Performance Review: Nike Zoom Kobe VII Supreme System

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The Nike Zoom Kobe VII is undoubtedly the most worn shoe on court in the NBA. In our daily Kicks On Court feed, we spot at least one player on each team wearing either general released Kobe VIIs or iD versions daily. Why is this shoe so popular amongst NBA players? Is it simply the Kobe VII’s aesthetics that are so appealing or is Bryant’s seventh signature shoe that good performance-wise? Following last week’s Nike Zoom KD IV and Nike LeBron 9 performance reviews, we now present to you our Nike Zoom Kobe VII review. Is the Kobe VII one of your favorite performance models right now?

Stay tuned for our performance reviews on the Nike Basketball “Elite” Collection.

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Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Lockdown: Kobe’s seventh signature sneaker features a very snug, locked down fit that is, in my opinion, a step above last year’s Nike Zoom Kobe VI and a step below the Kobe V, my personal favorite from the Kobe line. That is why the Kobe VII does not have a perfect score in this section. This shoe isn’t bad, by any means, in regards to lockdown, it’s just the Kobe V is that good in this department. My foot felt more locked down when using the ‘Attack Fast’ insert. The power stretch forefoot strap insert provided a snugger fit for my foot, and I felt more resistance from that sleeve as opposed to the ‘Attack Strong’ sleeve. I was able to react faster and move quicker in this one, which I guess is one of the reasons why it’s referred to as the ‘Attack Fast’ insert. In some instances when playing in the ‘Attack Strong’ insert, I felt as if the sleeve was just there and served no purpose lockdown-wise.

Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Traction: Traction is one of the Kobe VII’s best traits because of the purposeful use of the solid rubber herringbone on the outsole. If you recall, Nike incorporated herringbone on the Nike Zoom Kobe IV as well, and that was the best of the four low tops in regards to traction in my opinion. On the VII, herringbone is specifically placed on the medial side of the outsole, which provides extreme grip on the area you need it most. The instep or medial side of the shoe is used regularly in the game of basketball, whether you are exploding from a first step or quickly changing directions while defending or cutting to the basket; therefore, having the solid rubber herringbone on this area is very advantageous. Kobe Bryant has some of the best footwork in the game today, so herringbone on the medial side is undoubtedly beneficial to that part of his game. As for the rest of the outsole, the Kobe VII features a triangular pattern that also grips to the court really well.

Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Cushioning: The ‘Attack Fast’ insert was my favorite to play in, but each insert had strengths and weaknesses throughout my time in the Nike Zoom Kobe VII. As stated earlier, the ‘Attack Fast’ insert? featured more of a locked down feel, but I liked the ‘Attack Strong’ from a cushioning standpoint. The ‘Attack Strong’ insert’s cushioning is softer, plusher and more comfortable than the ‘Attack Fast’ insert’s cushioning. Initially, I was more into the ‘Attack Fast’ insert (10 millimeter Zoom unit in the heel and full-length Zoom in the forefoot) because my initial wears in the ‘Attack Strong’ were not as comfortable as I expected, but after a few wears in the ‘Attack Strong’, it became more comfortable thanks to the Cushlon foam. As with other Cushlon-laced sneakers that I have tested (Nike LeBron 9, Jordan CP3.V), the foam gets softer, the longer you play in it.

Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Responsiveness: If you’re looking for a super responsive feel, I would go with the ‘Attack Fast’ insert. The bottom loaded Zoom unit in the heel is very reactive when returning to the floor. As stated earlier, the ‘Attack Strong’ is more of an impact protected cushioning.

Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Support: Can a shoe be too supportive? The Nike Zoom Kobe VII features a large glass based carbon fiber shank, which really keeps the foot intact yet provides a nice range of motion for the forefoot. Still, the Kobe VII is not as flexible as its predecessors, namely the Kobe V. It didn’t give my foot the oneness and mobility that Kobe’s fifth signature possessed. Also, the TPU heel clip didn’t hug the back of my foot like I thought it would. Overall, it is an extremely supportive shoe, but I would have liked it to be a more flexible wear.

Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Breathability: There aren’t too many perforations on the Kobe VII’s construction, but the breathability factor of this shoe wasn’t bad at all. Of course, additional ventilation would have been great, but there were no complaints in this area.

Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Durability: The Kobe VII is arguably the most durable of the Kobe low tops. This time around, Nike placed a cast urethane material over the top of the Flywire cables and flexible mesh, giving this shoe a pretty tough outer shell. While it may not resonate aesthetically with consumers as well as the?polyurethane snakeskin-like scales on the Kobe VI, the Kobe VII’s outer shell is sturdier and can take more of a beating without showing as many marks.

