My 5: Killa Kyleon’s Sneaker Rotation

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Hip-hop living legend Bun B isn’t the only known sneaker enthusiast that resides in H-Town. Ask around, and many people involved in Houston’s music scene will tell you that Killa Kyleon rarely rocks “regular average” sneakers. If word of mouth is not enough, our Celebrity Sneaker Stalker column has featured him in shoes such as the “Concord” Air Jordan 11, the Nike Trainer Max ’91 and the adidas Crazy 8. We recently caught up with Killa Gorilla to see which kicks make up his current rotation. Does Kyleon have one of the most assorted rotations you’ve seen in our My 5 series?

Nike Air Max Barkley “Action Red”

Killa Kyleon's Sneaker Rotation

Killa Kyleon: “The Barkleys are just classic. I’m wearing the all-red Air Max Barkleys right now. That model dropped when I was in middle school. To us, they were the nicest shoes ever.”

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    1. Will says:

      shut up

      1. Sbviking Liu5 says:

        ikr shut up

    2. Jarrett Jack says:

      But who the hell is this scrub?! Killa Kyon GTFOH please

      1. Blueboy5ine says:

        Killa Kyleon better than them fuck niggaz you prolly listen to lil bitch. Prolly got drake posters on the wall

      2. Anonymous says:

        I bet you can’t wait for a Bieber’s Sneaker Rotation..

      3. Crisco_4203 says:

        Got damn I know eveybody dat peep dis site get tired of seein you hatin hard on every feature..Get a job and get yo chips up Broke Bitch…Killa RUN IT Kyleon nice rotation my nig…Shout out one of da original SwishaHouse Spittas…Htown Still Down

    3. Nick Reese says:

      ?i agree with him on the v2 8s smashing the 9s

  1. BILL$ says:

    the 8 v2′s r the best looking lebrons imo, nice rotation

    1. Yeezy Taught Me says:

      No Lebron 9 Summit Lake Hornets are better than the 8s

      1. Acdc2 says:

        Exactly. There’s no comparison. 8′s are too plain.

    2. Flywalker says:

      ?the lebron 3s are the best ones in my opinion, they should retro them haha

    3. Anonymous says:

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      1. BrooklynChris says:

        Don’t believe the hype. she makes her money on her knees.

      2. BrooklynChris says:

        Don’t believe the hype. she makes her money on her knees.

    4. zach lynch says:

      lebron 4s r the best looking lebrons

    5. Anonymous says:

      agreed, but i think the lebron 9′s have better colorways

  2. concordmac says:

    Weak ass list. CB4s and Uptempo’s? lmao. prob why he’s a nobody of a rapper.

    1. Yeezy Taught Me says:

      ?you obviously dont listen to hip hop especially H-Town music. So yeaaa he is somebody rapper that is why they did sneaker 5 rotation around him. What is really crazy when people like you call his rotation weak when he really kept it true but had he thrown in more Jays you guys would have been on his ass about how he is hypebeast and what not….. smh haters

    2. Bbananaboy23 says:

      So the shoes he wears determine whether or not he’s a good rapper? Yeah that makes a lot of sense.

      1. LOL says:

        Exactly. By that logic, Wale is a GOOD rapper.
        And that makes no damn sense.

        1. Anonymous says:

          wale is a GOOD rapper…you just a fuck nigga and don’t understand where he is coming from….fuck nigga

    3. BILL$ says:

      The ignorance in your comment says a lot about who you are. What the man puts on his feet has NOTHING to do with how known he is. He may be a local artist but he has to have some type of following to end up on here. And no, I am NOT a dick rider. I have never heard of this dude. I just really despise your ignorance.

    4. Steve Stiffler says:

      This list was solid as hell bro…..

    5. ijust hateshit says:

      Sit you bitch ass down and salute slim thugs bosshogg outlawz. You need to download their shit. That’s real underground music. C Ward , PJ, j dawg, young black, sir daily. I can tell you TV hoe. If it ain’t on Comcast you wont blast.

      1. C.Lewis says:

        Exactly jus cuz u bitches never heard of him don’t mean he ain’t nobody.. That boy go hard an he put it down on freestyles that boy from H town Texas an he always do his thang so he might not be nobody to y’all but he somebody in Texas

      2. Anonymous says:

        A lot of dumb niggas out there just think that rappers who are heavily commercialized are the ones who are great rappers. If you wanted the most commercialized artists out there go listen to Bieber or some other wack ass shit..

