Air Jordan 11 “Galaxy” Custom

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Air Jordan 11 "Galaxy" Custom

The creation of custom kicks are as endless as the secrets to our “Galaxy.” ?Using the Jumpman-less Air Jordan 11 ?Silver Anniversary? as the base, Jonathan Carrington (from Peculiar Kinetics Studios) and Kai Wang have created an out-of-this-world piece. This custom sneaker showcases a glow-in-the-dark sole, as well as the galaxy-print across the patent leather. For more information, you can contact Peculiar Kinetics through their online site.

Air Jordan 11 "Galaxy" Custom

Air Jordan 11 "Galaxy" Custom

Air Jordan 11 "Galaxy" Custom

Air Jordan 11 "Galaxy" Custom

Air Jordan 11 "Galaxy" Custom

Air Jordan 11 "Galaxy" Custom

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    • maybe if you READ the article instead of just looking at the pictures you wouldn’t look so stupid calling these space jams when they’re not even space jams dumbass.

  1. TwizzCustoms

    Shoulda gloss clear coat them. Follow me on facebook, I customize and repair sneakers. These are my Lebron 8 Nerf.

    • how do i get in contact with you? i’m gonna send you a picture of my 17s later so you can tell me if you can save them or not. i might send them tomorrow because i’m going to the tigers game tonight and might not get around to it between getting off work and going there. and i’m definitely not gonna do it after the game cuz i’ll be going straight to bed.?

  2. your name

    To save people the embarrasment, they are not space jams, they are silver anniverssary 11s. Read the description before commenting.

  3. Joel Oliver

    Wow. ?Just the balls it would take to repaint 11 Silver Annis… I gotta give ‘em credit just for that, I hope the originals were beat up under all the paint… ?Still think customs that just rip off existing models are pretty lame, but it’s a nice execution. ?The?subtly?of just doing the patent is nice, keeps the space bit under control. ?One of those strips of nylon per side, that is a lace hoop could’ve been red, like the flight tag pull things for some contrast or something?

  4. Jordanjones1992

    WAIT….. why weren’t the space jam 11’s not done for this GALAXY theme? instead of just painting some anniversary 11?

    • Joel Oliver

      Probably because they had a pair of beat up anniversary 11s… I hope they were beat up/stained past the point of getting ‘em clean. ?I hope someone didn’t?sacrifice?a serviceable pair of 11s…?

          • the only shoe in my collection huh? how is that and they’re not even in this picture?!?! these were all the shoes i wore over the last month and i was putting them back up in their boxes. and this was over a year ago so it’s missing the most recent shoes i’ve copped.?

  5. Little bit of overkill with this Galaxy hype. ?All Star week is done, move on with your lives people. ?And these aren’t Space Jams, they’re Silver Anniversary 11s you fucking losers read the caption for once, if you’re capable.

  6. CeeDaddy

    What Crazy is if the galaxy’s never dropped and never had the hype it had. These customs would have never been made and a lot of ppl would say NO instantly to liking them. “Don’t believe the HYPE”!

  7. sabotage

    get some new ideas .the galaxy theme is gettin old cant paint patent leather ..the point of making customs is to make them wearable

  8. lean team

    tell me why i can up on some space jams for the free from some dumb nigha. there dumb ass yellow but i still stay shockin withh em

  9. The galaxy colorway is getting played out, I would still cop these because there 11s but still, this galaxy shit is getting out of control, oh well just my opinion.

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