Nike Implements New “Twitter RSVP” Release System

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Nike Impliments New "Twitter RSVP" Release System

The recent release of the Nike Air Foamposite One “Galaxy” has brought to light one of the biggest problems in the sneakerhead culture. In addition to lines lasting days and?weeks, recent news has also depicted the “sneaker community” in a negative angle. To alleviate the problem, ?a new “Twitter RSVP” system has been launched?to help manage product releases at all Nike Stores.?The new Twitter RSVP system is relatively simple. Nike will announce a RSVP Date, and will begin the RSVP process at a random time on the posted date. Those who respond in time with the necessary information will have secured a pair of sneakers once Nike?s Twitter system responds. ?Nike has also banned midnight in-store releases, as well as pre-orders. Check out more information below.

Twitter RSVP is used to help manage product launches at Nike Stores. Follow your local Nike Store on Twitter for launch announcements and frequent updates.

The Twitter RSVP Process:

On the RSVP date, our store will send a tweet at a random time to begin our Twitter RSVP process, including a product specific hashtag (#tag).
Once registration is open, you must Direct Message (“DM”) the store within 60 minutes. The DM must include:

1.The product-specific #tag tweeted by the store
2.The last 4 digits of your State/Passport/Military/School ID number
3.Your shoe size (limit one).

Confirmations from the store will be sent via DM to those who have successfully secured their requested size. Shoes will be awarded on a “first respond, first serve” basis.
Confirmed recipients must pick up their product (in person w/ identification) from the store on the day of launch. Unclaimed product will be announced on Twitter and will be re-released at the store’s discretion.

How do you properly RSVP through DM? Here’s an example:

Store Tweet:
Twitter #RSVP is now open for the Air Foamposite One.#Electrolime

Consumer Response (DM):
#Electrolime, 4253, 10.5

(For more information about sending a DM, see the Twitter Help Center.)

Twitter RSVP Terms and Conditions:

One item allowed per person, even if you receive two confirmations of successful registrations. Abuse of this rule may result in denial of purchase or entry to future launches.
Confirmed recipients must provide a valid ID that matches the last 4 digits used for RSVP.
Size cannot be changed once it has been confirmed to a person through Twitter RSVP.
Resell or trade of Twitter RSVP confirmation is prohibited.
Twitter RSVP confirmation is not transferable and not redeemable for cash or for credit towards any purchase.
Lines will not be allowed to form outside the store for this release.
Launch process is always subject to change at any time at the discretion of Nike, Inc.

Find your local Nike Store?Twitter account:

Store Name City State Twitter Handle
NIKETOWN Boston Boston Massachusetts @NikeBoston
NIKETOWN Chicago Chicago Illinois @NikeChicago??
Nike Dallas Dallas Texas @NikeDallas
Nike Las Vegas Las Vegas Nevada @NikeLasVegas
NIKETOWN Los Angeles Beverly Hills California @NikeLA?
Nike Mall of America Bloomington Minnesota @NikeMallAmerica
NIKETOWN New York New York New York @NikeNYC?
Nike Portland Portland Oregon @NikePortland
Nike Roosevelt Field Garden City New York @NikeRooseveltFD
NIKETOWN San Francisco San Francisco California @NikeSF?
Nike Santa Monica Santa Monica California @NikeSantaMonica
Nike Scottsdale Scottsdale Arizona @NikeScottsdale
NIKETOWN Seattle Seattle Washington @NikeSeattle?
Nike Running Bay Street Emeryville California @NikeBayStreet?
Nike Running Eugene Eugene Oregon @NikeEugene
Nike Running Fashion Island Newport Beach California @NikeFashionIsl
Nike Running Fashion Valley San Diego California @NikeFashionVal
Nike Running The Grove Los Angeles California @NikeTheGrove
Nike Running Lenox Square Atlanta Georgia @NikeLenoxSquare
Nike Running South Coast Plaza Costa Mesa California @NikeSCPlaza
Nike Running Stanford Palo Alto California @NikeStanford?
Nike Running Westchester White Plains New York @NikeWestchester
Nike Running Westfarms Farmington Connecticut @NikeWestfarms
Nike Running Westport Wesport Connecticut @NikeWestport


Source: Nike, Inc.

