Nike Air Foamposite One “Knicks”

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It seems as if Spike Lee debuts new sneakers at the most inopportune times. If you recall, we spotted him in the “Knicks” Jordan Spizikes, both blue and orange, around this time last year as the Knicks were on the verge of getting swept by the Celtics in the first round of the 2011 NBA Playoffs.

Moments ago, Spike Lee revealed images of a never-before-seen, Knicks-colored Nike Air Foamposite One via Twitter. It possesses an orange Foamposite shell with a royal blue midfoot and an icy bottom. Also, the left heel features the Mars Blackmon graphic, while the 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks logo is spotted on the right heel. Will we see Spike Lee sitting courtside at the Garden in Thursday’s game 3 matchup in these “Knicks” Foams?

Nike Air Foamposite One "Knicks"

Nike Air Foamposite One "Knicks"

Nike Air Foamposite One "Knicks"

Nike Air Foamposite One "Knicks"

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163 Comments on "Nike Air Foamposite One “Knicks”"

  1. @brucie2x

    No way smh, I probably would only wear these because they’re foams, but the color-way should be reversed I think…

  2. Joel Oliver

    I hope they’re oranger than the picture makes them out to be? ?Might be my laptop, they look like butterscotch…. not my look at all either way though. ?

    Too many foam colors.

      • Reef_drumm

        first and foremost…i would like to start by saying both of you gentlemen are clearly homosexual
        2) if you faggots had the money you would be rockin galaxies, yeezys, breds, mags, thunder lightning, etc.3) i started up on the shoe game about 2 yrs ago and i’ve clearly come up with the conclusion that a “hypebeast” is someone that can afford?better shoes than you…so as a dick sucking…living off?daddys dick queer…that?can’t afford a decent pair of shoes would….you hate on others?4)if you wear these foams, have the style of a 2nd grader5) get decent a?job…a reputable pair of kicks…and holler at me when you’re in texas….until then,?keep your ass in your parents room with your bullshit?air max griffeys?

  3. Angryman

    Lmao@ all of u hypebeast ass niggas yall dont see wale rocking these lame ass shoes nomore. I guess the hype is over for these shoes cus the niggas that saying these r ugly were the main ones sayin copd omg these r fire etc lmao smh…im done

  4. Steve Stiffler

    Way too much. ?Maybe if it resembled the OG pair with orange accents, but not these. ?Hopefully they are a one of one……

  5. DenverBroncos

    These would go with my Denver Broncos gear, throwback Elway jersey! Other than that they would sit in TW closet. Busted out only for football Sundays. And paying $200+ for them I would have to pass, no point in dropping that cash on a shoe only for football…

  6. patske

    look like a fucking brick of cheddar cheese, i will laugh like shit if i ever see someone wearing these in real life, stop inventing excuses to wear these …

  7. Guest

    I love foams but I just think orange is an ugly color for the entire upper of any shoe. if I was a Knicks fan with some Knicks clothes then I would probably cop.

  8. KnicksBetterWithoutStat

    First off whoever thinks these look yellow are colorblind and need to fix your computer settings. They are clearly orange. I agree that they need a darker orange and I think they need to incorporate a little bit of black in them as well. For those that want to flip they would not look as good as you think. They would just look like a bootleg pair of the Dark Neon Blue Penny Foams. and the sole would blend w the blue and throw it off. If you reverse you need to make the soles a translucent orange.

    And for the loser that said the galaxies are the best color gtfoh. The original blue penny foams are the best color.? The galaxies look like they took some B grade eggplants and sprinkled bleach on them so they could sell em for $200 rather than dropping em in outlets.

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