Sneakerheads awaiting the launch of the Nike N7 Zoom KD IVs can now rest easy. This two-part collection, which was first spotted earlier this year, has received a May 25th launch date. Created to support community programs that aid in physical activity for Native American and Aboriginal communities, both pairs feature unique patterns and shapes. Stay tuned to the Nice Kicks release dates page for additional specifics regarding this late May release.

Nike N7 Zoom KD IV
Black/Dark Turquoise-Challenge Red
May 25, 2012

Nike N7 Zoom KD IV
White/White-Dark Turquoise-Challenge Red
May 25, 2012

Nike N7 Zoom KD IV Black/Dark Turquoise-Challenge Red

Nike N7 Zoom KD IV Black/Dark Turquoise-Challenge Red

Nike N7 Zoom KD IV White/White-Dark Turquoise-Challenge Red

Nike N7 Zoom KD IV White/White-Dark Turquoise-Challenge Red

  • Sox0513


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      • May 19th!!


  • Crownmeking314

    I am just really getting on the KD train as far as his kicks go… But I am really feeling these! I am really feeling these & will be adding these to my collection! Follow the twitter & the instagram – “@TheHeirOfDaLou”

  • Cubano

    black ones is freeeeeesh….For the price that they sell these at,best Nike shoe hands down. Durant gets so much respect from me for tellin Nike not to overprice his shoes. REAL shit.

    • Louie Louie Louie

      ?That actually makes me think…if Durant could ask that, that means Jordan, Kobe and stupid ass Lebron?s sneakers COULD cost less, and instead of that they want to charge $300+ …motherfucking greed machines…I hope asswipe Lebron never earns a fucking championship ring for that…

      • Because your need to buy sneakers is that important. ?Apply that same logic to Kobe and Jordan and tell me they didn’t deserve there championships.

        • Wow, their*

        • neverDS

          ?at least they’ve (JB/Kobe) got some right to charge $$$ for their kicks since they’ve won rings already.

  • Qhenderson

    dope cant wait!(bart scott voice)

  • Justin Slayer

    ?These are hot like 3 bootylicious babes Cherokee, Skyy Black & Beauty Dior) or should I say Kim K, Buffie The Body & Serena William.? Oh my gosh Betty look at her………………………..

    • PisForPolaroid

      I thought it was Becky? Oh.

      • pUp

        He’s talkin about Betty White.

  • Erik Wren Jordison

    Both are fire. KD is on a roll with hot kicks for good causes.

  • Crownmeking314

    I’m just really jumping on the KD train as far as his kicks go! I mean he’s a dope B-Ball player I’m just not a big fan of low top kicks… But I’m really feeling these & will be adding them to my collection! The white ones are crazy… But the black ones are nuts too! It’s a lil to hard to pick on & because KD’s are so cheap this is still cheaper than 1 pair of foams…lol! Either way it goes I’ll be adding these to the collection! May has be a pretty good month! Follow the instagram & twitter – “@TheHeirOfDaLou”

  • Erik

    Fresh player fresh kicks nuff said..

  • Anonymous

    i swear the black joints look like a dark navy blue…but i fucks with the white ones

    • daddyFATcock

      “dark navy blue”
      the fuckery

  • Anonymous

    man i just might need to get both of these… the price is pretty much a steal for a good lookin shoe like this.

  • Derek Zoolander

    Black pair Black Pair!

  • Netolic

    Ill buy both. The white one on my right. Black on my left

  • Mark StoopKid Arrington

    if i dont get the retro 4 cavs these will be my replacements

  • Sean BILL$

    hope these ain’t a qs which it prolly will be but imma try my best to secure me a pair of whites

  • Acdc2

    These shoes are sweet. Sure would be nice if we could get something made in the USA! I’m sure Nike would say the price would jump, but the prices already keep increasing. C’mon J brand, how about a Red, White, and Blue Retro or anything around July 4th made in the USA!

  • Dpiddy

    Hmmmm. A bit much. But I’m native so I’ll cop

  • DaRRenJay_SoC

    how can i cop these ?where??

  • Michael Reategui

    Coming out in retail stores?


    Niketowns for sure, Michael.

  • J?rgen Sorthe

    I?m getting both for sure!

  • Jake Harris

    Changed from May 25? Any word on a release?


    Yep, Jake, May 25th and Nike is saying they will have them online.

  • Marcus Lilly

    I see KD got the all Black 1’s on 2nite. Im liking them joints.

  • Jkelly8258

    If these are available online, what time can I get em?

  • czw1995

    Will theses be in Footaction, Champs, or Footlocker?

  • AmieLibby

    8am west coast time?