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289 Comments on "Nike Implements New “Twitter RSVP” Release System"

    • Rataface805

      Weak shit this is crap just another way for shady Nike employees to reserve their pair fuck that his twitter system I’ve replied to the tweets within seconds and I never got shit fuck Nike Santa Monica that’s the store in the picture

    • PowerChord

      only an idiot would be blind to the idea that this ensures safety for customers. ?it’s about time Nike uses their resources properly.

    • Pbeakk

      This is horrible. You used to be able to get the shoes you wanted by getting there early. Of course it was getting ridiculous but if you were the first one in line you were getting a pair in your size. Now there is no way to ensure you get a pair. The computer nerd is going to get the shoes instead of the sneakerhead. I’m disgusted.

    • stacks_on

      fuck nike and there rsvp shit, to many cornballs rocking j’s anyway guess gucci , prada, mauri and lv will get mah money i aint dealing with this shit

    • JW

      It kind of takes the soul out of being a sneakerhead. People where willing to stand in lines for days and now you just have to be sitting on a computer or on a smartphone or iPod.

  1. thatdude

    Does this mean people like me with huge ass feet can RSVP our size and actually get them to ship that pair to our store?

  2. thatdude

    Also expect hackers to get the majority of the shoes. Why the fuck would you do this, waiting in line is about dedication. If a reseller wants to put in the time to do that, good luck, but creating a program to get your twitter account to respond really fast takes no effort and let’s the resellers win.

    • Sota612

      No offense, but waiting in line weeks before a drop is NOT dedication, its having no life. There are tons of dedicated sneaker nerds out there, who don’t have time to do this. We have jobs. We have careers. We have families. Frankly I highly doubt the normal run of the mill reseller will be smart or clever enough to comprise a hacking program to respond really fast to twitter rsvps lol. Otherwise they’d most likely have a good paying job like the rest of us and not have to resort to selling shoes for a couple hundred dollars.?

      Also don’t forget that they have to show their unique state ID number etc to pick up the shoes. This is awesome.

      • thatdude

        Well I agree they have no life, but it still takes dedication to camp out for any product. And you’re really underestimating what people will do to make some cash. Sure the run of the mill idiot reseller will be out of luck, but look at ticketmaster, people are on top of the shit immediately and then go ahead and sell it on stubhub. A state ID just means one person can’t buy multiple shoes, it does nothing to stop individual resellers.

      • Bigp703

        No offense but I have waited in line for 4 days for shoes, and I’m far from not having a life. These days you can run a business from an iPad or a any Smart phone. Please don’t try to offend the ones who wait in line. Some of us make more money than you would think,you just couldn’t tell by looking at us.

        • Sota612

          I’m not trying to offend anyone, but they’re aren’t a lot of people running true coporations from their ipad lol. If you do, props and salute. However 99% of the people see in line waiting for days arent adults. They’re hypebeast teens and all their crew and family and shit. That’s not cool.

        • T8stang

          Wtf? If you make as much money as you say you do why wait 4 days pay an extra hundo. Shit I have just so that I don’t have to wait in line…

      • Youngmel66

        There are no life ppl who are on twitter all the time so ie it will be the same way… A lot of ppl will miss out because of that

    • s.heroi

      Man, I love my kicks, but if you see me waiting in line for 4 days St. Peter better be at the front of that b** checking people into Club Paradise! If I really needed a pair that badly, I’d rather use a part of that time to make a little extra money and get it some other way. Dedication is one thing, but THAT’S what you call practical and resourceful.

