$10K Worth of Nibwaakaawin x Vans Sneakers Stolen

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$10K Worth of Nibwaakaawin x Vans Sneakers Stolen

Two weeks ago, the Nibwaakaawin x Vans ?All Nation Skate Jam 2012? Pack made news for its charitable cause and unique looks. Today, the collection makes headlines for unfortunate reasons. Over the weekend, a trailer filled with $10,000 worth of the sneakers was stolen in Albuquerque, New Mexico. If you see any of these shoes for re-sale, contact your local authorities, the Albuquerque authorities (505) 843-STOP, or the Nibwaakaawin.

Source: KOAT

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  1. Cody Smith

    This is seriously whack. I was really looking forward to the leftovers becoming available for resale. Hopefully they are found quickly and find there way to retail so the proceeds can be used rightly. What is anyone going to do with 10,000 worth of hot kicks? Ridiculous.

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