Nike Zoom Kobe VII “Cheetah Print”

Is Nike giving us Christmas in July? Not quite. Following the ?Cheetah? coined holiday release, the Zoom Kobe VII ?Cheetah Print? breeds an all-out animal upper with tamer shades. Expect these to be released at select Nike accounts this August.

Nike Zoom Kobe VII “Cheetah Print”
August 25, 2012

Nike Zoom Kobe VII "Cheetah Print"

Nike Zoom Kobe VII "Cheetah Print"

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  1. Breezy says:

    Finally some decent looking kobes legggo

    1. Nike_Lover says:

      i copped the poison dart frogs (mint) and they actually didnt look that bad in person. ill probably end up copping these?

    2. larry la douche says:

      looks moar like chester the cheeta

  2. !!!!!!!! says:

    SICK!!!!!!! def gonna cop

  3. HypeKillz says:

    These + My Bueller laces.

    1. ijust hateshit says:

      +your skinny shorts+ your hello Kitty tee+ your Utah jazz Bernie hat+ your fanny pack+your skateboard equals a lame ass nigga

      1. Naptown's Finest says:

        You the lamest nigga on nicekicks so shut yo bitch ass up

        1. larry la douche says:

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      2. Anonymous says:

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  4. derp says:

    Now these are cheetah. Not that purple alien cheetah shit.

  5. These are one of the best colorways of this shoe. Although the animal print craze is getting slightly out of?hand.

  6. TJ says:

    why didn’t he just release these the first time??

  7. ijust hateshit says:

    If you put these shits on your feet you better stay the fuck from round me

      1. RealDiehl says:

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      2. RealDiehl says:

        There he is. The gay, liking men prufessa who puts a homo picture of himself up on a site majority dudes r on. Lol. Homo thug prufessa . Smdh

    1. Nike_Lover says:

      oohhhhh internet thug

      1. ijust hateshit says:

        Nah I’m your stepdaddy jit.

        1. Nike_Lover says:

          you have no life sir if all you do is come on a shoe website to start shxt with people…

    2. Naptown's Finest says:

      You can’t afford j’s so shut yo broke ass up

      1. ijust hateshit says:

        Throughout all the bullshit we talk back and forth. If anyone is on this site looking for upcoming releases.80% of us can afford it. Now what we can’t afford is what you lil sista is charging for that Becky! That’s way to steep jit.

  8. ThePrufessa says:

    these are the gayest kobe’s ever. #puretrash

    1. SANTANA2123 says:

      So is that GAP newspaper boy hat..!!..HAHAHAH SHINE MY SHOES ERKLE!!

      1. ThePrufessa says:

        That newspaper boy hat iz made by Ben Sherman not the gap.

      2. Mdiehl1981 says:

        Hahahaha so are the glasses!!

    2. Shamari Southwell says:

      you are the gayest nigga ever #purefag

  9. jmaldanado says:

    wonder if it also has the cheetah emblem on the back

    1. ?it does, honestly NiceKicks doesnt put up enough angles of the shoes like other sites do

  10. A215m30 says:


  11. WZA says:

    I’ll stick wit my Xmas Cheetahs!!

  12. BILL$ says:

    these are kool way better than the xmas ones

  13. Kmax1992 says:

    im coppn dese 2, but the my mint poison frogs are hawt im still in love wit them..

    1. ThePrufessa says:

      now if it was me that made this comment i would have a bunch of dick riding haters telling me they don’t care about what shoes i have.?

      1. ijust hateshit says:

        Cause we dont

        1. ThePrufessa says:

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          1. ijust hateshit says:

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          2. ThePrufessa says:

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          3. ijust hateshit says:

            You post, we comment on any+everything . You shoes know how the internet goes by now. Stop being so sensitive. You making us feel like you a victim of internet bullying

          4. Mdiehl1981 says:

            Damn. I was hoping Ud leave. Cuz I think ur gay n I don’t get down like that

    2. ijust hateshit says:

      Then jump off a mountain soon as you unbox em.

    3. ijust hateshit says:

      Then jump off a mountain soon as you unbox em.

      1. Naptown's Finest says:

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        1. ijust hateshit says:

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  14. rafi215 says:

    Cheetah print?!!..wtf…These are very wack. That is all.

  15. Dirty_Basturd says:

    Men should not wear any kind of animal print. Buy that shit for your girl or don’t buy it at all. That shit is not cool…

  16. o ViiZiion o says:

    I would Copp these but orange isn’t my color….

  17. Jsarrdo says:

    let me tell yu bout these shits right here.I bought these sneaks for my boyfriend & this nigga wore them like mayb 5 times. he comes and shows me his sneaks and says look wat happened? i looked and saw the front part of the sneaker where the bands were and shits were popped off. mined yu these shits were 180.00 dollars never again. and for this shits he got up now? no nigga should b wearin cheetah print kobes. one word for these shoes GARBAGE.

  18. Yunginflyy305 says:


  19. Anonymous says:

    These look better than the elites in my opinion.