Air Jordan 4 “Fire Red”

This summer, the Air Jordan 4 “Fire Red” returns. The OG colorway finds the hot hue accenting the midsole, branding, and eyelets, while white and black tones contrast the mesh and leather base. Look for these to release at select Jordan Brand accounts on August 4th.

Air Jordan 4 “Fire Red”
White/Fire Red-Black
August 4, 2012

Air Jordan 4 "Fire Red"

Air Jordan 4 "Fire Red"

Air Jordan 4 "Fire Red"

Air Jordan 4 "Fire Red"

Air Jordan 4 "Fire Red"

Air Jordan 4 "Fire Red"

Air Jordan 4 "Fire Red"

Air Jordan 4 "Fire Red"

Air Jordan 4 "Fire Red"

Air Jordan 4 "Fire Red"

Air Jordan 4 "Fire Red"

Air Jordan 4 "Fire Red"

Source: Sole Awesome


  1. Sherrod_a says:

    Easy cop… No brainer….

  2. izzidagr8 says:

    Definitely coppin’ these. I missed out on the cements, but these will make up for it.

  3. Steve Stiffler says:

    After seeing my Cements crease after 3 Cautious wears, Im gonna pass on the white based IVs from now on…..I was walking on eggshells and they still creased……the Cavs and Cements are enough to soothe my appetite

    1. dkfmissunderstood says:

      ?@Steve Stiffler?Cop the Forcefields from foot loocker they keep mine maintained.

  4. DMellow77 says:

    My debate is simply one pair or two …

    1. Naptowns Finest says:


  5. Naptowns Finest says:

    Must Cop!!!

  6. MatthewVasquezCaballero says:

    pretty sure ive seen these before…..oh wait i have…..a couple of times…….

  7. dkfmissunderstood says:

    suck how the toe is already bent in this picture.

  8. MoralesJames says:

    first time in its true original form. the queen loves it. so im copping one for me and her. woot!

  9. jamaalyo says:


  10. Soundwave787 says:

    Im all in on these boys!! I would assume JB is going to use the same materials that they did with the cement IVs, which is fine with me. Im am excited about this release!!

  11. Liamsaunders23 says:

    Reply For BLUE
    Like For RED

    1. WoopsieGuy says:


  12. DavidSwaveyRigney says:

    got damn it looks like someone tried to twist and bend the shit outta that left shoe…..jeeez but other then that i’ll def cop to go wit my cements

  13. Air_Retro says:

    im only passing b/c i have the mars blackmons

  14. willyesco12 says:

    as much as I hate to say it…pass

  15. PeterMaasIV says:

    I said give me 2 pairs!

  16. suprassoo says:

    Helll YEeeeeee NICCAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally It Happened…..I got rid of all my ISHHHfrom my cre dit report y’all – I was in deep for 5 years. ?Coudn’t buysheeet. ?Just approved for that 25k loan to buy a new CAMAARO!!! IF YOU STRUGGLING WITH THAT CREDIT HISTORY ISHH, GET RID OF ALL DAT TODAY – CALL THESE PEEPS AT ?877-647-1477. ?THEY DO AMAZING WORK AND THEY ARE CHEAP AS FUQQ. GOT RID OF ALL MY SHYYT IN NO TIME. My homeboy was in terribleshape too, and he clean! ?Hit em up-they will help!!!!!!?

  17. MrGame7 says:

    August is gonna be a good month. These and the GMP yesssssiiirrrrrrr

  18. JoshuaBell says:

    There are some sites already selling Mars Blackmons for r*pe… I don’t know if they’re legit, but you can get your hands on them.

  19. jhassett says:

    before i was a sort of collector… i loved the 4s. ? and the 3s. ?i rocked the 4s for skateboarding. ?i know i know.. .man i wish i had those shoes in boxes still. ?lol.

  20. Juan2KooL says:

    yep i wore my cements once. and they look ds. Force Fields = step yo game up!?
    But these look cheap. Still copping cuz i luv 4s