Reebok Question White/Red Release Date

The Reebok Question is returning in a big way this year. Following talks of a retro, the Allen Iverson signature is confirmed to return in the White/Red makeup on May 25th. This OG colorway is said to be an R23 exclusive and the price is unknown at the moment. Look for the Question to make a cameo with Swizz Beatz and A$AP Rocky on 106 & Park tonight and stay tuned for upcoming release dates.

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Reebok Question
May 25, 2012

Reebok Question White/Red Release Date

Source: @therealswizzz/@reebokclassics


  1. Trufus says:

    Is that next to a freaking Italian Beff sandwich!?

  2. Trufus says:

    Is that an Italian Beef sandwich?
    I’ll take 2!

    1. KeithThomasSilva says:

      i was to busy staring at the sandwich to realize i was even on a sneaker website.

  3. theethnik1 says:

    PHILLY STEAK HOAGIE!!!!! (philly 76ers)

    1. theethnik1 says:

      my badd^^^ PHILLY CHEESESTEAKS!! MMmmmMmMMmmMMmmm….

  4. joel oliver says:

    And the only R23 account in Michigan is an hour and a half from me… I need to find a hookup that accepts phone orders.

    1. BadMoFo says:

      ?@joel oliver Who? I need to know where to cop.

      1. joel oliver says:

        ?@BadMoFo?Only place in Michigan that I’m aware of that is getting them is called Puffer Red’s, spot in Ypsilanti. ?I thought maybe Burn Rubber had an R23 because they had a bunch of Basquiat’s and the Insta-pump fury, but according to what I’ve read Puffer Red’s is it.

  5. theethnik1 says:

    PHILLY CHEESESTEAK!!! (philly 76ers)

    1. Trufus says:

      ?@theethnik1?That looks like a weak cheese steak…

  6. JMattHicks says:

    Fly no doubt. But I’m still praying these drop again:
    One of my favorite pairs of shoes of all time.

    1. nicekicks says:

      ?@JMattHicks?Me too. ?I also would love to get my hands on the All Star joints that were Red/Gold.

      1. JMattHicks says:

        ?@nicekicks?Amen to that. I’m still surprised that, given how the shoe market has evolved from a few truly dedicated shoe heads in the late 80′s/early 90′s to what seems to be an entire nation of people 25 and under who are fanatics, that these (and their variants each year) haven’t hit the shelves yet.
        Shoe fiends won’t bat an eye at $125+ for ‘em, and lots of folks will buy them just because they were die-hard AI fans back when he was dominating the game.

        1. joel oliver says:

          ?@JMattHicks??@nicekicks?I’m guessing this is just the start, I’d bet if this is well received, they’ll start coming out with his other shoes as well/expand the release of the Questions… maybe I’m wrong, but that’s basically what happened with the Kamikaze IIIs, it seemed like.

        2. JMattHicks says:

          ?@joel oliver??@nicekicks?Word. But haven’t the questions been available for a minute though? It seems like I saw these linger” after their initial drop for awhile, maybe even several years after. Could be wrong though.

    2. elwyno30 says:

      you right but the black and gold ones

    3. elwyno30 says:

      ?they need to release the black and gold ones

      1. JMattHicks says:

        ?@elwyno30?Word. The red/white and the black/gold are the only two I’d mess with though. The red/black never really looked right to me and the blue/white aren’t bad, but I just think the white/red and black/gold were the livest two pairs.

  7. BadMoFo says:

    Dope, can’t wait to cop. What’s that logo in the top corner?

    1. nicekicks says:

      ?@BadMoFo?I was JUST thinking the same thing.

      1. Cabbangg says:

        ?@nicekicks?It’s Puffer Reds’ logo. They’re a shop in Michigan that’ll carry these.

  8. stinky b says:

    What is R23?

  9. TheMacLikeRoni says:

    What are they charging for these nowadays

  10. 1nONLYdonnie says:

    these better not be over $150

  11. acdc612 says:

    PRACTICE! Not the game but, PRACTICE?

    1. Byrd82 says:

      @acdc612 Watched that video yesterday lol

      1. kellyevans says:


  12. dkfmissunderstood says:

    That Philly steak don’t look like its from Ishkabibbles in PHILLY thumbs down.

  13. JohnathonSesi says:

    AI needs to retro these in all the orginal colors…the guy is supposedly going broke and this will help him hahaha

  14. THEYoussefI says:

    What’s the difference between these and the pair that’s still lying around at my local footlocker on sale?

  15. JNott says:

    Does anyone know the locations of R23 accounts on the East Coast?

  16. Byrd82 says:

    Never was a fan of AI shoes, just couldn’t see myself paying over $100 for some Reebox.

  17. Costanzo_F says:

    Anyone know R23 account locations in NY (specifically upstate)

  18. Lilant says:


  19. JusThatDOPE_ says:


  20. oOoDREDAYoOo says: