    Y did thy change da laces

  • Pablo Rodriguez

    Same laces from 02 nd look better than the flat laces imo. Quality looks good

  • Dante Bacon

    I am cleaning out my closet of shoes i cant fit anymore. I got a size 10.5 if anyone is interested. Holla at me on eBay dbacon_kicks30.

  • SincereGotAirs

    happy and sad at the same time. they kept em true w/ the all blk upper and laces. but the nubuck is cheap, i gotta cop tho cuz ive been lookin for the 02s for a while now. hopeufully someone sell the 02s wen these drop

  • Naptowns Finest

    Must Cop!!!

  • BigSam81

    I know I’m going to take heat for this but I don’t care….. these are my favorite Jordans, ever, and I am completely?underwhelmed at the quality of this shoe. I am glad they stuck with the OG color blocking and all the details are there. I just really hope that this is an early sample and the thicker suede/nu-buck comes back.???

  • Brandon Russell

    Gotta cop the raptors

  • Jorge Alvarez

    Cop, then straight to the court!

    • Guy

      Don’t expect these to hold up to well while on the court. As years go on, Air Jordans are seen as fashion objects rather than shoes to be worn while playing basketball. Because of this (and obviously many other reasons) the quality of the shoes reduce.
      Low quality=Eh not the best shoes to be worn on the court.

  • Brendon Salvatore

    to bad i got the OG

  • Brendon Salvatore

    still a def cop

  • Brendon Salvatore

    still a def cop

  • Sneakinator

    People tell me that these are charcoal 7s, but i argue saying its the raptors.

    • B

      Then you dont know what your talking about. Look @ the color on the box. The ogs came out before the raptors existed as a teams.

  • hellojattan

    Where can i pre-order these in canada?

  • yankswolf

    Stop tripping over the laces they look perfect to me I don’t mind the 5 hour wait will definatley cop.this saturday

  • Chi

    How much for size 4.5