Nike Zoom KD IV “Aunt Pearl” Release Date

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Nike Zoom KD IV "Aunt Pearl"

After displaying some images of the?Nike Zoom KD IV “Aunt Pearl,” we’ve now learned that the kicks?will be released May 12, 2012 at select Nike Store retailers. ?What a fantastic and fashionable way to raise breast cancer-awareness! ?Will you be purchasing a pair?


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    • Curtfree80

      actually only females and fags like you would get these. anyone who say otherwise might as well just come out the closet!

      • Timetravelinn

        ?Grow up dude.? Your a fag now for supporting the fight against breast cancer.? Once you hit puberty you’ll realize there is meaning besides things just besides colorways and fashion.?

        • Aj

          ?I mean I get your point but the way you said it was straight IDIOTIC. If you really want to support breast cancer research, then DONATE straight to a foundation! I garauntee you nike will keep 90% of your money from this shoe.

          • Timetravelinn

            you can donate all you want but it wont bring awareness. ?Yes there are better avenues than paying for shoes that only a small percentage will go to the?organization,?but it’s easy and attainable to the normal person. ?I guarantee you wear those and your going to spark a conversation everywhere you go and that can lead to a lot of good. ?Don’t just buy the shoes to donate because like you said it would be IDIOTIC, but buy the shoes because its a easy way to spark some awareness and thought.

    • Timetravelinn

      ?I guess “black people” are the only socially aware and thoughtful people out there then.? And we all know breast cancer only affects “blacks”…..SMFH

  1. Likewadupdoe

    how much of the precedes goes towards breast cancer research? ill cop if some of the money does, otherwise im ganna pass and take this as nike trying to make money off breast cancer

  2. Yunginflyy305

    DOPEEE!!!! will try my best to snatch these if all the new sneakerhead hypebeasts dont beat me to it. lol

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