Long before Charles Barkley was commentating on the NBA Playoffs, he was dominating them. The NBA’s 1993 MVP would put on perhaps the best game of his storied season in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals. Facing a strong Seattle frontcourt led by Shawn Kemp and Sam Perkins, the power forward would stand the tallest, grabbing 24 boards and dropping 44 points in the series clinching win. He did so in the playoff-ready Nike Air Force Max.

Who: Charles Barkley
Kicks: Nike Air Force Max White/Black-Cobalt
Event: Game 7 of Western Conference Finals vs. Seattle Supersonic
Date: June 5, 1993

Charles Barkley in the Nike Air Force Max White/Black-Cobalt

Charles Barkley in the Nike Air Force Max White/Black-Cobalt

Nike Air Force Max White/Black-Cobalt

Nike Air Force Max White/Black-Cobalt

Images via Sports Illustrated & Mis Zapas

  • honeybadgerxc

    Hot Fire. don’t forget the supa.

  • BigSam81

    The Chuckwagon was nasty! Loved Barkley.

  • dfrance21

    People forget Chuck had hops. ?He’s only about 6’4″ and he’s one of the best rebounders ever. ?And he would dunk on cats back in the day too.

  • JD_WellsII

    Wasn’t the biggest Barkley fan but he was a beast on them boards and this shoe in the black/gray CW is one of my favorites

  • SupaBlackB

    the Chuckster aka Sir Charles was a beast on the boards….
    definitely loved these in the black/grey c/w…i remember when the Fab 5 were rockin them in Ann Arbor…GO BLUE!!!

    • jdkinc2345

      ?@SupaBlackB?100%. ?Kills me I slept on the retro in ’06. ?The Black / Black are easily one of my top 10 pairs of all time. ?Fab 5 and Barkley rocked those hard back in the day.

  • sweetboi2

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  • cb

    The 90s baby