My 5: Dahntay Jones’ Sneaker Rotation

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On the court, Indiana Pacers guard Dahntay Jones is an avid fan of the Kobe System, as he stated in this past weekend’s Kicks On Court Weekly Recap. Yet, as we’ve seen in previous NBA basketball player’s My 5 rotations, the shoes worn on court are not necessarily deemed as favorites off of the court. Dahntay excludes Kobes from his rotation off of the court, but he still has a few beloved signature shoes and a rendition of a timeless basketball silhouette. Check out?Dahntay Jones’ five-sneaker rotation to see what he wears leisurely.

Nike Air Max 95 “Neon”

Dahntay Jones' Sneaker Rotation

Dahntay Jones: “This shoe is universal. I have every color of the 95s. I like them all, but I like the classic grey and green pair more than anything.”

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  1. Mkdn says:

    New Hampshire in this bitch, first! haha jk nh sucks?

  2. rant and whine says:

    the space jam is not an all-black shoe…bot by a fucking long shot.

    1. ... says:

      Sorry, mostly black shoe. ?That’s pretty close.

    2. SD4Js says:

      Considering it’s predominately black, and mostly on the upper, i’d say it’s fucking close

    3. ThePrufessa says:

      are you that dense??

  3. Anonymous says:

    solid rotation

  4. Info Mapnout says:

    dope collection

  5. Durty_Basturd says:

    Thorough rotation

  6. WhitePower says:

    What a joke. This nig nag don’t even have any asics or reebok. He ain’t got no style

    1. HuntMcGunt says:

      “WhitePower”? is it? asics suck dick and reeboks mostly suck accept for the occational pump. also wtf is a “nig nag”?

  7. FuckABitchSmokeABluntInTheButt says:

    a few pairs of galaxy foams wtf lol thats coolio

  8. Dlp0209 says:

    Solid collection. And good reasons for why he chooses to lace em up. You like what you like. Period.

  9. unf8able says:

    I think it’s funny that there’s hella dudes that criticize any given celeb’s or athletes Sneaker Rotation. If given the opportunity, I’d love to see what these athletes would say about the haters because just from my experience, I know that a lot of young sneakerheads usually be rolling in hoopties and still living with their parents.

  10. DugLast says:

    Cosign on the white cements, Space Jams, and Royal foams. Hold it down, Pacers. Let’s close the first round in Indy.

  11. stack bundles says:

    Pacers dont want to see the heat.

    1. DugLast says:

      I think they do. I’m not saying they’d beat the Heat, but they could definitely learn from it (look what the series against Chicago did for them). Indy is getting better every year.

      1. HuntMcGunt says:

        what did it do for them the bulls star player is out they should win

  12. Bradley H says:

    I got my royal foams on right now at work…i can respect his current kicks rotation…

  13. stack bundles says:

    I agree, they are getting better. They just need a dynamic player to put them on. Their young, but well structured.

  14. stack bundles says:

    To much hype around the bulls, not just rose alone. Indy ain’t recognized as well as the bulls. I hope Indy beats them to show Chicago ain’t nothing. My condolences go to rose though, I don’t wish that upon no one.

  15. joel oliver says:

    Not bad, some variety, not a bunch of recent retros… not bad.?

  16. nc sneakerhead finest says:

    Nice rotation

  17. Naptowns Finest says:

    Great rotation DJ! Go Pacers!!!

  18. Josh Meinhold says:

    this is a pretty solid rotation… me gusta

  19. Derek Zoolander says:

    I really think air max’s are funny. It’s thee ugliest fucking shoe ever. That, and those Griffeys… I swear everyone I see wearing them are just dumbasses.