With a week under its belt, the 2012 NBA Playoffs are in full stride. The first week of the NBA Playoffs brought us season-ending injuries, jaw-dropping moments, and an exceptional debut of sneakers. Highlighting this week’s Kicks On Court Weekly Recap is the Los Angeles Clippers wingman Nick Young, as he played a huge role in LA’s come-from-behind victory against the Memphis Grizzlies while wearing the “Metallic Red” Foamposites. Watch associate editor George Kiel III recap last week’s on-court debuts and present the 12 nominees for our 2012 Kicks On Court Champion award.

After watching today’s edition of Kicks On Court Weekly Recap, let us know YOUR top 5 nominees for Kicks On Court champion in the comment section below.

  • Nolanaress

    1. Paul George
    2. Monta Ellis
    3. Ty Lawson
    4. JR Smith
    5. Jordan Crawford

  • rant and whine

    1. monta
    2. nate rob
    3. paul g
    4. young
    5. blair

  • Swagkicks

    Always love this segment and luck forward to it every week ! Keep it up george

  • Sunsnash713

    1. Monta Ellis
    2. Ty Lawson
    3. Paul George
    4. Kawhi Leonard
    5. Dajuan Blair

    • TreYeezy_

      ?Ty Lawson wear Them busted mangos every game…
      1 monta ells
      2paul george
      3. JR smith
      4.dejuan blair
      5. Jordan Crawford

      • Sunsnash713

        ?@TreYeezy_?Yes, but the mangos are dope!! And if you recall he wore cool greys, dunkmans, and big bangs. He repped way more 9’s than just mangos.

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  • RDogg23

    Alamo City gettin’ the Love they deserve!!! My Vote Goes to D. Blair. Second place Kawhi Leonard. Then who the hell cares after that!!! Win one For the Thumb! Go Spurs Go, Bitches!

  • Sam_NoIAm

    The Spike Foams are pure dopeness!!!
    1. Monta Ellis (Jackson’s Very Own!!)
    2. Gilbert Arenas (Would be first but due to the late start, he gotta be second)
    3. Dejuan Blair (Definitely a sleeper)
    4. Jordan Crawford
    5. Kawhi Leonard

  • balla

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  • BrianHill

    Good Segment. D.West gets my vote for KicksOnCourt Champion… & not just because he is from the DMV’…

  • Jeremi Aguas

    Monta Ellis #1 for sure

  • Douglas Bolton

    Jr smith all season been killing it


    Gilbert Areanas
    Nick Young?
    Delonte West
    Monta Ellis
    Nate Robinson
    Gilbert has to win. his kicks were the most diverse.

  • kicker_ johnson

    Monta Ellis
    Gilbert Arenas
    Jordan Crawford
    Paul George
    Delonte West

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