Nike Air Penny 5 “Dolphins”

The Nike Air Penny 5 “Dolphins” re-ups the franchise tag for Mr. Hardaway, while shining new light on the South Florida shades. An all-new signature combines with what looks like a breakthrough colorway, adding energy to the already moving Penny line. Release information for this makeup and the ?Orlando? pair are unknown at this time, but stay tuned for details.

Nike Air Penny 5 "Dolphins"

Nike Air Penny 5 "Dolphins"

Nike Air Penny 5 "Dolphins"

Nike Air Penny 5 "Dolphins"

Nike Air Penny 5 "Dolphins"

Nike Air Penny 5 "Dolphins"

Nike Air Penny 5 "Dolphins"

Nike Air Penny 5 "Dolphins"

Nike Air Penny 5 "Dolphins"

Nike Air Penny 5 "Dolphins"

Nike Air Penny 5 "Dolphins"

Nike Air Penny 5 "Dolphins"

Nike Air Penny 5 "Dolphins"

Nike Air Penny 5 "Dolphins"

Nike Air Penny 5 "Dolphins"

Nike Air Penny 5 "Dolphins"

Source: kumastock


  1. WWNNNxBJets says:


  2. DavidSwaveyRigney says:

    these are WAY better than the landos?

  3. Sam_NoIAm says:

    Pure Dopeness

  4. MrGABE says:

    this is the direction that they shouldve taken with the LeBrons

    1. Darnell Yancey says:

      @MrGABE Everyone would’ve still bitched, and moaned about them, as they’ve been doing since the LeBron IV.

  5. life82 says:

    trash not just the color the shoe?

  6. MaxwellSage says:

    This is an ugly shoe. You’re going to have to get real swaggy if you want to pull this off.

  7. bmoreskrap says:

    these are going in the collection i’m glad penny is switchin it up a lil with the designs

  8. KevinSupreme says:

    Copped Copped Copped

  9. EvilChuckDiesel says:


  10. treesty says:

    how much loot do people think penny pockets off shoes that bear the ?? ?

  11. kuyamoko21 says:

    Beautiful just beautiful….I still wanna see Lil’Penny… wearing these in a commercial

  12. Soldsole says:

    Whew all that ice is gonna make you skate on concrete. This is a dope CW if you think these are wack I question your taste in shoes

  13. MuhammadLewis says:

    I’m glad penny got a new shoe but these are fugly.

  14. Naptowns Finest says:

    This colorway is Garbation!!!

  15. Steve Stiffler says:

    These looked Waaaay better on foot with Jeans swallowing the upper…..

  16. honeybadgerxc says:

    That sole tho >>>

    1. Steve Stiffler says:

      ?@honeybadgerxc?Icy soles are cool as hell to look at, but aesthetically they are the dumbest idea ever. ?They look like shit over time and yellow even if u Dont wear the shoes. ?

  17. B_Kaws says:


  18. Steve Stiffler says:

    Wearing a size 13, i have never been a big fan of High Tops…..and these look High as Hell.

  19. Quay_901 says:

    Sick, 901 Memphis all day. This is Gaston Park colorway a hood in South Memphis, Real talk.

    1. 5ivedawg says:

      ?@Quay_901?so THATS why ‘Penny V’ is inside the Tennessee state silhouette?

      1. Quay_901 says:

        @5ivedawg thats my thought because im from the Park and Penny from South Memphis and Gaston had one of the best gym to hoop at.

  20. YungSupa says:

    these truly are “Heaven Cent”…cant wait to cop these..i’m in love