Monta Ellis & Nate Robinson in Kicks On Court Weekly Recap

With the NBA season on the brink of the Conference Finals, we’re down to three weeks until a 2012 Kicks On Court Champion is crowned. This past week capped a strong showing for nominee Nick Young, as he laced up in the Nike Air Zoom Generation “First Game” and the “Dark Neon Royal” Nike Foamposites. Plus, one of the greatest scorers of all-time makes a rare, surprising appearance in this week’s edition. Also, associate editor George Kiel III got a chance to catch up with Nate Robinson, as he discussed the top Kicks On Court moments regarding two of our other heavy-hitting nominees.


  1. KyleHamilton says:

    i didnt even notice that ? young had them joints on i want those in the collection, good look cant wait to see what George and nice kicks got lined up for the rest of the playoffs?

  2. fataljones says:

    Nate Robinson has always dazzled with his choice of kicks. I thought he would become a huge success with his Kryptonate shoes, but i guess i was wrong. Nonetheless, Nate is still my boy http://tellmehowilooknow.wordpress.com/2012/05/23/blast-from-the-past-old-school-kicks/

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  5. InChampWeTrust says:

    3:49 lmfao

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