The creation of custom kicks are as endless as the secrets to our “Galaxy.” ?Using the Jumpman-less Air Jordan 11 ?Silver Anniversary? as the base, Jonathan Carrington (from Peculiar Kinetics Studios) and Kai Wang have created an out-of-this-world piece. This custom sneaker showcases a glow-in-the-dark sole, as well as the galaxy-print across the patent leather. For more information, you can contact Peculiar Kinetics through their online site.

Air Jordan 11 "Galaxy" Custom

Air Jordan 11 "Galaxy" Custom

Air Jordan 11 "Galaxy" Custom

Air Jordan 11 "Galaxy" Custom

Air Jordan 11 "Galaxy" Custom

Air Jordan 11 "Galaxy" Custom

  • Everything He’s Not

    Gotta get them

    • yg 400

      These actually look like space jams like from the movie looks like the background from the spacejam cd

      • Flyer than you

        Those are fake!

        • this_guy

          those are custom!?

          • Flyer than you

            If they’re Cool Greys they wouldnt have that Space Jam material. If they’re Spaje Jams they wouldn’t have the Cool Grey tag.

          • HYPEBEAST

            they are… theres no jumpman

          • Mikei2i

            There is no Jumpman on the side of the Anniversary XI.

          • Almac305

            They’re Silver Anniversary XIs. LOL you guys are up on your shoe game I see.?

          • Wale

            glalaxy print needs to be brighter

          • N.i.P.

            ?u sound dumb as fuck

    • Darnell Yancey

      Can’t tell if serious!

      • DevinThomas

        i aint seenn this nigga on here in a while

  • WIggga


    • you’re an idiot


    • BrooklynChris

      Congrats to the first dunbass. Give him a hand folks.?

      • Flywalker

        ?congrats on being the second “dunbass”

      • D1ckSuck1nN1gga

        fuck up bitch

    • Quequette


  • Dave Wu


  • Yi


  • 617

    actually kinda like these… finally a custom that doesn’t overdo the whole galaxy theme

  • Anonymous

    Meh. Cool Concept, but they don’t look that good

  • Jack Rowell

    like the glow in the dark sole…but this shoe is a classic…not a fan

  • PoloDaDon

    OK enough is enough
    Come up w/ a different idea!

  • He

    omg third

    • tiger paw raw

      omg, you’re retarded. and please, cut it out with the damn galaxy customs already. pretty soon, there won’t be a dead horse to beat…

      • ThePrufessa

        i think he was poking fun at all the dummies that say first on articles.?

  • Machinegun526


  • jeremydelasalas

    first to comment

  • Anonymous

    either they’re all galaxy or not at all. black + purple just doesn’t fit

  • Brandon MrRddlr Turner

    id buy em

  • kingin’

    These are sexy but where’s the jumpman logo?

    • Steve Stiffler

      Reading is Fundamental.

    • ThePrufessa

      maybe you should READ the article instead of just looking at the pictures dumbass.?

    • N.i.P.

      they use the silver anniversary 11’s… one

  • Machinegun526


  • eyneilbantugan


  • Illuminati since ’90

    these ight i wouldnt cop tho, not big on customs

  • carterdelacruz

    third boooooooooi!!!

  • Artillery

    Nothing special

  • Steve Stiffler

    U KNEW it was coming…

    • Steve Stiffler

      Not bad. ?I like them. ?Decent airbrush job.

  • Rataface805

    Dope I would cop these in a heart beat fuck the haters

  • Jahimcnabb

    This was a waste of time.

    • Jahimcnabb

      And they’re fake as fuck!

  • Rob Burnley

    Why mess with a classic? i think i?cried?a little bit on the inside lol

  • Zin

    Fucked up og jams, but it’s decent

    • Steve Stiffler

      They are not OG Jams. ?U guys are so quick to comment that u fail to even READ the captions……lol

    • ThePrufessa

      maybe if you READ the article instead of just looking at the pictures you wouldn’t look so stupid calling these space jams when they’re not even space jams dumbass.

  • joe

    i know they didnt do this to space jams…

    • ThePrufessa

      they didn’t. READ THE DAMN ARTICLE DUMMY!?

  • RoB Whalen


  • Pee Wee Herman

    Galaxy theme is already played out.

