Nike Air Force 180 High “Glow”

Following yesterday’s first look at the Nike Air Force 180 High Blue/Black, we now get a glimpse at another version of this retro basketball silhouette. This colorway features a charcoal suede and wolf grey upper with glow accents scattered throughout the gradient-sole. A translucent midsection on the outsole finishes this colorway off. ?They’re set to drop later this year, and as always, stay tuned to Nice Kicks for additional details.

Nike Air Force 180 High "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Air Force 180 High "Glow"

Nike Air Force 180 High "Glow in the Dark"

Nike Air Force 180 High "Glow"

Source: skit_japan


  1. Joel Oliver says:

    Glow in the dark might help me forget that they don’t have the ankle air pressure systems. ?I dunno. ?Have to think about it.

    1. PattyeffinMayo says:

      Hello to the NAW!!! horrible execution. NIKE needs to be executed for these disgraceful retros

      1. riley213 says:

        kill yoself

  2. BuTtH0Le says:

    Yo ma peeps imma cop 35 pair

    1. BigBaby says:

      Try to cop 35 books first, butthole.

    2. Lol 35? Cool story bro!

  3. Aasdf says:


    1. dumbass says:

      nope, try again

  4. George Costanza says:

    No pictures where they’re actually glowing? #CmonMan

  5. Mazzy says:

    to much charcoal. but i love the?silhouette?and glow in the dark

  6. Anonymous says:

    Really could care less if their GITD still a Hot Shoe

  7. W00p says:

    must cop

  8. Kbq37 says:

    can’t have 5 0 seeing me in the dark….pass

  9. Soundwave787 says:

    These look padded like crazy! Looks like they will be quite comfortable but I dont see these breathing well at all. Either way, I will be copping a couple different CWs with this shoe.

  10. WZA says:


  11. Naptown's Finest says:


    1. ijust hateshit says:

      Niggaz where you from want you out the neighborhood cause you making them look bad with your Bonk ass shoe game. Stick to wearing your hush puppies with your stonewash overalls.

      1. Naptown's Finest says:

        Get off my Dick!

  12. Eric Pierce says:

    1000X better than the royal blue CW love these

  13. Naptown's Finest says:

    I always wanted some David robinsons

    1. ijust hateshit says:

      Nigga your whole collection made with soft bottoms!!

      1. Naptown's Finest says:

        Bitch get off my Dick!

  14. 2282 says:

    Damn! These must come up to your knees

    1. Jetlife02 says:

      ?Fa real they look high AF. I have to try these on first before purchasing.

      1. riley213 says:

        fuck watchu say…this shit’s hot

  15. TrapLauren says:

    @Tommy_Parker no idea g. prolly 2013 or fall 12 if they were coming fall 12 they’d prolly have a release date.

    1. Tommy_Parker says:

      @TrapLauren i been waiting on these since march im highly disappointed. wanted the white ones for summer

      1. TrapLauren says:

        @Tommy_Parker well more then likely atleast half year away sometime 2013