Nike Air Penny 5 “Phoenix”

Penny?s days in the desert returns to reign on the Nike Air Penny 5 ?Phoenix?. A grey upper gives way to purple and orange accents for an up-to-date take on Backcourt 2000. Look for these to release this fall.


  1. Anonymous says:

    These look so sweet, still think the dolphins are better.?

  2. Anonymous says:

    penny 5′s looking good,dolphins still the hotest one so far but these are nice?

  3. Solecollector2891 says:

    Need to see more pics. ?Where is the Orlando colorway?!

    1. size12whut? says:

      were have u been?

  4. Joel Oliver says:

    Upper needs more contrast. ?

    1. Skazike7 says:

      Word, couldn’t agree more, but hey, too much ish for a fall release and it’ll just bring too much attention, not to mention how loud bright CWs are, especially orange.

    2. isreal says:

      ?Yep. The inner liner visible at the top needs to be the brighter purple colour or orange. Some brighter laces would go a long way too.

  5. SmartGuy says:

    These are hideous.

    1. dirt migirt says:

      I’m with you cuz these shits are ridiculous. Some of these sneakerheads need to get there heads checked

      1. Word says:

        they’re not sneakerheads they’re hypebeast who buy into anything that’s advertised.

        1. PoloDaDon says:

          So because they like a shoe you dont like theyre hypebeast?! Gtfo here mane real sneakerheads like what they like hype or not

          1. Word says:

            Real sneaker heads recognize a good looking shoe. This is HIDEOUS.

          2. Word says:

            and when did i say anything about my self liking or not liking?

    2. Durty_Basturd says:

      Glad I’m not alone on that thought…to praise this shoe you have no taste. I’m not even a fan of the silhouette but this cw made me throw Up in my mouth a little bit.

  6. Jonnyboysoul says:


  7. Kevkevcole says:

    I think the 5s but not really feeling these. need a better image

    1. Kevkevcole says:

      *like* not think?

      1. ThePrufessa says:

        you do have the ability to edit your original comment instead of replying to it with the correction.?

        1. Eriqc says:

          Really?? How

  8. Moorishman7 says:

    WTF, another damn Penny?!? Isn’t he retired…..hypebeast unite!!!!

    1. isreal says:

      So everybody who wears Jordan’s is a hypebeast then, right?

      1. dirt migirt says:

        Jordan’s are for the ones who really seen him play. Not on YouTube or NBA TV classic. For the ones who caught the games when they were aired. You don’t see the niggaz in my era wearing Clyde Fraziers and shit or elgin Baylor’s. You hypebeast need to stick to collecting your lebron’s that a never be retroed. With your tight jeans and boybeaters making real niggaz laugh at them CHILD BOO!

        1. isreal says:

          ?Or perhaps you need to realise that different people have different tastes? Or are you just one of those people who likes something because others do (definition of a hypebeast)? Shit, I grew up watching Jordan from here in Australia and I own pairs of Jordan’s with Nike Air on the back, but it doesn’t mean I can’t like anything new. This is a bad c/w, but the shoe reminds me a lot of the Air Penny 2, which I had for playing ball in as a kid.

          That said, Max 87′s, 90′s etc…are more my thing. For the record, I own zero pairs of Lebron’s and passed on the South Beaches that sat on sales racks over here because they’re ugly as sin.

    2. ThePrufessa says:

      so jordan should’ve stopped making shoes after his first retirment? and then his 2nd and 3rd? i’m sure lots will agree with after his 3rd retirement he should have stopped, but following your logic we wouldn’t have had the AJIXs or Xs if he were to follow your line of thinking.?

      1. Word says:


  9. WeedNBrew says:

    These are pretty dope. I mite cop cuz everybody coppin the dolphins

    1. Rickthedick says:

      Pass the weed nigga….. u gots 2 be high sayin that shit

  10. Lord Forbes says:

    Why did this person take this picture knowin they were usin an old ass nokia brick

  11. CeeJizzy says:

    I think these were a bet that Penny hardaway could make the ugliest shoe ever and hypebeasts would still kill for it. shame

    1. Word says:

      lmao you ain’t lying! already seen those lebron low’s in person SMFH! dude thought he was fucking killing the shoe game lol…

    2. treesty says:

      shhh! this needs to be a blind study.

  12. $INCERE says:

    and with one cw nike drops the ball smh jus release the dolphins and chill on this other shit

  13. RealDiehl says:

    Trash truck juice. These are butt.

  14. Eriqc says:

    Hell NO. Dolphins are better and I just can’t get with the shape and all but they are growing on me. Just not with this colorway

  15. Picture looks like it was taken with a cellphone camera from 2002.

  16. Watitdointha80s says:

    id rock these with my phoenix suns cap and a black too #falltimeswag plus ima a huge penny fan

    1. dirt migirt says:

      Don’t forget your penny hardaway condoms you dick rider!

      1. Word says:


  17. THIS ENTIRE SHOE IS SHITTY! But DUMB NIGGAS are gonna cop because it has a SWOOSH on it….

    1. MikeCelf says:

      Dont forget the fact that its a new Penny shoe. Watch them go ape like they did with those galaxy joints!

    2. YOLO says:

      if it was reebok people would be talking mad shit about it

  18. King of Kicks! says:

    If you take penny name of this shoe it would be just another BBall shoe at one of those cheap outlets like shoe dept. or shoe carnival just look at it. Stop the madness people.

  19. Anonymous says:

    GTFO my post!

  20. Steve Stiffler says:

    In this age of digital photography, whats with these grainy ass pictures?