    • ThePrufessa

      i agree

  • Shamari Southwell


  • TwizzCustoms

    Shoulda gloss clear coat them. Follow me on facebook, I customize and repair sneakers. These are my Lebron 8 Nerf.

    • TwizzCustoms

      another look

      • Bayareaplaya14

        ?I added you on facebook. I need some work done.

    • ThePrufessa

      how do i get in contact with you? i’m gonna send you a picture of my 17s later so you can tell me if you can save them or not. i might send them tomorrow because i’m going to the tigers game tonight and might not get around to it between getting off work and going there. and i’m definitely not gonna do it after the game cuz i’ll be going straight to bed.?

      • TwizzCustoms

        fb/twizzcustoms sounds good man just let me know im working on some kicks now.

      • RealDiehl

        And no one cares your going to a game and ur going to bed. Wow

        • ThePrufessa

          look you stupid muhfucka. i was talking BUSINESS with this guy about getting my shoes repaired. if you don’t care about me going to the tigers game and what not that’s fine with me. but why the fuck do you think that i care that you don’t care?!?! KEEP THAT SHIT TO YOURSELF BECAUSE I DON’T GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU CARE AND DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU STUPID MUHFUCKA!!!!!

          • relax. ?if you really didnt care you wouldnt respond. ?the fact that you get so upset over some stupid comment only gives him more satisfaction.

          • Materr

            yo get a life my dude, pleaaaaaaase

          • Derp

            my man hit him with the “puhhhhhhleez”

          • ShoeRu

            Derp… Lol dope name….
            Y HE SO MAD ( *_*)/

      • ijust hateshit

        Sounds like you tryna get buddy to lay Down with you with that boring ass schedule

  • 305 FOOLAY


  • 305 FOOLAY


  • 305 FOOLAY


  • 305 FOOLAY


  • 305 FOOLAY


  • your name

    a silver?anniversary 11 with black upper… intersting?

  • 305 FOOLAY


  • Jsja


  • Bone Tone

    terrible. MJ already went to “space” with these and made ’em original

  • OceangGang Lil J

    There Not?Jordan’s?Without A Jumpman ?LOGO?

    • J Dizzle

      anniversary 11s had no logo..

      • ThePrufessa

        well 23 pairs of them did, and they were randomly distributed so nobody knows what store had them. i know mine don’t have the logo on them but they’re still one of the best shoes in my collection.?

    • Adreano Escobar

      ?you THOUGHT you knew about shoes…

    • ThePrufessa

      you DUMBASS, FAKE ASS sneakerhead, the anniversary 11s didn’t have a jumpman logo. there were only 23 pairs that did have them and they were randomly distributed.?

      • ijust hateshit

        You paid 160 for the carbon copies. That’s a shame

        • ThePrufessa

          While you trying to be funny I paid $200 to get em 2 days early at athlete’s foot

    • Steve Stiffler

      Tragic how so many complete idiots visit this website…

  • Anonymous

    ok ok enough with the frankenstein galaxy customs the shits old and played.?

  • your name

    To save people the embarrasment, they are not space jams, they are silver anniverssary 11s. Read the description before commenting.

  • Joel Oliver

    Wow. ?Just the balls it would take to repaint 11 Silver Annis… I gotta give ’em credit just for that, I hope the originals were beat up under all the paint… ?Still think customs that just rip off existing models are pretty lame, but it’s a nice execution. ?The?subtly?of just doing the patent is nice, keeps the space bit under control. ?One of those strips of nylon per side, that is a lace hoop could’ve been red, like the flight tag pull things for some contrast or something?

  • Twiizzl2


  • Adam J Laine

    they look like fakes. stop with this crap. go buy some galaxy’s or something.

  • BILL$

    not really feeling them, but the paint job is straight

  • Jordanjones1992

    WAIT….. why weren’t the space jam 11’s not done for this GALAXY theme? instead of just painting some anniversary 11?

    • Joel Oliver

      Probably because they had a pair of beat up anniversary 11s… I hope they were beat up/stained past the point of getting ’em clean. ?I hope someone didn’t?sacrifice?a serviceable pair of 11s…?

      • ThePrufessa

        me too because the anniversary 11s is one dope ass shoe. one of the best in my collection hands down.?

