Jordan Brand May 2012 Lineup

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May is a heavy month for Jordan Brand releases. From the return of patent leather on the Air Jordan 11 Lows to the ?Cavs? Air Jordan 4s, the next few weeks are loaded with iconic models in new colorways. Take a look at the best Air Jordan offerings for the this month and stay posted with future drops in our release dates section.

Air Jordan 11 Low White/Red

Air Jordan 11 Low
White/Black-Varsity Red
May 5, 2012

Jordan CP3.V "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde"

Jordan CP3.V “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde”
May 9, 2012

Jordan Melo M8 "Playoff" Editions

Jordan Melo M8 Playoffs
May 9, 2012

Jordan CP3.V "Playoff" Editions

Jordan CP3.V Playoffs
May 9, 2012

Air Jordan 4 "Cavs"

Air Jordan 4 “Cavs”
Black/Orange Blaze-Old Royal
May 12, 2012

Air Jordan 12 "Cool Grey"

Air Jordan 12 “Cool Grey”
Cool Grey/Team Orange-White
May 19, 2012

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56 Comments on "Jordan Brand May 2012 Lineup"

  1. the sidewalk

    The Cavs 4’s are cool. They seem like a shoe that would be worth a lot in an year or so. The rest are trash.


      ?I second this motion, Im good off May releases. The Coolgreys look contarded and fake in every pic Ive seen..Good time to go back n pick up some old release off ebay…thinking flints right now.


          Thats wasup. I copped Bulls 13’s a few months ago..cant believe so many people sleep on ‘em. Out of all the white/red J’s, the 13’s look best.

          Im between Flints 13’s and Flu Game 12’s… its question of which first.

          I’m start wearing my playoff 12’s once everyone beats their shit up…then bust out with the freshness.

          But next month… olympic 6s.

  2. Anonymous

    Cavs. Might pick up a pair of 11 lows if I see ?em in store. The rest is trash imo.?Except for Cool Grey?s, they are aight.

  3. Eric Fresh

    The only ones I’m for sure copping are the Air Jordan Retro V.1 black/white wolfs…Maybe the 4s if they don’t sell out right away and I can see em in person.? I’m also not happy about the orange on the 12s…just not my color & it makes em look cheap.

  4. ijust hateshit

    If your patent leather turn yellow on you it’s because the humidity. Keep em out the box, keep em cool, don’t use chemicals to clean, and if they still turn move out that state to a place where the sun shine great. LIKE THE BOTTOM

  5. Evjurk

    Need a pair of 11’s. Would rather a high top pair by a mile though. Maybe somebody’ll be willing to trade. Cavs 4’s are ehh, cool grey 12’s are decent. Other than that. All garb.

  6. DugLast

    If you’re copping the XIs, you don’t really care about the patent letter turning yellow. These are summer whites. After August, they’re done. It’s not a long term shoe.

    • Skazike7

      Don’t care for the 11s, besides the breds coming December. I’m all in for the lebron 9 floridian the coming week and the cavs next week. Most of you cats spent yo tax on foams while I haven’t gotten started, kuz if any pairs this may, it be those. Them lebron 9 low floridian, sport red, and them summit lake hornets, that’s my pick-ups ( if there’ll be other qs kicks ) for my birth month.

      • Skazike7

        Hey, just me coppin what I like, and honestly not really feelin’ them 12 flints, iconic shoes, and too much orange already for May.

        • Skazike7

          Fail if anyone had to comment 3 times in a row, but them claves are decent for dress wear, would cop if there’s nothin’ else to get

  7. NedFlanders

    i hope everyone spends all there money this month on these hot garbage releases, so next month I can see less niggas in line!

  8. Tony Herrera

    Have you ever wanted Jordan Retro 4’s?These are not a waste of money.I’ve worn them for three months and I bought them from Amazon. It cost me $185 and it was a good deal.These are basketball shoes if you would like to wear them for that.I like to wear them when I’m going out,you like Jordan buy them, and you would look really fine.

    These Retro 4 shoe looks really meticulous to wear. They feel comfortable once you put it on, and it also feels soft. Meanwhile I like their color it has blue,orange, and black they go with a lot of outfits. It looks nice and it will last a long time if you don’t crease it, just clean it if you see it dirty.

    Now if you like Jordan would you buy them? Retros,the best type of Jordan,are very popular. Also they are popular shoe to wear because almost everyone likes Jordans, since they have fantastic deal online and you would save money.
    You like Jordan Retro’s now, go buy some online.Its a really attractive shoe if you would love to wear them.I’ll recommended to people who like jordan.People who are 12+ older years old would like to buy them. I’ll rate them 4.5/5 stars hope you would buy them.

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