This Day In Sneaker History: David Robinson Scores Career High 71 Points

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When approached with the topic of the greatest scoring NBA performances, one can only help but to reminisce of Wilt, Michael, and Kobe’s stellar achievements on the hardwood. But what about David Robinson? The San Antonio Spurs’ “Admiral” currently sits among the greatest with his 71-point performance on April 24, 1994, against the Los Angeles Clippers. Now, as if it wasn’t already enough to nearly score a basket for every minute played, Robinson laced up in one of the most innovative basketball sneakers of all time, the Nike Air Unlimited. Watch as associate editor, George Kiel III explains this feat and the importance of this sneaker in the mid-90s.

David Robinson in the Nike Air Unlimited

David Robinson in the Nike Air Unlimited

David Robinson in the Nike Air Unlimited

David Robinson in the Nike Air Unlimited

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  1. Cp3 says:

    I love throwback stuff from Nice Kicks!

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  2. Lu Wilson says:

    Dope review on?the?Nike Air Unlimited… David Robinson has always been undeservedly overlooked, but man those shoes are clean! Good work!

  3. Castorb says:

    they look a lot like the carnivores

    1. Louie Louie Louie says:

      ?sorry man, but the Carnivores look a lot like the Unlimiteds…

  4. livelovelife says:

    greatest?center in nba history on the greatest team in nba history.

  5. Pcurry1822 says:

    I forgot all about these. I remember one of my teammates in youth league at YMCA had these. And Robinson is always regarded as a great player but slept on as a prolific scorer.

  6. Anonymous says:

    dope ass sneakers …they need to bring back the old nike boxes?

    1. URDUMB&IamsuperDUMB says:

      ?FUCK idiots that care about boxes..ur dumb ass fuk its cardboard

      1. Anonymous says:

        ?why are people dumb fucks because they?want?the total retro experience? On some real shit anything is better than those shitty nike sportswear boxes they give now. Those are terrible.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Just stfu

  7. Anonymous says:

    ive never Knew he put up 71 points and is that?Dominique in the first pic?? In a clippers jersey? I really need to brush up on my NBA History?

    1. treesty says:

      indeed it is ‘nique. People don’t realize he finished his career as a journeyman. ?After this year, he went C’s, Greece, Spurs (ironically), Italy, Magic – all 1 yr stints – then retired.

  8. Mr Kieltoreal says:

    This is awesome I’m glad that you guys recognize old school players wear especially the unlimited,.please keep the history coming.

  9. Mike says:

    Bill Fitch told his centers to play lax d on him so that Robinson could end up surpassing Shaq for the scoring title during the last game of the regular season. We all remember how Shaq got his revenge the next year in the All Star Game lol

    1. Sirnate15 says:

      Shaq, can’t tie David Robinson sneakers. Robinson was a best anywhere on the court.

      1. ?Number dont lie, Shaq was the beast

    2. Louie Louie Louie says:

      ?So true…a made up record…he HAD to score 71 points…and all the guys in San Antonio were like “give it to Robinson dude!!!!”

      1. treesty says:

        yep, I remember this game. He got up something like 41 shots.

  10. Lindalllee92 says:

    Look cold to hoop in these remind me of the Jordan 8 lowkey almost same style

  11. B.... says:

    Great Segment. Are they going to re-release these? They look like they have alot of support. I’d definitely wear them.

  12. Louie Louie Louie says:

    My personal favorite all time sneaker…I would surely threat someone for these…

  13. J says:

    These were my favorite shoes to ball in bac on tha days!

  14. droy says:

    David Robinson stayed in some heat for a center.

  15. RDogg23 says:

    Pretty Cool Segment! C. Webb and the Fab Five Wore These Too, the Black and Blue Variety. Had Me a Pair Back in the Day.

  16. Steve Stiffler says:

    David Robinson HAD to score 71 pts to win the scoring title. ?They forced the rock to him all damn game to get him the title and it was kind of a Cheap ass way to get it. ?I

  17. bdogg says:

    i like those joints..liked the cwebb version better when we rocked the swoosh! i think his cw was black and grey! that said, on the scoring title..kobe will drop 4-+ in sacto and end this!?

  18. WZA says:

    Bring em back!!!

  19. solesaved says:

    The admiral does get overlooked as one of the best.?I?got to admit his team def made sure he got that?scoring title. ??You really can’t compare Shaq & The admiral.? Shaq at that time had the body to dominate in low post because?there was no match for him at that size and weight?and he was a banger and his game was mostly dunks and hooks. The admiral was quick and agile who dunked a lot also?but?he also had a 15 to 20 ft jumper as well something shaq NEVER had but the are both great players.? I’ve been saying please bring back the unlimited for years. If you brought back the carnivore which are in nike outlet going for dirt cheap, i know nike should bring these back. and i bet they won’t be in outlet store collecting dust.

  20. Ciscomqj says:

    Aaaaaaaaaah Man I had these in the black & grey CW back in the day. One of my fave kicks of all time. Daaaamn, they need to bring these back. THis CW was sick too.