        • Mdiehl1981

          Damn why don’t u say it again. We get it. It’s the only shoe in ur collection. Cool dude

          • ThePrufessa

            the only shoe in my collection huh? how is that and they’re not even in this picture?!?! these were all the shoes i wore over the last month and i was putting them back up in their boxes. and this was over a year ago so it’s missing the most recent shoes i’ve copped.?

  • ijust hateshit

    I’m not in to bootlegs from space.

  • Cshoates

    Eh they ok but they should of put the galaxy design on another pair of j’s instead not the 11’s

  • Brian Zimmerman

    NAH ?.. space jams is good for me .. and the shoe they used look bootleg ..?

    • ThePrufessa

      they’re not space jams

      • Brian Zimmerman

        i know they’re not space “james” or space jams ..?

  • 305 FOOLAY


    • Joel Oliver

      You got it!!! ?Good work!

      • aSneakerhead

        LMFAO…. That was funny

  • ?????p??n??????

    Little bit of overkill with this Galaxy hype. ?All Star week is done, move on with your lives people. ?And these aren’t Space Jams, they’re Silver Anniversary 11s you fucking losers read the caption for once, if you’re capable.

  • Antlop18

    The sole is the best part i like the blue glow instead of green like the yeezys have

  • Cuzzybam

    be cool if they added a detailed jumpman wearing a space suit with earth as the basketball

  • Randomguy

    What a waste of a shoe… but hey, if you got space jams to play around with then to each his own

  • Anonymous

    new meaning to space jam…

  • President Ward

    Air jordan 11 “Bred” all day!!!! Illest jays ever!!!! In till december i’m out PEACE!!! :-)


    Big black niggas this shoes gay ass fuck

  • Shoesbro

    take your red nike sweatshirt off jose

  • Durty_Basturd

    I like how they made the sole glow but these are flea market 11s…the shape is fucked up

    • ThePrufessa

      the shape does look off but i think they’re legit. they have the silver stripe going across the tongue and that leather where the jumpman should be looks good to me.?

      • Durty_Basturd

        I don’t own anniversary XI’s so I do not know, but was the upper heel made of leather?

        • ThePrufessa

          yea it is.?


    If this shoe were to be put into production…. People WOULD Die.

  • nate

    Galaxy print on a jordan<

    • ThePrufessa

      = fail

  • CeeDaddy

    What Crazy is if the galaxy’s never dropped and never had the hype it had. These customs would have never been made and a lot of ppl would say NO instantly to liking them. “Don’t believe the HYPE”!

  • Slk966

    Nice job on fucking up the space jams

  • stack bundles

    Their kinda wack. The art on it is nice but the shoe doesn’t intrigue me.

  • stack bundles

    Stfu professor dick swallower

  • CP24

    these look so fake

  • Cormega215


  • WZA

    SMH jus ruined a classic!

  • EnoughWithTheGalaxy

    are they gonna fuck everything up with this Galaxy shit…soon shit is gonna be galaxy squared

  • stack bundles

    I’m smoking some shit called galaxy, right now.

  • sabotage

    get some new ideas .the galaxy theme is gettin old cant paint patent leather ..the point of making customs is to make them wearable

  • Mack

    good concept bad execution?

  • Pari

    I’d rather have some Anniversary 11’s than these shits

  • Chris Veal

    yawn, let the galaxy thing go.?

  • RE

    I’ve got a pair of CDP Bred 11s in size 11, Bords, Concords, etc… if anyone is interested at all

  • DtroitRED

    Add a “Galaxy Colored” Jumpman and some accredited validation……FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!!? Hot!

  • jorden washington

    for a sec i thought they was some space jam custom but they r some silver?anniversary?customs

  • BD

    These are my favorite shoe in my collection.

  • BluntJ

    I would never fuck up my 11’s like that even though those are fake.

  • Lindalllee92


  • ? Lace Em Tyler

    Only thing dope about this is the glow in the dark sole

  • Shaun Johnson

    How can i get these? the email address on the site is NOT a email addy

  • lean team

    tell me why i can up on some space jams for the free from some dumb nigha. there dumb ass yellow but i still stay shockin withh em

  • K?$H

    The galaxy colorway is getting played out, I would still cop these because there 11s but still, this galaxy shit is getting out of control, oh well just my opinion.

  • Perilous Peter

    nice page very happy with what youve done

  • sentrelljackson