Air Jordan 11 Low White/Varsity Red-Black

The Air Jordan 11 Low White/Varsity Red-Black is set to hit retailers this week to many people’s excitement. This summer-appropriate silhouette features a Chicago Bulls “Home” facade with a white ballistic mesh and patent leather upper that is accented by a red translucent outsole and black inner lining. Look for this pair at select Jordan Brand retailers this Saturday, May 5th, 2012 for $145.

Air Jordan 11 Low
White/Varsity Red-Black
May 5, 2012


  1. Adanm89 says:

    dang pepople better not get all stupidly hyped

    1. MaxB says:

      hype beasts thats that shit?I dont like. lol

      1. Must2see says:

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      2. President Ward says:

        I don’t like. That’s my JAM!

    2. RealDiehl says:

      Now 145?? FOH. These joints is gona turn so yellow before you know it. Jordan Brand is trash truck juice. Plastic lace loops on the 12s??? Nike would never allowed that garbage put out. All the suckers will line up and buy these especially all the young bucks. Bullshit ass shoe gettin hyped up.

      1. Hustlevillegs says:

        i personally like the mayonnaise tint you see on aged columbias with the clear sole that almost turns into a gum bottom. gives it the look a different shoe. probably wont be a popular opinion, but it gives it a unique look and i dig it. that said… i think these would look wack yellowed. i dont get into the low 11′s but to each their own.

        1. ijust hateshit says:

          I knew you were sweet. You like that mayonnaise shit huh. This is the wrong site to be finding lil boys on.

          1. Hustlevillegs says:

            the angry little troll…

      2. Anonymous says:

        First off, The red sole is not going to yellow(maybe the patent leather over time, but a LONG time). I got 12 year old Breds that aint yellow yet so what are you talking about?

        ?i compared the 2004 playoff 12′s to the new 2012 playoff 12′s and only difference was ?the quality of the leather on the white accent (no “alligator” texture). The lace locks were still plastic and ?my 2004 pair had even MORE glue marks and bad workmanship than the new ones, so?seriously, stop bitching.

        1. Durty_Basturd says:

          Props @Mean_Gene correct those rookies because there is nothing yellow about the red soles on mine either!

          1. ijust hateshit says:

            They talking bout the white turning yellow not the red………….cheerleader

          2. Anonymous says:

            I already addressed the ?white turning yellow dumbass, but it takes a LONG time. youd have to ?beat them shits up for 2-4 years for them to yellow quick enough to really be bitching about it.

          3. ijust hateshit says:

            Eat my dick hoe! I was talking to your cheerleader not you, but since you the bitch you walk that strip

          4. Anonymous says:

            nigga if you gonna be a troll, at least try to be funny.

          5. Young & Know My Stuff says:

            The nylon on the upper turns yellow, i know someone that got their concords yellow on the upper 2 weeks after getting em. Although he did wear them everyday.

          6. Anonymous says:

            Like I said HE BEAT THEM SHITS UP!

            LEARN TO READ.

          7. Jsallday says:

            the yellowing is from dirt mixing with the fabric, they wont just yellow for no reason….maybe the midsole but that will take a lil while if not worn everyday, if they are worn often then yes they will yellow from the dirt.

          8. Bluman46n2 says:

            Ive known most Jordans with white leather or any type of clear sole to yellow with ZERO wear. Deadstock Jordans. Fire Red 3s,, Fire Red 5s,, etc. Not only in my own collection. Jordans are great but the quality in most releases, not all, but most are far from being legitimately worth $150 retail considering the quality of the finish product. The same goes for his Bobcats! Haha.

        2. jeifromdabay says:

          if you had those 1997 joints then you know that it had metal lace loops rather than plastic.?

          1. Anonymous says:

            but this isnt an OG this is a retro and?shouldn’t?really be compared 1/1 to retros, EVER, PERIOD. I had taxis as a kid in 4th grade so i didnt really give a shit about a chrome lace accent.

          2. ijust hateshit says:

            And you still a jit, fucknigga

          3. Anonymous says:

            Is this english?

          4. RealDiehl says:

            Exactly . Obviously mean jizz in his mouth didn’t have them.