Now, the ‘Attack Strong’ and ‘Attack Fast’ inserts are a totally different story when it comes to durability. In the midst of constantly inserting and swapping the soles, they started to peel and tear in some areas, specifically on the forefoot area and heel.

Nike Zoom Kobe VII Performance Review Scorecard

Nike Zoom Kobe VII Performance Review Scorecard

Overall: Out of the three signature Nike silhouettes (Zoom KD IV, LeBron 9, Kobe VII), Kobe’s seventh signature shoe features the best package of support, durability and traction. Each has its flaws, but the Kobe System is yet another stylish, performance-ready low top that builds on the success of its predecessors. By no means is it the best sneaker from the Kobe line, but it has characteristics that are definitely advantageous on the court. The Nike Zoom Kobe VII Supreme System is now available at select retailers for $180. However, the regular Nike Zoom Kobe VII is available in multiple colorways for $140.

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  1. Netolic says:

    Bestbasketball shoe i ever worn since kobe 1

    1. Jarrett Jack says:

      smh brons>

      1. Anonymous says:

        why are you on this? smh lol

        1. Jarrett Jack says:

          i get bored/like making jokes on the comments/love kicks (more than wale lol)

  2. Tb8402 says:

    I love these shoes, and I need a pair!

  3. Bballfreak6 says:

    These are cold… I’ma have to get me pair!?

  4. jackdiamond says:

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  5. Muller_mack says:

    hakim warrick is wearing the invisible cloaks not id’s

    1. Anonymous says:

      they def said he wearing the cloaks lmao not id’s?

  6. I have yet to play on my VII, but with this review I’m more excited to actually try on court.? I played on the V, and I’m very impress on how it performs.? IMO, the V is the best bball shoes I’ve ever played in.

  7. KingClutch says:

    ?Author missed the Kobe VII ID’s worn by #15 in the last pic. Those look bright af.

    1. Anonymous says:

      that number 15 is amir johnson soooo he got it right lol?

  8. Lewis Davis says:

    man this shoe is something nice

  9. Supersonics says:

    If you have wide feet and plan on balling in the Kobe 7′s beware of getting blisters on the arch of your foot.. There is a peice of material that rubs tough! Takes a WHILE to break in too!!

    1. Charles says:

      That’s what happened to me. Just wear two pairs of socks, that will help in avoiding blisters

  10. stack bundles says:

    I would always rock lebrons to play. But, when I Played in these, never going back to anything else. Kobe’s to play are serious. The ankle support is a worry, but those cuts you can get is worth it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    definitely the best basketball shoe i’ve ever had…i got all id’s though??

  12. True baller says:

    Really nice review!.. might have to grab me a pair!

  13. Pogian says:

    durability at 5?? come on, the 2nd time I used it for balling the paint already chipped off.?Someone stepped on my KB7 cheetahs and the purple color on the sole was lost and the volt color underneath showed.? the VI might be a better one regarding durabillity.

  14. #whatyoubesmokin says:

    i agree…this is one of my favorite shoes to hoop in..but durability at 5? #yousmokinggoodweed

  15. Deejaycause says:

    I work at a Basketball shop and I must say the Kobe VII is a flop! When they first arrived they sold well, but after 2 weeks the first complaints started coming in. The fabric they used in the in soles came loose, the paint chips off, when you see the shoe after 2 weeks of playing in them they look like crap! 1 out of 3 customers wears orthopedic soles, those people cant wear the Kobes! I dont know what Nike was thinking! The Kobe VI was way better!

    1. Apollo Creed says:

      I agree, I wish I hadn’t gotten these. When I first got them they were really comfortable but after about an hr or so of playing I developed a blister on the inside of my right foot. This happens every time i wear the shoes and it’s making me want to sell them. If not for that issue, they’d be better but I wish I had went with the Kobe VI’s instead smh

  16. K Dub says:

    Ay These shoes are all business. they are built for speed. lightweight, not big on looks but who cares about that on the court? pussy niggas going to the gym to look cute? not me. I’ll take the Kobe System over any current baller shoe. compar the System vs. the Lebrons and the lebrons lose

  17. CoolHandNico says:

    The shoe is great, when its not defective. I have never heard of a single style being so poorly made. Almost every size in every color of this shoe has come with an air bubble in the sole of the shoe. Not only does it make it uncomfortable it us unfixable. You CAN pop the bubble, but once you do there is forever an indent where the bubble was. So if you’re buying this shoe (any color) be sure to run your hand down each insole to check for a bubble.?

  18. kbente4 says:

    how about the size? ive got a kobe 5 size 10 which fits me well, should i get a 10.5 size for the kobe 7 elites?

  19. Sang Le says:

    Great Review! I want a pair!!!