$10K Worth of Nibwaakaawin x Vans Sneakers Stolen

Two weeks ago, the Nibwaakaawin x Vans ?All Nation Skate Jam 2012? Pack made news for its charitable cause and unique looks. Today, the collection makes headlines for unfortunate reasons. Over the weekend, a trailer filled with $10,000 worth of the sneakers was stolen in Albuquerque, New Mexico. If you see any of these shoes for re-sale, contact your local authorities, the Albuquerque authorities (505) 843-STOP, or the Nibwaakaawin.

Source: KOAT


  1. JW1797 says:

    What is this Livefyre thing? Bring back Disqus!!!!

    1. nicekicks says:

      ?@JW1797?Just testing it out for now. ?We’re playing with a few commenting systems. ?

      1. JW1797 says:

        ?@nicekicks I understand, no problem at all.

      2. IwearBOATS says:

        ?@nicekicks?OK, but maybe you could still expand the options and bring back guests. I know ur trying ur best to change the site for the better. keep up the good work

  2. nucef89 says:

    people are seriously retarded for stealing shoes. my jordan retro 11 Cool Greys just got stolen. ugh.

  3. TempleRea says:

    I saw these on instagram, is the gramer a?thief?

  4. so_rudez says:

    That’s really fucked up considering the profits go to charity, smfh.

  5. Emmanuel McMathis says:

    Y’all help create this hypebeast ass bullshit

  6. Brandon Cashwell says:


  7. Jean-Max Fontilus says:

    Just check for them on Ebay!

  8. Jean-Max Fontilus says:

    Or Craigslist.

  9. Ill Will says:

    CRAZYYYYYY they prob were lookin for yeezys lol

  10. Cody Smith says:

    This is seriously whack. I was really looking forward to the leftovers becoming available for resale. Hopefully they are found quickly and find there way to retail so the proceeds can be used rightly. What is anyone going to do with 10,000 worth of hot kicks? Ridiculous.

  11. Chris Walker says:

    Hahaha that’s albuquerque fo ya! I love my city.

  12. Dylan Bragiel says:

    10,000$ worth of kicks or a pair yeezy 2

  13. Ryan Thompson says:

    So this means I might have a chance to purchase now…