      Fortunately, I live in Toronto where people don’t seem to check for the Nike store if the shoe is selling at other places (it was like me and 4 other people at store open for the Black/Cements last November).

  3. what the @Fing Joke @twatter, this is?beyond ridiculous, you gotta use twitter to be able to get some shoes now! as if it wasnt hard enough already!!??

    • Sota612

      But… had to use Twitter anyway for when Nike does their midnight drops. What changed? If you want to buy instore, just go to Finishline, HoH/Footlocker, Footaction, Champs, etc. You have tons of options

  4. Kixter

    Its actually a good idea; not the best, but good. It alleviates a lot of issues, especially quantity issues and angry lines of people who somehow didn’t realize they wouldn’t get a pair if they were # 500 in line. Footlocker, Finishline, etc. should follow suit.

  5. Sota612

    This is a GREAT idea. No more getting up early, no more fucking no life bitchass campers sitting in front of the store for a week, ?nothing. Plus the RSVP drops a few days before the actual release, so if you miss it, you still got other chances on other websites or in store. PERFECT. My Nike store is debuting the RSVP on 4/19 for the Playoff XII’s.

  6. Sam

    Twitter? Really? This could possibly be worse than the lines, it will cut down on violence but it’s going to cause prices shoot up through all the resellers. Oh wait that’s right, Nike doesn’t give a fuck about prices or customer satisfaction.

      • “it’s going to cause prices shoot up through all the resellers — There’s your answer. He’s not talking about Nike… whom by the way, seems to be raising prices themselves, quarterly.

          • Sam

            There are certain programs you can make that allow you to quick reply to a tweet. You know how random accounts spam the shit out of you when you tweet with random buzz words? Same thing. Programs can be made where a reply will be sent as soon as they tweet the info. Therefore, resellers can create/purchase said programs, reserve shoes quicker than other people who have jobs and can’t afford to sit and watch twitter all day, then resell the shoes for whatever they please. Less sneakerheads will have the shoe, therefore demand will rise, and alongside that, prices.

          • Thanks for the intellectual response. Now my question is why can’t those who want the shoe for themselves (instead of reselling them) use this same program to get their shoes? I don’t think this will do anything to resell value. I think the playing field is just as even as before except it’ll be a lot more controlled and a lot less mayhem on release dates. There will still be the same amount of shoes available and only a certain amount of people will be able to get them.

    • theizz

      The prices won’t go up. It’s the same amount of shoes just being sold in an organized fashion. Re-sellers?aren’t going to raise the prices because you have to RSVP ‘em.

  7. OmigodItsTike

    Stupid….now you gotta watch twitter all day for the tweets? And everybody isn’t on twitter..How bout this, produce more and dont announce release dates

    • Ctexx508

      If you got a much better solution we and Nike would like to hear it, so for now either watch the damn tweets or go back to staring at a comp screen at 11:59 pm like a fool or wait in line with 100 people when the first 12 will get em with their sisters and cousins.?

  8. PoloDaDon

    plus this means you have to be on twitter 24/7 waiting for a random tweet lol. ?ppl do have lives like work, school, etc etc even if you do have a smart phone you have to be checking it every 5 seconds?

    • PoloDaDon

      they just need to have better system on a release, put up gates in a snake form so that ppl have to stand in a single file line and get police or riot control or ppl who do concert security to oversee the line

    • Anonymous

      ?Apparently a lot of these resellers don’t have lives, they can afford to wait outside shoe stores for days and nights without going to work or going to school and what not..

