Nike Air Foamposite One “Knicks”

It seems as if Spike Lee debuts new sneakers at the most inopportune times. If you recall, we spotted him in the “Knicks” Jordan Spizikes, both blue and orange, around this time last year as the Knicks were on the verge of getting swept by the Celtics in the first round of the 2011 NBA Playoffs.

Moments ago, Spike Lee revealed images of a never-before-seen, Knicks-colored Nike Air Foamposite One via Twitter. It possesses an orange Foamposite shell with a royal blue midfoot and an icy bottom. Also, the left heel features the Mars Blackmon graphic, while the 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks logo is spotted on the right heel. Will we see Spike Lee sitting courtside at the Garden in Thursday’s game 3 matchup in these “Knicks” Foams?

Nike Air Foamposite One "Knicks"

Nike Air Foamposite One "Knicks"

Nike Air Foamposite One "Knicks"

Nike Air Foamposite One "Knicks"


  1. UniteUs says:

    damn.? YES…damn.

    1. PisForPolaroid says:

      Kraft Mac n’ Cheese? Anyone else get that vibe from these? lol

      1. @TreYeezy_ says:

        the orange just needs to be a more darker/solid orange

        1. Anonymous says:

          Maybe use the orange from the Melo M8′s would be way nicer on these than this light colored orange..

          1. Tyseymour84 says:

            ew. people see foamposites and automatically think they are heat

          2. @TreYeezy_ says:

            smh You couldnt Survive in DC lls

          3. Madskillz89 says:

            Get off wale dick

          4. Your mom says:

            ?wale enjoying the head!!!! =D

      2. these are very ugly
        and i like most foamposites

      3. nonoyobiznes says:

        From the ICEE “retro” blue to the mustard and ketchup to this!!! They need to stop working on foams when they hungry. Then again, what do you expect when your office is called the kitchen?

      4. Drewman3314 says:

        lmao finally those are fugly as hell

      5. Drewman3314 says:

        No its like a sherbert?

    2. @TreYeezy_ says:

      These & Them Rising Star Foams Needa Drop N O W

      1. @TreYeezy_ says:

        these w/ a OG Penny Jersey when he played for NY… tuff

    3. May 19th!! says:

      Do foams come in 7.5 & below because stores say they don’t but then PYS & flight club sometimes has size 7.

      1. Elg518 says:

        Yes they start at a size 6

      2. Darian says:

        Foams start at 7.? 7+

    4. Joshlauren says:

      Well I’m from NYC and these are tough . And look like if they drop it’ll be limited

  2. kinda dope but im not a knicks fan!

    1. ThePrufessa says:

      you don’t have to be a knicks fan in order to wear blue and orange.?

      1. WALE says:

        i got like 3 of these already taahaa double em gee bitch … just trynna be legendary

        1. Tgimfresh says:

          stop talking dumb spike lee and penny are?probably people that have a pair?

        2. Spike Lee says:

          ?I wear a size 5Y, if anyone wants my extra pair hit me up.

          1. Thomas says:

            where do you buy them

          2. Esimon1986 says:

            i would love to have them, if this is thee SPIKE LEE

            email- Esimon1986@gmail.com u can reach me here : p


          4. Spike Lee says:

            You just got signed up for a gay porn mailer nigga..hahaha

        3. Thomas says:

          where do you buy them

      2. Hustlevillegs says:

        thats true… it would be acceptable to be boise state fan and rock these as well

        1. ThePrufessa says:

          It would also be acceptable to wear them because you like the shoe and not affiliate them with any teams that wears these colors.

          1. Hustlevillegs says:

            what u mean?

          2. Spike Lee says:

            STFU prufessa, what subject do you teach? the only thing you preach with that comment is a lack of integrity.

          3. ThePrufessa says:

            What does integrity have to do with anything?

          4. Ma_king says:

            He’ll let you know once he figures out what integrity actually means.

      3. mozee says:

        it look yellow to me

        1. Sleaze says:

          you’re an idiot, that’s why.?

      4. Spike Lee says:

        it’s a fucking Knicks shoe you idiot.? My face is on the damn shoe.? What do you mean?

  3. Tjsacco says:

    Niggas would drop nuclear bombs if these ever released…..

    1. Mfigueroa7 says:

      U ain’t lyin!! Lol

    2. Yuppitsme says:


  4. Sneakerlover says:


    1. JW says:

      No you’re not. Why has your comment got a like? You’ve probably liked your own comment.

      1. You all just let the troll win.

    2. Hustlevillegs says:

      for real… the “first”(s) need to stop. it is the worst most unoriginal coment you can post. what a lame teenager trend. you probably use the word epic to describe everything too.

      1. Angryman says:

        Whats unoriginal is your spelling coment? Lmao foh

        1. Hustlevillegs says:

          spell checkers are lame too

  5. Tjwhite1 says:


    1. Angryman says:

      And this is coming from a former hypebeast smh fuck u bitch they been ugly

    2. mozee says:

      I agree with you……UGLY

  6. Sneakerlover says:

    These look nice

  7. Rbris03 says:

    The foams are out of control at this point…and they just keep getting more n more ugly

    1. Jsallday says:

      They aren’t getting uglier, just your perception of them are.

  8. DSB says:

    That piss color just doesn’t work for me.

    1. Mike lowery says:

      ur piss is orange bro? might wanna go see the doc

      1. Mclovin says:


      2. mozee says:


  9. Diddy325 says:

    they look crazy but hot

  10. Bmoreskrap says:

    yep i will own these if they drop

  11. Craphead says:

    O god no. These are hideous

  12. Honzakotlar says:

    hey, anybody knows, who make these??

    1. weenerdog says:

      ummmmmm nike maybe?

    2. Adanm89 says:

      im gonna take a wild guess nike? hahahahahaha are you serious

  13. omggggg ugly as helllllllllllllllll

  14. @brucie2x says:

    No way smh, I probably would only wear these because they’re foams, but the color-way should be reversed I think…

    1. Seriously? You’d wear an ugly colorway just because they’re Foams? Am I the only one who sees that as totally nutzo?

      1. Bmoreskrap says:

        i hope everybody thinks like yuo so i aint gotta mush my way thru a line ijs

  15. Mike lowery says:

    Mango and blue foamposites, i’ll pass

    1. Yourmother says:

      They are clearly not mango

      1. Anonymous says:

        ?They are watermelon..

  16. LUC LONGLEY says:

    People in NYC/DMV will die over these.?

    1. LUC LONGLEY says:

      ?almost forgot Penny played for the Knicks for a few years.

    2. SmartGuy says:

      I don’t see many people from DC or Maryland (not Baltimore) wearing these. We like foams but we hate ugly shit.

      1. mozee says:

        Yeah im from the DMV and i dont see a lot of people wearing these… shit it dont look orange to me… it look yellow

  17. ICantFeelMyFace28 says:


  18. Anonymous says:


  19. Joel Oliver says:

    I hope they’re oranger than the picture makes them out to be? ?Might be my laptop, they look like butterscotch…. not my look at all either way though. ?

    Too many foam colors.

  20. anon says:

    My eyes!!!