        3. RealDiehl says:

          Shut the fuck up young buck. 2004 12s fuck outta here. Get an OG pair and get at me. And yeah your young cuz no shit the red ain’t gona yellow. Dumb ass kid shut ur mouth

          1. Anonymous says:

            First of all im not comparing ?an OG pair of shoes to a 2nd gen ?RETRO, ?thats the first dumb fucking thing you said.

            2nd, you callin me young but you think red soles and white 11′s yellow, shut yo stupid ass up.

          2. Qball197580 says:

            Obviously Mr mad , angry ,gene Simmons , people don’t store, wear, abuse, use, or “beat up” their kicks in the same lame ass ways you do, so yellow or red, it don’t matter, stop tryna convince people on your ill-founded logic, we are all different in treating our shoes.

          3. Anonymous says:

            LOL here we go. Let me start of by saying hop off my dick nigga.?

            Secondly white Jordan 11′s aint gonna yellow unless you fuck em up, get em dirty whatever the case mayb e. I got carolinas that have been worn ?at least 10 times that?aren’t?yellowed anywhere but the sole, so anybody talkin that bullshit?doesn’t?know what they are?talking?about including yo dumbass, so take that shit somewhere else.

          4. RealDiehl says:

            Wow u are half retarted. Literally. No one said the red would turn yellow but ur half retarted self. Obviously red won’t yellow duh!!!!! The white will yellow u dumb ass vegetable. So fuckin dumb seriously. Grow up and get a beer when ur 21 and try to get pussy. I kno it will be hard for u cuz u can’t read and are half retarted. Dumbass

          5. Anonymous says:

            If you catually read the post I said red soles AND white 11′s(meaning the upper if you need clarification). If you want to read the post above, if you take care of your shoes and dont beat em up they will not turn yellow, the uppers on the 11′s dont really turn yellow over time either. Like I said ?go somewhere with that bullshit becuase you clearly dont know what your talking about.

            also, lets ?not assume everyone is yong?because?you are stupid, its not a good look.

          6. RealDiehl says:

            Hahahahahahaha mean gene. Homo thug wit tight jeans. Hahahaha u look stupid. Look who the troll is hahaha it’s u faggot

          7. Anonymous says:

            you sound like a fuckin idiot right now. Thats usually the type of shit you faggots say when you?pretty?much lost the argument.

          8. Mdiehl1981 says:

            Yo cuz no one lost an argument, you however did get lost in a discussion trying to jump in and talk about shit no one was really talking about. And made ur self look retarted sayin that someone said the red would yellow. C’mon son. Red yellowing?? Really. No one said that. Like I said you
            Got LOST. It’s cool young bul. No one lost an argument. You just alil confused, it’s cool it’s understanding. You tried

          9. Anonymous says:

            Wow are you retarded or what? whether you said red or white part of the shoe I addressed the complete issue and you just keep sayin the same thing. The shoe aint gonna yellow unless you get it dirty so WTF you even complaining about?

            your argument – ?jordan retros is trash ?the 11′s will yellow BLAH BLAH BLAH – nigga shut the fuck up!

            honestly other than the price ?the?quality?isnt as as bad as people will love to?exaggerate?about, but all the things you noted were?pretty?much non issues. Then when you had nothing else to say you either insult me or ? assume im a child.

            your pretty much the one who lost the argument. go ahead and say some more dumb shit.

    3. Ilike em all(kicks) says:

      they ugly anny way

  2. MattTumms says:

    What are some select jordan brand retailers???? Does that mean footlocker or like HoH?

    1. ijust hateshit says:

      Demo, jimmyjazz, dtlr, decibel, etc. Know your stores cuzzo!

    2. Adul1391 says:

      they seriously need to specify a little when they say “select” or quickstrike/limited

  3. ThePrufessa says:

    so not feeling these.?

    1. ijust hateshit says:

      Nigga you said that shit last week we know

      1. StophypinDaFoams says:


  4. Adanm89 says:

    people its just a shoe

    1. Anonymous says:

      and this is just a shoe website

    2. ijust hateshit says:

      And you’re just a square!

      1. Hustlevillegs says:

        u a gay troll

  5. S Pippen says:

    They should start calling them red bottoms

    1. unreal says:

      so, you want them named after you??punk ass bitch.

    2. ijust hateshit says:

      And they should call you Bonk!