  9. Kol

    fucking joke….what happens to all of us who do not have a nikestore in our city AKA THE NATIONS FUCKING CAPITAL AKA WASHINGTON FUCKING DC….FUCK YOU NIKE

  10. Gold9oh

    i can tell you why this happened. cause nike town la is in the heart of beverly hills, and alot of the people completely disrespect those stores. dudes smoking weed on the streets and your next door to st john and?burberry. they stand infront of the doors to other busineses. as much as they tell people not to camp, they still do. so they went to this twitter thing which is a joke too, but it saves you from wasting time in lines. they been doing this in la for few months now. Santa monica has been on this

  11. henry quin

    HOPEFULLY the resellers will be killed off with this method….now champs and footlocker and finisline and footaction need to come up with a plan as well to exterminate them forever! DEATH TO THE RESELLERS I FUCKING HATE YOU ALL

  12. Aj

    So I’m confused about this system… will nike still tweet the link to their store online at midnight? I live nowhere near any of these stores, so I always have to try online. Are they just gonna stop selling exclusives online? wtf

  13. Acdc2

    What difference is it gonna make? A lot of managers and sales people make back door deals with MF flippers! Nike and the FootLocker need to fix this shi+!

    • solesaved

      I’m wit ya on that sh*t!? I understand store having limited numbers of kicks. If you # 50 and they only got 40 there is no need to wait,but when you?do luck up and get in first or second they?STILL don’t have ya size that’s the?we holding em?for us or our people sh*t they really need to fix.

  14. This is the Idea i came up with in december and now I’m realizing it sucks ass…But fortunately for me I left the game..I got the kicks that I wanted. Bordeaux 7’s and the grey and yellow ?Bo Jacksons..I will cop the Ewings and the Reebok DMX and my nostalgia is fully fed. “Time to fast from the swine Ni**a grow up!!”…Ghost?

  15. Anonymous

    I don’t understand this ish, what happens if you don’t live in the aforementioned areas.
    PS whatever happened to all those galaxy foams from the Instore releases that we’re shutdown?

    • Izm One

      If you don’t live in those areas, you wouldn’t be copping from those stores anyway.? This takes the place of the lines at Nike Stores.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with that I’m just saying what about other stores that get those same releases like your neighborhood footlocker – granted what they get is nowhere near as many exclusives as official Nike stores get

      • Staxx

        Thats we have make sure Nike doesn’t put this s**t out to stores like footlocker, champs, etc. A mom and pop store in my area already doing a lottery for 19 pairs.

  16. Dapperdon89

    WOW,this is epic.This will cut down crime,line wait,instead of competing with the world for releases you will only have to worry about consumers in your immediate area, it is great thing to see nike being socially conscious.As mentioned in an earlier comment, all nike stores are verified,which means that the can recieve DM’s even if they do not follow you…….Anyone who complains is an idiot, for all of us that have opposed resellers taking up supply,this is a great step to stopping it. I’m loving this DOR movement.death of the reseller.

  17. Tjones2430

    I think its a BS system because it screws EVERYONE who isnt in one of the listed areas. The same people get access to all the kicks while people in other places have no chance unless we make a drive.

    • ComeOnSon

      It wouldn’t matter to you in the first place if there isn’t a store near you. You would still have to make that long drive out to the store. They aren’t getting rid of online releases if thats where you’re confused.

  18. solesaved

    The seattle store?has already been doing a system like this already i don’t really like it but they gotta try something to elimnate the mass crowds and some of days of camping in front of the store and the trouble this brings?for a limited number of shoes.?Maybe this will chill?SOME of the Knuckle Heads that’s there to show how GANSTA they are.? Also as someone already mentioned it’s the store that gets 30 or so pairs of a very limited sneak and the staff keeps 20 of those. I been second in line and they didn’t have my size because they were holding them.

  19. Sneaker Fine 314

    Its cool but what about the cities like us in St.Louis who can’t ?get our hands on the exclusive sneakers and don’t have a Nike Town?

    • tough_luck

      this has nothing to do with that issue – this is about preventing people from lining up at NIKE STORES. ?That’s it not HOH not Footlocker or any other mom and pop shop – this is a NIKE STORE specific policy.