    6. Sleepy says:

      NiceKicks IS In Houston And Killa Kyleon IS One Of Houston’s Best Rappers So Umm…..

      1. Guest says:

        Nice Kicks is in Austin actually

      2. Anonymous says:

        ?Give us a pic of the store..

        1. Anonymous says:

          what does a pic have to do with anything??

          1. riley213 says:

            its called PROOF..biatch

          2. Anonymous says:

            Nigga if you go to the shop online link, go all the way to the bottom where it says contact us, it says Austin, Texas. Need any more proof?

    7. OG C. Stacks says:

      That shit sounds so damn hypebeastish. And where you been Killa Kyleon is a well known rapper and shits on a lot of rappers now. He got to someone to be on Nice Kicks.

    8. LOL says:

      ?Weak ass list? Do you have ANY of the galaxy collection? Much less ALL of them? I doubt it.

    9. -_- says:

      You obviously have no idea who this guy is. And I’m a little surprised you didn’t hop all over his dick since he has the whole galaxy collection…

    10. devin tha dude says:

      fuck u tlkin about one of the best rappers in houston

  3. Jp says:

    lebron 8 v2 def the best lebrons ever! no doubt?

    1. Steve Stiffler says:

      Very True. ?The V2 is my favorite Lebron and that Summit Lake goes hard.

    2. Your Mother says:

      I think the 2 is the best..

  4. Joel Oliver says:

    These aren’t regular average sneakers? ?Aside from the Galaxy foams that were just about impossible to get for regular average people, everything else can be got… I mean the ’04 release of the Olympic 7s are going for $400+ right now on flightclub, that’s not impossible…. ?I just expected some craziness. ?

  5. Bige9200 says:

    nice rotation galaxy flight ones are my favorite in his list 713 stand up hi haters

  6. Soundwave787 says:

    Decent rotation but the Lebron 9s are the best IMO. Only a fan of the 7s, 8s and 9s in the Lebron line.

  7. Hec735 says:

    killa kyleon B.H.O.? what it do

  8. Hec735 says:

    killa kyleon B.H.O.? what it do

  9. Anonymous says:

    So what does hit taste in sneakers have to do with his music. It’s ok for ppl to wear what they like

  10. The Hornets LeBron 8 V2 gets plenty of sunlight on my feet. I love those shoes. Sad I sold my Galaxy Foams though.

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Anonymous says:


  14. Sam says:

    People don’t understand that it’s a sneaker “rotation,” meaning what he rocks regularly… The point of this section isn’t to just talk about the most expensive sneakers he owns. It’s what he likes to wear! I like this list.

    1. Joel Oliver says:

      I understand what a sneaker rotation is, I just thought he was going to show some crazy stuff because the article led off with ”
      Killa Kyleon?rarely rocks ?regular average? sneakers”… I’m not saying they aren’t nice shoes, I just thought he’d have something more exclusive based upon the lead in. ?That’s all I’m saying.

      1. Coby says:

        This comment is extremely ignorant and defines a hypebeast. The only way you’ll see exclusive shit is when NBA players get PE’s, as far as rappers they might get it earlier but nothing more. Same shoes you could get, with the exception of the galaxies that are overrated imo. But that comment about them being regular shows is dumb, you expect him to have some jet pack type jays that literally help him fly ? All these shoes are dope as fuck, especially the Tempos, rather have the mystic real though but still a classic.

        1. Mdiehl1981 says:

          Ur a retard. Did u read the opening article?? It says he rairly rocks normal shit. All of it was normal and sat on shelves. Seriously dude. Step ur game up and READ!

        2. Joel Oliver says:

          Uh… jetpack Js would be fly, but I don’t think my comment is “ignorant” or makes me a “hypebeast”. ?Certainly you are aware that there are about a billion different varieties of release between GR and PE right? ?

          I just thought I’d see stuff like the House of Hoops Houston Vandal, or like a Doerenbecher, or quai 54s, or Tokyo Js, Carmine 6, ?or better yet Olympic 6s, which are way rarer than the 7s…. How about ANY Jordan that’s not set to retro in a couple months?? ?I’d define soon to drop, and recently dropped stuff as “regular average”. ?Wouldn’t you? ?All the shoes in his list dropped in the past 2 years, or will drop in the coming months, in the case of the Js… that’s pretty regular average to me. ?No?

