Yesterday, you were given a brief glimpse of the Nike KD IV “Aunt Pearl” shoe. ?Many of you may be drawn to these kicks because it acknowledges survivors and victims of breast cancer, therefore drawing international awareness. Affected by his Aunt Pearl’s battle with breast cancer, Nike and Durant created a vibrantly pink shoe, accentuated with the black swoosh and a pearl finish on the ankle; the shoelace ends also read, ‘aunt pearl.’ ?Let us know your thoughts!


Nike Zoom KD IV - "Aunt Pearl"

Nike Zoom KD IV "Aunt Pearl"

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  • Guest

    great concept..he’s a good dude

  • Dj Leo

    As a Lady who loves kicks I would rock these!

    • Steve

      As a sexy lady, i say hell nah!

  • Kievontray

    I Want These, When They Drop?

    • Anonymous

      ?you want ladys with this one huh

  • Indy5533


  • Bob_jouhnson

    when do they come out

  • Indy5533

    Is that a translucent outsole?

    • Sam

      Looks like it is.

    • Bob_jouhnson

      you weak

    • Sneakerhead2320

      It’s a pink tinted translucent sole


    Anybody know when they drop?

    • Anonymous

      ?ask cam’ron lmfao

      • Jon Bourne


      • OG_BCB

        that wasnt funny…your corny

        • Anonymous

          i was trying tho, i’m not a comedian. You want your 1-2 minute fame #justsaying

        • ZTGiby

          i liked it. your a lame

      • tigerpawraw

        no, ask John Paxon.

    • Rodmls04

      May 12th

    • Lajeroberts

      May 12th

  • Sam

    So dope. Love the breast cancer symbol on the tongue.

  • JK21

    Just order it at rmkstore. NIce kicks

  • Leighanewm

    they need to make these for smaller sz for ladys with the cause

    • Lajeroberts

      Yes omg I’m so upset

  • SkurrManSkurr

    Beautiful shoe

  • Brendan Jay Caldy

    when do they release?

  • Ant Berrios75

    I’d mos def cop… Anything to help breast cancer awareness and look flee while i’m doing so.

  • Ondretaylor

    When can i get these
    A must have

  • Jdwill27

    Them shits hard as hell… Plus I had an Aunt named Pearl too lol …Must Cop

  • Bscoskoolboi

    Man I wish they would say when they drop.

  • Ralph

    where they sales these at????????????

  • Bruce Henry

    these is solid they need to release these asap!!! im going to get em in a heartbeat

  • Bradley H

    always for a good cause…i cant hate…not that i’d rock them

  • Robbie

    No way am I buying these unless I know for sure that all proceeds are going to breast cancer foundations

  • dj dub zero

    i try not to buy into the breast cancer aesthetic, but these are pretty sick. i hope that the money is donated to cancer research – otherwise, i’m not interested.



  • Palomaortiz88

    those are fire!!!!

  • WZA

    Dope concept! I’d get em just to have em but wouldn’t rock em!!

  • Jacquesw93


  • aj king


  • @BigQ_21


  • Cisse03

    I love em. But if the money doesn’t go help fund the fight, people please just donate to the kay yow foundation, yeah the shoes bring awareness, but paying nike for awareness does nothing to help actually help those in need.

  • Flyyboyyrell

    These are dope and have a great meaning behind it these are a must have

  • Drew Koshi

    when are these coming out?

  • Boobie Miles

    Dope, I’d Buy Em But Are They Releasin

  • Lilreddwendy

    plz tell me dey drop in kids sizes i need those in my life size 5

  • cameron moore


  • Yunginflyy305

    those are really dope i want em hopefully they release.. nike really did right by KD with the KDIV the colors the designs just really dope (weathermans my fav) but hopefully with his popularity increasing and his playoff run going further (wont go to the finals tho, LAKERGANG) the price for his sneaks dont. he is the only all star with a dope shoe for under a 100.

  • Upsilon

    If proceeds go to breast cancer, I’m copping for sure. If not, no way.?

  • Mr.Arthur

    consider these mines

  • Joel Luna21

    These are insane when do they drop

  • Tyseymour84

    dopest breast cancer shoes I’ve ever seen! and the pearls for his aunt thats real cool, what a guy

  • Swaggedup23

    Nike should release the shoe and send the money to help ppl with breast cancer

  • delonte13

    This one is the biggest awesome ever!!!!

  • G Gage

    LOVE THEM. I neeeeed to know when these release. Getting them no matter what.

  • Kevin Cruz


  • Treleo12

    Man its good that he is doing this i wanted to get these for my grandmother who survived it Im sorry kd