How To Make Your Own Foamposites

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How To Make Your Own Foamposites

Years ago, a Nike Air Foamposite One return was deemed near impossible due to the expensive production costs. Today, the heavy kicks are flying off the shelves and the colorways are near endless. Gary Warnett took the time to research the patent papers on the said shoe as well as the Footscape in a recent entry. Check out the process and parts needed to craft the popular sneakers here.

How To Make Your Own Foamposites

How To Make Your Own Foamposites

How To Make Your Own Foamposites

How To Make Your Own Foamposites

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Ian Stonebrook lives in Austin, TX where he spends most of his time kicking it with friends and fam, hooping, golfing and going out.

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  1. Kevin Wayne

    Foams hast been cool since the late 90’s. I’ll never forget seeing Mike Bibby with them on at Arizona and was like “what the hell is on his feet?”. Then I saw He Got Game and was like “holy shit they got some silver ones!!!!”…..all smooth….until all the funky ass colors came out… it’s dead

  2. Kevin Wayne

    See the part where it says the returned was deemed near impossible due to expensive production costs. Now, are they flying off the shelves because Nike has more cash now than before? Or is the quality of the shoe lower?

  3. Mik3y_Taught_Me

    You can Thank the DMV for introducing you guys to the Foamposite, flightposite era!! ohh and look out for them Flightposite 3s !!.?

    • MuhammadLewis

      ?@Mik3y_Taught_Me? Wrong ! You can thank MIKE BIBBY for wearing foams in college. I’ve seen them around wayyy before Wale was popular & I heard of “DMV”. This is just history repeating itself & you’re area taking credit for it.

        • Mik3y_Taught_Me

          ?@MuhammadLewis?if you think wale was the face of foams then clearly you don’t know, ask anyone where they started!! DMV, before bibby way before wale, no one else knew what foamposites were or have seen them before, only credit i’d give too is new york, because they got hipped, but other than that sir, Thank us later.

        • magnousson

          @Mik3y_Taught_Me there was no before bibby’ he was the first one to wear them even before the NBA basketball season and penny had a chance to rock them.

        • JulioPepSanchez

          ?@magnousson??@Mik3y_Taught_Me No one not sayin mike bibby didnt wear them.. we saying no regular person. meaning state,hood, city.etc.. When other people was rockin only jays and af1s? dc put foams on the map.. then everyone else started rockin them.

        • icybottoms

          ?@JulioPepSanchez?dmv? im from ny always seen the old heads with the pro’s from the early 2000 releases. It’s silly for one area to claim an entire craze to them selves -_-. You either had the money or you didnt and 180 was a steep price for regular kids. Whats happened is that Nike capitalized on a new generation. Honestly never even knew D.C rocked kicks beofore wale put D.C on the map and Sneaker sites hyping up his kick selections.?

        • JulioPepSanchez

          @icybottoms @JulioPepSanchez look I wouldnt have believe it either until I moved down here in 99. I hated a lot of shit bout the dmv when I got here. But real rap the foam craze started here. Yes up north u had to have the bread to get them. But down here everybody rocking reguardless of the price.. u came down here late 90s to now dc was rockin all foams flights and jays.

        • magnousson

          @JulioPepSanchez dude, no one hood or city, or district can claim they put the foams on the map. You act like they was slept on till now. The hype was always crazy with those kicks all over the country! Get real!

        • melvinwilliams

          ?@magnousson??@JulioPepSanchez?in the 90’s I lived in virginia, florida, mississippi and the west coast never seen cats actually rocking the foams until i moved to D.C. in late 1998. I am 35 years old and have rocked every sneaker u can imagine! U have to give D.C the foams the shit is what it is.?

        • magnousson

          @melvinwilliams @JulioPepSanchez LMAO @dudes still trying to claim DC put foams on the map! Listen, you’d get more respect and less flame if he said he’s seen more cats in DC wear foams than they were the ones who put foams on the map like NOBODY else ever wanted to rock them! FOHWTBS!

        • magnousson

          @JulioPepSanchez look, its cool that you saw a lot of dudes stay up on the foams in DC…. I ain’t got no beef with that, but the same was happening EVERYWHERE! baltimore, va, new York, shit, all over the east coast! Its crazy to just say DC was the only spot! Get real!

