If the Reebok Question Mid White/Red isn?t dropping at a store near you, there?s still a shot at getting them. The Allen Iverson shoes will release online at 12:00 AM on May 25th at Reebok.com.

Source: @ReebokClassics

  • Soundwave787

    Sweet! Reebok should make these as easy to cop as possible. I dont feel like they have the luxury to keep shoes “limited”. People finally want to buy your shoes, sell them to as many people as possible.

    • Sam_NoIAm

      ?@Soundwave787 totally agree!!!!

    • kevcole


    • http://www.facebook.com/j031011v3r joel oliver

      ?@Soundwave787?I think they should make them limited, at least to begin with, making things easy to attain makes them less exclusive, and dilutes the brand. ?I’m not arguing that people who want them, shouldn’t be able to get them, but I just don’t want to see these hit clearance racks. ?If they go that route, it will mean less releases over time, because Reebok’s not going to keep pumping money into something that isn’t working. ?So I’d like to see a limited approach, and expansion if needed, cuz F the resellers. ?

  • MakeItRain

    Anyone know when the blue edition comes out??

    • Sam_NoIAm

      ?@MakeItRain I believe it was stated to release in either July or August if I’m not mistaken

  • Rico_Gotem_All

    These was never all that now they wanna be limited #these hypebeast !!!!!!!

    • JamesSantos

      ?@Rico_Gotem_All?If anything, these aren’t hypebeast. Anything Reebok isn’t. Its all the goddam Nike lebron 9 asses or 13 year old kids coppin jordans that they didnt even know about till they saw the pricetag. Gtho


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  • AdrianAguilar

    so are they going to be limited to 5,000 pairs??

  • theizz19

    Everyone complains that they don’t want these to be a limited release yet they want em’. The reason they are limited is to build hype. Who cares if its Reebok. A nice shoe is a nice shoe.

    • theizz69er

      ?@theizz19?yeah sure dude. a nice shoe is a nice shoe? duh.