  20. Yes, I have concords

    In my opinion, Nike doesn’t have many options. Sure, this isn’t the best idea, but they can’t keep having releases that start riots, and I cant think of any other way to keep customers safe. I would think “secret-strikes” may be a good idea, but word would get out way to quickly because just like we get leaked pics of upcoming shoes, we’d also find ways to get leaked info from an employee somewhere. So really Nike doesn’t have many options

  21. J-Smoove

    This shit is dumb, i rather go to my seattle HOH then niketown, plus people be swarming the niketown like fucking bees, hopping outta cars in the middle of traffic. You dumb fucks, lol?

  22. BigSam

    I hate Twitter, but this is six in one hand, half a dozen in the other. My thing is, do you still get served if you show up or are these shoes just ‘reserved’ now?

  23. MOneyTalks

    man its’ plan and simple you have to pay to play..if there is money to be made ppl will make it..bottomline no system will stop ppl from reselling its just what it is…

  24. Lake Roberson

    Too bad stores like foot locker get absolutely no benefit from this. if anything it will make MORE people camp at foot locker. smh nike

  25. freeballer

    This is not going to work. The biggest ?problem I have is that, sure, its nice that these stores are participating in it, but what about EVERYWHERE ELSE? Limited locations participating is going to be a complete nuisance. Its a pisser for me to go up to NYC just to pick up a pair of sneakers. And that would be assuming 1) I see the tweet AT ALL, 2) ?see the tweet SOON ENOUGH, 3) Direct Message SOON ENOUGH, 4) Register successfully, 5) there is absolutely no screw ups.

    Not. Going. To. Work.

  26. Jaydata15

    Dont they have to be following u in order to get that direct message. U can only DM so eone that follows u. Hows that going to work? #BULLSHIT

  27. This seems like a total pain in the ass. There has got to be a easier way to do this. We live in a world of have and have nots (especially fitting of the sneaker collecting game) but the biggest determination now days is digital access. I think this is insane that nike expects all of its customers to have internet acess. Or at least expects everyone to follow twitter all day. There are many ways to look at this issue. But I just wanted to bring this up. I agree with the next guy that we need to shed the negative image collectors have been taking flack for on these past few releases. And I know somebody is gonna say that anybody who can afford a $200+ pair of shoes should have internet access but lets face not everyone does. Im glad Nike has addressed this issue but i think that from a design standpoint it could be worked out a little better.

  28. Cotton

    What happens have Our society get updated in technology.

    Remember folks..Twitter won’t be around for long!?

    Watch my worlds. Good luck folks (thank god I work at a shoe

  29. DragonFly Jones

    They have tha right intentions….buuhh idk if this will solve tha problems tht plague Release days….props for tryin tho….well see on sat wen tha playoffs drop lol

  30. Dapperdon89

    Wow ppl are so ignorant,the rsvp system does not replace the online 12AM release,it just replaces the lines in those areas.Im proud of nike…….reading is essential ppl

    • solesaved

      Yea and how good does that sh*t work with ANY limited release or Popular Retro release the one thing you can be sure of with that 12am release sh*t? is that it’s gonna cash .

  31. Kevhous

    i got an idea how bout Nike increase the quantity, naaaaaaa that would be too much like right. ?end all this resell bullshit

  32. Anonymous

    We opening a store in georgetown, I’m an asst manager, come thru when we open and ask for Kevin I’ll look out for you!!!

  33. Jonny Killroy

    All you kids sound like uneducated fucks, and are reacting like an ignorant person when they talk about increasing the money supply. If you never went to these NikeStores than WTF does it matter to you? You never went there anyway. This only applies to people in those areas who copped by means of Nike Stores. All you regular ass people who live in bumblefuck, USA with no NS or NT will go on your everyday lives and cop just like you normally do.