          I mean I could walk into a Finish Line or Jimmy Jazz and buy 2 of the 5 pair in this list… right now. ?How is that not regular and average? ?The galaxy pack just dropped, which in my opinion makes it relatively regular and average, aside, of course, from Galaxys, which I would agree are overhyped nonsense at this point, but certainly not “regular average”. ?

          And PEs would be dope, but I didn’t expect him to bring out PEs. ?I did have some expectation that he would have some crazy shit, when the article leads off with “rarely rocks ?regular average? sneakers” that I’m not going to see a bunch of stuff I have access to. ?I am by all accounts a regular and average dude, and aside from galaxys I could own all of those shoes if I wanted them, no problem. ?

          1. ijust hateshit says:

            You need to save them big ass articles for your s.a.T’s or Facebook nigga

          2. Joel Oliver says:


          3. Anonymous says:

            ?You must be white..

          4. Joel Oliver says:

            I am, but I’m not sure what that has to do with anything… Why can’t we just leave race out of it. ?This is a blog dedicated to shoes, why is that polarizing?

        3. Luol Dengerous! says:

          So the galaxy foams and olympic 7′s early aren’t expensive/rare? good I’d like to cop both right now. Oh wait i cant they’re $2000. :l

          1. Joel Oliver says:

            Olympic 7s can be had in a huge selection of sizes right now from flightclub for $425ish. ?And I excluded the galaxy foams… they’re expensive/rare/limited.

            And he’s a rapper, shocker of the century he got Olympic 7s and galaxy foams… bring something not from this year to the table.

          2. Guest says:

            “Bring something not from this year to the table”…you’re a dumbass. ?So is it not cool to your standards to wear something that has released in the past 12 months? ?WTF is wrong with you. ?What shoes are in your rotation right now? ?I guess shoes that haven’t been released recently? ?Everyone is labeled a hypebeast or fake these days. ?I really don’t understand. ?Everyone wants a Ferrari or Lambo so if you drive one, you are a hypebeast I guess.

          3. Joel Oliver says:

            No, I’m not saying that, the lead for this article was that he “rarely rocks ?regular average? sneakers”… which to me would mean he doesn’t just wear shit that has released in the past 12 months. ?

            Shoes in my rotation right now: ?

            1) Flight Light 2010s
            2) Galaxy Dunks
            3) ACG Dunks
            4) AC Blazer in 3M
            5) Black/Cement 3
            6) ATC IIs (white/hot lava)
            7) CB34 (not air max)

            Important information regarding my rotation: ?I’m not claiming I rock above average shit, and I’m not being featured on Nice Kicks. ?Also, my “rotation” is much more than 5 shoes, I’m not saying my collection is insane, or anything, but I wear everything I own, I wore my Concords a few weeks ago. ?I’m not labeling anyone anything, I just thought he was going to bring some heat since the article said “rarely rocks “regular average” sneakers”. ?That to me would mean “you’re going to see some shit now”. ?Not shit I can walk into a Finish Line and buy.

          4. R3ckl3ss_201 says:

            Omg but you an idiot its just an intro to hype(beast) you up to see his rotation that it dumb i swear
            It that “No Child Left Behind” program that Bush left us thank you bush for making us dummer ;)

          5. Joel Oliver says:

            What did I just read?

  15. Codyboehm15 says:

    I’m jammin my killa kyleon mix tape right now that I got at the Htown sneaker summit. And these aren’t average shoes. Do you see any1 walking around rocking clean looking Lebron 8s, or Olympic 7s the answer is hell no. Bad ass rapper! And bad ass rotation! Way to keep it real! 361 all day!!

  16. ijust hateshit says:

    The Scottie pippens are the rawest. Well in white/black

  17. Inluvwitkicks says:

    Omg its amg…..Killa

  18. BigDre says:

    just bc he a rapper dont mean he cant like the same shit we like. a rotation is just that:kicks that he is wearing regularly. he may or may not hv heat but that doesnt matter. besides he cld really give a shit what u think of him. not a bad rotation if ya ask me