Tom Sachs x Nike Craft: Space Camp

The recent release of the Nike Basketball “Galaxy” Pack has spurred on a sudden interest in space inspired kicks. This summer, artist Tom Sachs has teamed up with Nike for the Space Program: Mars exhibition, which opens on May 15th. Stay tuned to Nice Kicks for additional details regarding the project and check out the teaser video below, entitled ?How To Sweep.?

Tom Sachs x Nike Craft: Space Camp

Tom Sachs x Nike Craft: Space Camp

Source: 1948 London


  1. ThatNiggaaaJ says:

    Perfect video to show to the females who don’t got that perfect sweeping?etiquette?down, ugly ass shoe tho

  2. joel oliver says:

    Uh… Nike is paying people to sharpie their swoosh about how I would’ve drawn it in sketches when I was in 2nd grade? ?Damn, I missed out. ?Must be on their Jeremy Scott ish…

  3. CeeJizzy says:

    A winter with perfect weather, no snow, and this fool pitches a boot concept in late spring

  4. CeeJizzy says:

    Biggest waste?of 5 min in mi life

    1. project4000 says:

      ?@CeeJizzy It took you 5 minutes to watch a 3:30 video?

      1. joel oliver says:

        ?@project4000??@CeeJizzy?Well if his internet is anything like mine is at work, YouTube videos take forever to load… or maybe like me, he watched it all the way through, then sat there in disgust and confusion for a minute and a half wondering WTF did I just watch.

  5. Bonnie A. Chen says:

    What. Is this.

  6. Josue' Berberena says:

    If it’s NASA certified like the Galaxy’s were then I want it!!!

  7. Sean McManus says:


  8. Eric Nguyen says:

    Easy pass