    It’s like you people forgot how to use your brains. sheesh

  34. Abduljalil87

    WHAT IF…

  35. this is damn ridiculous..? I can reserve like 20 pairs with all of my cousins and stuff and since you can pick up your kicks at any time I can just wait till everyones outta work and go have a damn field day… I mean its cool because your gonna have? a sense of comfort knowing your gonna get your size and whatnot, but just think of all the negatives. hackers, people hogging pairs ect….
    Looks like ima hafta get a twittter lesson now

    • Sneaaakkks

      The sneaker game should be competive and everyone should not be able to get a pair sneakers. Tryin to make it reasonable and easier for everyone to get a sneaker is not going to WORK! Twitter is just another way to try to make it easier but people are still going to corrupt the something somehow someway. Thank you Nike for trying but you can do better than this!

  36. aceboogymbg

    what do they mean by?The last 4 digits of your State/Passport/Military/School ID number? can anyone answer that question for me?! r they talking bout ur driver licenses number or ID number or what?!

  37. kcfreshprince

    Nike Tweeted that this doesn’t apply to Nike Running Stores specifically the Lenox store in Atlanta. So I don’t know what to think, not big on twitter, don’t like the move but since I can subscribe and maybe have an alternate way to get certain shoes… why not give it a shot

  38. Hugehead Mm

    i live in pa. , closest is two hours plus. ?nike , we like the exclusives too.there are sneakerheads in pa too. give us a store please ?, , ? i like the no camping thing, its a start, but the rsvp idea, i dont know, ?

  39. Solebox still did it the best to me. this is cool….but they system for releasing those fucking pump omni zones was pristine. The ONLY reason i missed out on them is because i wasn’t near a computer. Just seperate the inventory from online to instore, keep the limit 1 per customer, and if it’s feasible…do like Solebox and discount people who actually have the last iteration of the shoe on. That seemed to work for them. Also…they could stand to randomize the actual day. Keep info of physical release to a week basis only. so say Foamposite “hypebeast” edition…..releases the week of May 7-14. ?and thats it. you may have a few campers…but that’d probably cut down. Who knows tho.

  40. So basically if you don’t live in an area with a Nike store, you’re SOL. ?And people in LA have four options: niketown, Santa Monica, The Grove, South Coast Plaza, Newport Beach.. five if you want to count San Diego since its only a two hour drive away.

  41. Turbodem1

    Anybody knows if this is how it’s going to work at retailers like foot locker?

    Also what’s the tweeter has tag for Nike stores in south Florida

  42. solesaved

    What about the heads that don’t right in the area of the NT i’m in?seattle but i know vancouver bc cats that will make the drive if they want the shoe bad enough. Will tweets only go to people in that town? Does the id if you do get a confirmation code need to be from that state?

  43. jimmmykix

    i dont have a nike store near me but i do have a foot locker, does this mean that there will still be campouts at foot lockers?

  44. Brock_hardcastle

    or Nike could order more sneakers from their sweatshops overseas. Sneakerheads are sheep. Sad but true…Stop acting like a nice pair of kicks are gonna change your life. Grow up and for gosh sake, pull your pants up! Or for that matter, just leave them around your ankles since that’s the vibe you’re putting out anyway.

    • solesaved

      Amazing how people come on a SNEAKER Site and be surprized that some people are crazy about SNEAKERS. The Whole site is pretty much about vibing about SNEAKERS, but we’re being?LED.?It’s funny the same place where WE are being led is the same you at ranting about us.

  45. Hulk

    wack!!!?ppl are gonna fail at this and other ppl will be? in the store getting?a pair. nike can NEVER follow everyone back just to dm them. it will be millions of ppl at ones!



  47. GQ

    This is bs…idek they included the San Diego store in on this list knowing that they are strictly a running store. They dont even sell basketball gear of any sort. Meaning no Lebrons, KD’s, Kobe’, Jordan’s,Yeezy’s etc etc. It’s upsetting…anyways…

  48. @swcdex

    This is how ii think it works.. they tweet @ a random time to RSVP.. thats when they open the DMs to everyone.. after about an hour or so.. They close the DMs and send out a tweet stating that RSVPs are over (meaning u cant DM them afterwards)

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