  6. Evjurk says:

    I swear these were 135 on the on the release page, KoF said they were 140, now it says 145. Wtf

    1. Anonymous says:

      nike town tweets is sayin 140. im stickin with that.

      1. ijust hateshit says:

        They also tweeted your mama a whore. And you sleep in the same bed your daddy do. AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!

        1. Anonymous says:

          Damn yous a lame…

  7. these or knicks 4s? desicions desicions

    1. NYChuck says:

      Niether. Might as well wait for they gray 12″s cuz these ?or those knicks 4′s arent that serious in my opinion.

    2. ijust hateshit says:

      Why wait for the knicks 4′s when the cavs 4′s are finna drop…………….dumbass

      1. Jsallday says:

        same shoe….dumbass

        1. ijust hateshit says:


        2. ijust hateshit says:

          Free pair of J’s for the nigga who knows or finds jsallday and the this fucknigga ass up. Send us the pictures and we’ll forward the cash in a PayPal account

          1. StophypinDaFoams says:

            pay up nigga.

      2. Okaycool_12 says:

        they r the same but some people call them “Knicks” because of the colorway but they are called “Cavs”

    3. there not called no fuckin knicks 4s ! you shouldnt even get them cause you dont even know the right name

  8. Savage says:

    Price Keeps Going Up.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Retail is $140, not $145…

  10. Kid to swagged out says:

    Are these a general release shoe?

    1. Evjurk says:

      Yes, they aren’t specific enough. Go on Solecollector for release dates. They’re alot more specific and accurate.

  11. Hustlevillegs says:

    whats the word on the 11′s dropping this holiday season. Is it supposed to be breds or columbias?

    1. NYChuck says:

      BREDS. Red & Blacks this Christmas weekend. Wish they would bring back the Columbias ?though.

      1. Hustlevillegs says:

        man 4 real… been 2 long

    2. ijust hateshit says:

      Ask yo mama she sleeps with the jB team

      1. ijust hateshit says:

        Oops mybad or is it tinker that tickles you in your ass

    3. President Ward says:

      ^^^ It’s the breds dropping this holiday season. Confirmed for 2012

      Can’t wait till december!!! OMG!!!

  12. NYChuck says:

    Yea! These are Fire, I’ll definitely be coppin these on Saturday. ?FOR WIFEY!!!

    1. ijust hateshit says:

      Don’t like tricking but I’ll you a fit/can stand no sneaker wearing nappy head bitch!

  13. Naptown's Finest says:


    1. ijust hateshit says:

      Ima give you a break. Ima let a hoe be a hoe

  14. Anonymous says:

    LOL grey 12′s you out yo mind. knicks 4′s is better than the next 3 releases.

    1. ijust hateshit says:

      Thats your opinion like he had his. Do you my nigga!

      1. Made_nigga<23 says:

        ?Is this all you get on here for?? to talk mad shit yall aint about?
        Jus mind your own buisness and get the damn shoes above or not..
        if they fake as jheads, let em be.. be about your own shitt dawg!
        anyway im 100 gettin dese hoes!

    2. Troyairjordan23 says:

      you broke as hell boy shut up

      1. Anonymous says:

        damn u mad….

  15. Gary says:

    This shoe is MEDIOCRE ! No reason for all the hype !!! Its a cool shoe but def not worth getting up early to cop. If its still there around the time I normally wakeup then I will consider getting them. The 4′s ARE WAY BETTER imo.

    1. ijust hateshit says:

      Why don’t y’all shop online, all you need is a pay pal account or an prepaid card. Its that simple. ………….FUCKK!

      1. I just kill sh*t says:

        This nigga needs a job or cop yourself a bundle with that state aid you be getting and put some work out in these streets. Spending way too much time on here. Get off your fat 15 year old ass and get money. Fuck nigga!

        1. ijust hateshit says:

          I wish you lived up to your name and brought your ass to Miami with a big bag of that ego of yours

  16. Taylor says:

    Samples just came in…Normally don’t like lows but these are too clean. Perfect summer shoe

  17. A.D. Bluf?rd says:

    These look like my girl’s cheerleading shoes!!!

  18. Juuv says:

    ya’ll can have these lol

  19. all these dude up here are wanna be sneakerheads like wtf

  20. WZA says:

    Saw em in person last weekend & they are clean, must haves!!