Following our first look at the Metallic Silver/Bright Crimson Nike Air Foamposite Pro, we see a new color-up of the familiar silo. The ?Gem Green? Nike Air Foamposite Pro features an iridescent upper, complimented by black accents and a translucent sole. These are scheduled to release this July.

Nike Air Foamposite Pro
Black/Gem Green
July 2012

Nike Air Foamposite Pro "Gem Green"

Nike Air Foamposite Pro "Gem Green"

  • imdaddykids

    The colorway is crazy

  • Clouddddy

    not 1st

  • JeffForMayor

    Gem Green? or Aged Copper?

  • AmmonisLampkin

    Not sure what to think, may have to see in person. Most likely will police, and wont wear for like 3 years, then just happen to have policed some gear that matches perfect. Then like that Brooklyn boy said “Bring em out, Bring em out”!

  • ericmatenaer

    can’t believe people will go for these with the recent foam hype.

  • AmmonisLampkin

    On second thought this frustrates me, Sole Collector, Spike Lee can get ill colorways and we get these solid/monotone colors that seem like throwaways after seeing those Spike NY Knick Creamsicles

  • SA1911

    Some stories are better left untold- some kicks are better left unsold. I vote a standoff- nobody buy this bullshit- that’s the only way to send a solid message. This is not how the brand made it to where they are now. Remember the eastbay team colors – white foam one with a red bottom, blue bottom, black bottom. Summers complete

  • Mula_Bags

    Lol Looks kinda like a eggplant pro?

  • Kid to wavey

    I think this is a hot colorway honestly

  • bizness548

    nothing to special but i might add them to the freezer?

  • ChristopherDiaz

    Coppin For The Fact That I’m A Foamhead But I’m Disappointed With The Color. Oh Well Could Be Worst

    • Darnell Yancey


  • ValdezWilliams

    This a color you can wear with anything ill rock them.? They remind me of the coppers.

  • Sam_NoIAm

    Yea I’m definitely feeling these a lot more than those Halloween looking Pro’s

  • wilmore91

    sigh, i love these and want them so bad..unfortunately there will be lines because everyone is going to want these and i don’t do lines and overpriced pre-orders..guess i’ll convert to the grown man attire full time now (loafers, dress shoes).

  • ballislife_tawfeeq

    damn, these is tight

  • geeman4eva

    Are these the Foam’s ?that should change color it the light just asking?

  • WWNNNxBJets

    Peep the colorway. Cop.

  • Darnell Yancey

    Meh. Looks like a duller Eggplant.

    • SupaBlackB

      ?@Darnell Yancey i was thinkin along these lines…i was like this eggplants mixed with coppers…

      • Darnell Yancey

        ?@SupaBlackB?I agree. I couldn’t quite pinpoint it, but you’re absolutely right!

  • bmoreskrap

    these are cop for me i like the duller colored foams more than the bright ones i’m begging for nike to bring back the shiney all black pro’s though they are the best ones besides the eggplant og neon royal and pewter

  • eezy1985

    these is the gold, copper, silver ones they teased us with earlier this year

  • AguyCalledLex

    Is it me or are these not green at

  • SammieCamacho


  • Rico_Gotem_All

    Copping everything

  • Rico_Gotem_All

    Even thou they need 2 make better color ways


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  • anshaniuk

    Mixed feelings about these…

  • Markobreezy

    They’re ok but I’m still going to cop doe!

  • LaFlareSoIcey

    all the release dates are so dam close to each other like it crazy,

    • dcsportsfan123

      ?@LaFlareSoIcey?Lmao I was thinking the same thing. ?These plus olympic 6s and 7s= about $560

      • LaFlareSoIcey

        ?@dcsportsfan123?i feel you bruh, that a lot of money bruh,if i were u i will save that money like real talk homie,it aint worth it spending that kind of money on some shoes,i been through that phase already

    • budgetballing

      ?@LaFlareSoIcey?But ?I know you still gonna cop my dude.

      • LaFlareSoIcey

        ?@budgetballing?i might though im still on the fences. i have yet to cop any of the new Foamz since the price went up.

  • LaFlareSoIcey

    this looks just like the Pines from a far distance

  • Blaze_107

    RIP Foamposites?

  • Bigyak22

    Are these not the USA foamposites that were hinted at last year?

  • ToyinEkundayo

    I honestly Have no Idea what color these are in person lol I ilke them but im confused?

  • theizz19

    these shits are ugly but they’ll still sell cuz they are foams. the hype is crazy

    • dcsportsfan123

      ?@theizz19?Or because not everyone has the same opinion as you. They’ll sell out because so many people do like them.

  • LexisAdam

    what does cop means

  • Dwicked012

    I’m going 2 pick mines up right now

  • Dwicked012

    I’m back from pickin my kicks up

    • eezy1985

      ?@Dwicked012?nice way to snitch on yourself and get tthe store in trouble and ruin it for everybody else.

      • Dwicked012

        @eezy1985 I never said which store

  • Jay2daMuah

    OMG. .. These things definitely cause confusion to the eyes. .. lol. .. But I like them for the fact that whatever u put on tends to brings out OR hieghten ONE color at a time of the sneakers. .. (I pray that made sense to yall)

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