My 5: Paul George’s Sneaker Rotation

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Paul George declared the Penny signature line his favorite collection of sneakers in our latest Kicks On Court Weekly Recap. So, where are the Penny shoes in his current sneaker rotation? Although Paul loves Pennys, the Cali native also let it be known that a wide variety of kicks make up his sneaker rotation. In Paul’s My 5 sneaker rotation, Pennys are exchanged for Jordans, Chuck Taylors and Kobes.

Air Jordan 11 “Concord”

Paul George's Sneaker Rotation

Paul George: “Of course, I’m wearing the “Concord” 11s. That’s one of my favorites right now.”

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40 Comments on "My 5: Paul George’s Sneaker Rotation"

  1. 4/20 today you know

    nice rotation I dig the Space Jams 11, everybody loves the 4 just a solid pair of jordans to always keep the rotation?

  2. Yunginflyy305

    my current?rotation: gold air max 97’s, gradient kobe vi’s, concord XI’s, chicago X’s, copper foams

  3. Naptown's Finest

    Go pacers!!! I hate chuck taylors pg. I’ve never had a pair in my life and don’t plan on it. At least you don’t wear vans or supras!

  4. SmokeDolla

    i was left feelin wantin wit this one. i seen he loves pennys n i said “word! catt probly got one or two jays n sum reel retro heat!” but…… watevr still enjoyed most the shuz. n how erryone posted thr roto aftr that. its hard to type sarcasm but ill jus say the preceedin line was.

  5. MrJetJackson

    I’m at a loss of words right now because the homie is really featured on nice kicks tho. 1st the NBA now this?! I’m proud to say i went to high school with this guy g.

  6. Beaver

    I’m probably the only Pacers fan on this board, and I’m hype to see PG getting some attention. Indiana, what!?

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