Nike Zoom Kobe VII “What the Kobe”

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Nike Zoom Kobe VII What the Kobe

Is this what success at insanity looks like? The Nike Zoom Kobe VII “What the Kobe” takes the same crazy approach as the sought after Dunks, crossing themes and colors. Previewed on the upcoming issue of Sneaker Freaker, expect more information in the near future.

Nike Zoom Kobe VII "What the Kobe"

Nike Zoom Kobe VII "What the Kobe"

Source: msw1233 of Nike Talk

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30 Comments on "Nike Zoom Kobe VII “What the Kobe”"

  1. Jewelz44

    For everyone saying these are wack, that is the concept of this color way! The shoe is supposed to look crazy. Thats why it’s called “What the Kobe”. Sometimes you have to understand the meaning behind a shoe so you can grow into it. But yea I guess no a days people only like hype and shoes you can resell. What happened to all the true sneaker collectors?

    • jordan95

      ?@Jewelz44?or maybe it literally looks like poop. it really doesn’t look visually pleasing at all. the design isn’t bad. but the colors are awful

  2. Lee Bron

    Everyone saying these are wack has gotta know these will prolly be some of the most sought after kobes of all time.?

  3. Paolo Mercado

    Man I would be going crazy right now if I were him. But sadly those look like the diarrhea he probably had yesterday.

  4. locodice

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  5. tigerpawraw

    I’d love to hear the profound thoughts they have in the “Why are kids getting killed for their sneakers?” article. Actually, no, i really wouldn’t…

  6. miclib41

    put a fila sign on em and lets see what yall say. nike can sell yall anything put a limited amount on em and yall will go crazy for em hope they come out where i am so i can resell em to yall sheep.

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