Reebok Question White/Red Release Date

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Reebok Question White Red Release Date

The Reebok Question is returning in a big way this year. Following talks of a retro, the Allen Iverson signature is confirmed to return in the White/Red makeup on May 25th. This OG colorway is said to be an R23 exclusive and the price is unknown at the moment. Look for the Question to make a cameo with Swizz Beatz and A$AP Rocky on 106 & Park tonight and stay tuned for upcoming release dates.

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Reebok Question
May 25, 2012

Reebok Question White/Red Release Date

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77 Comments on "Reebok Question White/Red Release Date"

      • ?@BadMoFo?Only place in Michigan that I’m aware of that is getting them is called Puffer Red’s, spot in Ypsilanti. ?I thought maybe Burn Rubber had an R23 because they had a bunch of Basquiat’s and the Insta-pump fury, but according to what I’ve read Puffer Red’s is it.

      • ?@nicekicks?Amen to that. I’m still surprised that, given how the shoe market has evolved from a few truly dedicated shoe heads in the late 80’s/early 90’s to what seems to be an entire nation of people 25 and under who are fanatics, that these (and their variants each year) haven’t hit the shelves yet.
        Shoe fiends won’t bat an eye at $125+ for ‘em, and lots of folks will buy them just because they were die-hard AI fans back when he was dominating the game.

        • ?@JMattHicks??@nicekicks?I’m guessing this is just the start, I’d bet if this is well received, they’ll start coming out with his other shoes as well/expand the release of the Questions… maybe I’m wrong, but that’s basically what happened with the Kamikaze IIIs, it seemed like.

        • ?@joel oliver??@nicekicks?Word. But haven’t the questions been available for a minute though? It seems like I saw these linger” after their initial drop for awhile, maybe even several years after. Could be wrong though.

      • ?@elwyno30?Word. The red/white and the black/gold are the only two I’d mess with though. The red/black never really looked right to me and the blue/white aren’t bad, but I just think the white/red and black/gold were the livest two pairs.

  1. JohnathonSesi

    AI needs to retro these in all the orginal colors…the guy is supposedly going broke and this will help him hahaha

  2. THEYoussefI

    What’s the difference between these and the pair that’s still lying around at my local footlocker on sale?

  3. sweetboi2

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    • kellyevans

      ?@just doing me
      ?i just read that R23 accounts are accounts held by certain retailers such as??Villa and a few others that i’ve never heard, I live in Kentucky so I have a feeling I’m going to have a difficult time getting these for my son…….because the stores mentioned are not in this area…….

      • ?@kellyevans??@just doing me?There’s a more recent posting with better information you can find it search: ?REEBOK QUESTION MID WHITE/RED RELEASE DETAILS. ?It’s from May 10th. ?The?relevant?bit is: ?”sold at select?retailers, including Reebok dot com, Jimmy Jazz, Villa, Shoe Palace, and Shiekh?s, for $125″So maybe ask shops around you, or just use reebok’s website? ?Hope this helps.

  4. Mistah Staples

    All the OG mids, bring em ALL Out….And the Answers need to come out because that was the last time I wore ANYTHING Reebok lol

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