Footwear Flashback: Kobe Goes Airborne in adidas KB8 II

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Footwear Flashback

Back in the 1990s, a Philadelphia teen would make the move to Hollywood and suddenly be implanted in TV sets across America. His charisma and style would make him a pop icon, while his skill set and work ethic would make him one of the best in the biz. No, we’re not talking about the Fresh Prince, we?re talking about Kobe Bryant. This ad from adidas finds Jelly Bean Jr. taking his Philly flash to the Cali courts in the yet-to-be-retroed KB8 II.

Who: Kobe Bryant
Kicks: adidas KB8 II
Event: adidas Commercial
When: Late 90’s

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  1. bdogg

    was not a huge fan of the kbii..kbi was dope as was his dunk shoes where he won the dunk contest in the elevation equip i think was the name..those were dope! glad he is with nike thou!!!?

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