    • wilmore91

      ?@Mik3y_Taught_Me?..lmao..i’m from south carolina, i repeat SOUTH CAROLINA and i remember my bro having an OG pair of the royal foam 1’s..that was way back in 97..may i add there were no shoe sites or anything similar to this one back then so there is no way the shoe was hyped, may i add that my bro was the only teen in my town that had foams period at the time..the dmv did not start a thing’s offensive that you even say’s all about originality and it’s all about trends..if anything, the dmv started a trend.

      • JulioPepSanchez


  4. locodice

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  5. _DFrance

    The explosion of the sneaker game, coupled with cheaper materials and raising the price from $180 to $200 to now $220 is how they’re able to retro the shoe so frequently.?

  6. Lol Foams been around they a few colors back then and they stop.Nike brouught them back and cities gone wild when N.Y. Was on foams states was just getting hip 2 air force 1s.

  7. jordan95

    “Years ago, a?Nike Air?Foamposite?One?return was deemed near impossible due to the expensive production costs.”
    Biggest bullshit I have heard in a long time. Expensive production costs will never hold Nike back from producing a shoe. EVER

  8. Lol like i said N.Y. Was wearing foams and states was just getting air force 1’s ? Whats one of the main fashion states?N.Y. Didnt say we did but facts are facts we was rocking foams back then and states just got hip 2 air force 1s..

  9. FaceYourFears

    Honestly NYC Down South And Cali Started Alot Of Trends But If The DMV Only Calm of Fame Is They Started Rocking Foams Then The DMV Can Have That Crown Lmao! Cause y’all Ain’t Known For Nothing Else Lol. Ask Wale Cause I Don’t Know Who Else Raps From There Who Influence Him To Start Spitting And I Bet He Say A NYC Cali Or Down South Dude!!!

  10. People keep saying DC… DC… DC… I got made love for DC but what about Baltimore?… We’re not gonna talk about how my city kept AF1’s alive when nobody thought about em in the 90’s… and in this foamposite conversation, all the real sneaker heads from the area know where the foamposite craze started… nobody even knew the the real name of foamposites between 96 and 2003… people just called em “dopes”…. Baltimore is where i all started.

    • JulioPepSanchez


        • JulioPepSanchez

          ?@eezy1985? that shit dont prove bmore kept shit alive.? NY,NJ, AND PA kept AF1s alive? shit they never died. thats all the tri state wore. ny was the 1st to have a signature style of af1s via sole collector all af1 edition. it was the af1 mid “nyc”? like i said bmore kept it alive below philly and delaware. bmore hopped on shit ny was doin tryna stay in the loop. with the clothing style cuz yall was tired being compared to dc.? get out of bmore and travel sometime.. tp get ya facts right

      • eezy1985

        ?@JulioPepSanchez??@EmIawakeor?if it wasn’t for the rerelease in mondawmin mall after the 82 shutdown, af1 would have never been made again

  11. dcmizzle202

    Dc been wearing foams when other people an states try to say they was ugly now there made famous by rappers now everybody try to wear them

  12. Sorry DCmizzle NY is up on it first then it spreads out DC was on foams in 98 NY was on foams in 97 so please stop.Ny is the birth of fashion,music do your history.

  13. Mik3y_Taught_Me

    The only trend NYC started that i give credit too is dressing in the 90s lol..and people down south don’t start trends, they bamas like shit. ? DMV started foamposites give it up, every celeb shouts out dmv when they have on etc they don’t shout out ny, cali, miami, ?or any other place!! ?we been on foams since 97, i didnt see ny people wearing flightposites or flightposite 3s, you only wore pony, jordans and uptowns.. kill the hype.?

    • eezy1985

      ?@eddie fresh?foamposites is called dopes in baltimore, they was called dopedealers when they first came out cuz no other shoes cost that much back then

  14. Extra_Mumbo

    read the article clearly says dc was on to foams first but just in case you missed it “?DC, Baltimore and New York kids were on it from the off”

  15. Mik3y_Taught_Me

    lol and if you don’t remember when Nice Kicks use to sell Fake Kicks then you should not be commenting

  16. Eezy1985 i was also responding 2 some 1else bout the rappers.My point is again NY does fashion ever since meaning be 4 the 90s. The 90s was big 4 Ny and still yyis dudes on foams heav

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