Air Jordan 11 “Galaxy” Custom

The creation of custom kicks are as endless as the secrets to our “Galaxy.” ?Using the Jumpman-less Air Jordan 11 ?Silver Anniversary? as the base, Jonathan Carrington (from Peculiar Kinetics Studios) and Kai Wang have created an out-of-this-world piece. This custom sneaker showcases a glow-in-the-dark sole, as well as the galaxy-print across the patent leather. For more information, you can contact Peculiar Kinetics through their online site.

Air Jordan 11 "Galaxy" Custom

Air Jordan 11 "Galaxy" Custom

Air Jordan 11 "Galaxy" Custom

Air Jordan 11 "Galaxy" Custom

Air Jordan 11 "Galaxy" Custom

Air Jordan 11 "Galaxy" Custom


    1. yg 400 says:

      These actually look like space jams like from the movie looks like the background from the spacejam cd

        1. this_guy says:

          those are custom!?

          1. If they’re Cool Greys they wouldnt have that Space Jam material. If they’re Spaje Jams they wouldn’t have the Cool Grey tag.

          2. HYPEBEAST says:

            they are… theres no jumpman

          3. Mikei2i says:

            There is no Jumpman on the side of the Anniversary XI.

          4. Almac305 says:

            They’re Silver Anniversary XIs. LOL you guys are up on your shoe game I see.?

          5. Wale says:

            glalaxy print needs to be brighter

          6. N.i.P. says:

            ?u sound dumb as fuck

    2. Can’t tell if serious!

      1. DevinThomas says:

        i aint seenn this nigga on here in a while

  1. WIggga says:


    1. you're an idiot says:


    2. BrooklynChris says:

      Congrats to the first dunbass. Give him a hand folks.?

      1. Flywalker says:

        ?congrats on being the second “dunbass”

      2. D1ckSuck1nN1gga says:

        fuck up bitch

    3. Quequette says:


  2. 617 says:

    actually kinda like these… finally a custom that doesn’t overdo the whole galaxy theme

  3. Anonymous says:

    Meh. Cool Concept, but they don’t look that good

  4. Jack Rowell says:

    like the glow in the dark sole…but this shoe is a classic…not a fan

  5. PoloDaDon says:

    OK enough is enough
    Come up w/ a different idea!

  6. He says:

    omg third

    1. tiger paw raw says:

      omg, you’re retarded. and please, cut it out with the damn galaxy customs already. pretty soon, there won’t be a dead horse to beat…

      1. ThePrufessa says:

        i think he was poking fun at all the dummies that say first on articles.?

  7. Machinegun526 says:


  8. jeremydelasalas says:

    first to comment

  9. Anonymous says:

    either they’re all galaxy or not at all. black + purple just doesn’t fit

  10. kingin' says:

    These are sexy but where’s the jumpman logo?

    1. Steve Stiffler says:

      Reading is Fundamental.

    2. ThePrufessa says:

      maybe you should READ the article instead of just looking at the pictures dumbass.?

    3. N.i.P. says:

      they use the silver anniversary 11′s…..smart one

  11. Machinegun526 says:


  12. eyneilbantugan says:


  13. these ight i wouldnt cop tho, not big on customs

  14. carterdelacruz says:

    third boooooooooi!!!

  15. Artillery says:

    Nothing special

  16. Steve Stiffler says:

    U KNEW it was coming…..lol

    1. Steve Stiffler says:

      Not bad. ?I like them. ?Decent airbrush job.