The NFL Draft begins tomorrow, and to celebrate the occasion, Nike is releasing a “NFL Draft” pack. ?It features eight different sets of sneakers to represent the eight NFL divisions. ?From “icons to future classics,” the pack includes the Air Trainer SC, Air Max 90, Dunk ’08, Air Max 95 No Sew, Huarache Free Shield,?Free Trainer 5.0, Free Haven 3.0, and Trainer 1.3 Max Breathe, with a special color-up for each team. ?There is currently no release information available for the pack, but stay tuned to Nice Kicks for updates and check out the pics below.

**Update** The Nike “NFL Draft” Pack will release on April 29th, 2012.

Nike "NFL Draft" Pack

Nike "NFL Draft" Pack

Nike "NFL Draft" Pack

Nike "NFL Draft" Pack

Nike "NFL Draft" Pack

Nike "NFL Draft" Pack

Nike "NFL Draft" Pack

Nike "NFL Draft" Pack


  • Hsanders7163

    redskins and texans are the cleanest

    • Peck

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      • jackdiamond

        just as Thelma said I’m taken by surprise that someone able to make $7468 in one month on the internet. have you seen this page …

    • Darnell Yancey

      Surprisingly, I thought the exact same seeing those Redskins’ AM95s!

    • Steve Stiffler

      Yes, those Redskins are insane

    • SmartGuy

      Especially since they don’t match the jersey at all.

  • Magnif89

    The dunks hi and low are already available with the Nike id. But also the NFL and Nike deal is turning out better than I thought and I thought it was good idea.

    • Jarrett Jack

      the steelers jonts tho…

  • Poltergeist_250

    The Jacksonville and Patriot joints look fresh as fuck

  • Brett

    is it me or do the cowboys air max 95 look purple not navy

  • Sleepy

    Jags Get No?Respect……….

    • tim_butno_tebow

      why they did duval like that…

  • President Ward

    GO STEELERS!!! :-)

  • D-Nice 1

    First to Comment….Right off the back, I’m a GIANTS fan (CHAMPIONS!)….But here’s my picks for hottest shoe of each division….

    AFC South: Colts… North: Steelers… East: Dolphins… West: Chargers

    NFC South: Falcons… North: Lions… East: Redskins… West: 49ers

    • RickJames

      mostly agree but texans in the south, giants in the east, and bears in the north

  • bdb

    chiefs go hard

    • ThePrufessa

      their whole division goes hard!?

    • RickJames

      fuck the chiefs man they fake

  • Anonymous

    Bo jacksons and airmax 95’s and Hurraches DONE

  • Eric Pierce

    fins skins and chargers are the best

    • RickJames

      the Chargers allways the best man, but they fucked up seattles

      • Mizzo

        Fuck the chargers…Broncos all day

  • Shooz44

    if there isn’t a broncos logo on the Trainers, i’m all about those instead of the AM 90s for the Bears…please release that trainer as a gr without any team branding and it’s an instant cop!

    • ThePrufessa

      it doesn’t look like any of them have NFL logos on them. just their colors.?

      • Magnif89

        On Nike id you have the team logo on the dunks

    • RickJames

      fuck the broncos

      • Mizzo

        Dont hate

  • ThePrufessa

    the AFC west entire division are dope as fuck!?

  • Anonymous


  • ThePrufessa

    i’m disappointed there aren’t any air max 2012s?

  • WeedNBrew

    I’m not mad these shits are DOPE

  • RickJames

    dude you can see on the Jags and the Titans their logo on the tongue and on the heel

  • Dsgo4net

    dude you can see on the titans and the Jags there logos on the tongue and the heel

    • shiesty

      ?actually those are just “NIKE” logos genius.

  • Soundwave787

    Damn the Falcons got the shaft! Those shitz are garbage, HOT?BOOTY TRASH!!

  • Looneyhouston

    I already ordered the Texan dunks with Nike ID last night!!! Can’t wait

  • WZA



    Cowboys AM95’s are so nice.?

  • Coolkido

    Jag’s and Stealers are dope?

  • dizzle

    Cowboys 95s will be MINE.

  • Upsilon

    I know this is a stupid question but what shoe is representing the NFC South teams (Falcons, Saints, Buccaneers, Panthers)?

    • Anonymous

      Nike Free Trainer 5.0 v3, jeez it sounds like software.

  • Sam

    I might pick up one from each division. DEFINITELY those Cowboys 95s and the Chargers Air Trainers. This Nike deal might be the best thing the NFL has done marketing wise.

  • Jake Faust

    Wish they had all shoes for each team. Like the Dolphins and cowboys

  • tight

    Man why the fuck the panthers have to get the wack ass kicks. Wack compared to all the others at least.

    • Perry

      i feel that panthers colors would be dope on the Air Trainers

    • Bitches Freeman

      Agreed. I love the panthers colorway but damn why couldn’t they get a SC?Trainer?or a 95? Would’ve liked to see that Dolphins colorway on a classic?silhouette?as well!

  • Zareh Baboomian

    Seahawks, Giants, Eagles

  • Teamlac90

    damn?why the 9ers couldn’t get the 95’s!!

  • Gonzo4of9

    This whole Pack is dope!

  • Anonymous

    I’m mad the Giant’s got the worst model. We freakin WON the super bowl! Lol smh.

  • Anonymous

    Overrall the Dolphins and the Bears are the best

  • cincinnati_SOLE

    More bengals love please? They aren’t the worst team!


    Bears and Bengals all day.

  • Guest

    those 90s are nice

  • Matthew Martin

    dam nfc east got the best 1z

  • Ole Greg

    NFC North = legit

  • Anonymous

    NFC West shoe is basura