Kicks On Court: Monta Ellis Brings Out White/Varsity Red Air Jordan 10

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Kicks On Court

Rudy Gay shooting in the Nike Air Max Tempo

Kicks On Court

Tyrus Thomas and James Singleton in the Air Jordan 13 "Flint" and the Air Jordan 11 "Cool Grey", respectively

Kicks On Court

John Wall wearing the Reebok Zig Encore

Kicks On Court

Tony Allen defending in the adidas adiZero Rose

Kicks On Court

Sundiata Gaines and Jrue Holiday in the Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011 Low and the adidas adiZero Crazy Light, respectively

Kicks On Court

Manny Harris and O.J. Mayo in the Nike Air Max Hyperdunk 2011 and the Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011, respectively

Kicks On Court

Jay-Z sitting courtside at the Nets game while wearing the Nike LeBron 9 P.S. Elite "South Beach"

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  1. MONTA!!! says:

    First! and Monta Ellis is officially the present day king of on court jordans in the NBA ?

    1. Kicks Do The Talking says:

      yeaaa I think Jesus Shuttlesworth might have something to say about that. Have you seen his PEs of Jordan??? And I like Nate Robinson wider variety selection of Jordans ahead of Monta Ellis different colorways of just the 10. Don’t get me wrong he is up their in top 5 of the league but your sleepin on Rip Hamilton too, but regardless Ray Allen is king of on court Jordans

      1. Rataface805 says:

        Ray is the man when it comes to Jordan’s on court fuck ya boy Ellis. Gilbert arenas has potential too he be wearing all the brands dude is krazy ill

        1. Eriqc says:

          No Paul George those fucks you just named just wear Jordan’s

          1. LR says:

            For just this season:
            1. Monta Ellis
            2. Paul George
            3. Jordan Crawford
            4. Delonte West (for breakin out galaxys alone)
            5. Shannon Brown

          2. Mercy says:

            ?this list is wack as fuck, Paul George hoops mostly in kobe IDs and Jordan Crawford only wears the raging bulls. Delonte West wtf just for galaxy he wears Nike Air Flight One. Shannon Brown get the fuck outta here. You don’t know shoes if these are your top 5

          3. LR says:

            um paul george has worn true blues, concords, electrolimes, air max tempos nd his kobe ids r fire, crawford rocked uptempos, bordeauxs, cardinals, huraches, and candy pack 2s also shannon brown black cements, bordeauxs, candy cane 14s last shot 14s so know ur shit before u hate

          4. stanky legg says:

            we are talking about players that wear best Jordan’s in the league not who has best shoe game in the league. If that is the case LeBron James collection of 9s killed this year from start to finish?

      2. Anonymous says:

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  2. Ramoscommakevin says:

    I’m lovin Amir Johnson’s choice with the flu games tho.

  3. Cisse03 says:

    interesting that tony allen rockin the old roses, when the 2.5s is leaps an bounds better, and lighter too.?

  4. soldsole says:

    nicekicks is riding the shit out of monta ellis. basically one whole page of one mans shoe i dont understand why.

  5. DragonFly Jones says:

    Monta w tha fire….killin all of em…flu games are dope…buhh monta tha only one thass switchin it up…lmao @ tyrus thomas w tha flints…he was rockin them jonts lass yr lls

  6. size12whut? says:

    if your gonna crown monta than you have to give honorable mention to delante west. that man brought some heat this year

  7. ijust hateshit says:

    I think this is starting to become a site for gays looking for love, cause y’all jocking the shit out of dudes.

  8. Louie Louie Louie says:

    I insist…who has the heat to rock some OG Air Unlimiteds?????

  9. melo da best says:

    flu games da best 12′s

  10. Anonymous says:

    those 10′s still go hard mine clean from 05 still and blk steel?

  11. I thought Monta was sponsered by AND1??? oh well he needs to be sponsored by jordan because he is a beast

  12. LR says:

    For just this season:
    1. Monta Ellis
    2. Paul George
    3. Jordan Crawford
    4. Delonte West (for breakin out galaxys alone)
    5. Shannon Brown

  13. Netolic says:

    Mike bibby is the king of kicks on court

  14. red says:

    monta killed the nba this yr in jays

  15. Inluvwitkicks says:

    There giving Ellis the wackle treatment except he has talent

  16. GS8 says:

    Make Montas shoes blue and gold and bring him HOME!

  17. Ahdonteham says:

    I bring my guns to work Gilbert arenas.

  18. Sferris1923 says:

    James Singleton looks like he just got sniped lmao

  19. goldennuggets says:

    Hov takes it w/ the South Beach LBJ

  20. jaynsay no more wit your south beaches