Nike Air Penny 5 “Phoenix”

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Nike Air Penny 5 Phoenix

Penny?s days in the desert returns to reign on the Nike Air Penny 5 ?Phoenix?. A grey upper gives way to purple and orange accents for an up-to-date take on Backcourt 2000. Look for these to release this fall.

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58 Comments on "Nike Air Penny 5 “Phoenix”"

    • Skazike7

      Word, couldn’t agree more, but hey, too much ish for a fall release and it’ll just bring too much attention, not to mention how loud bright CWs are, especially orange.

    • isreal

      ?Yep. The inner liner visible at the top needs to be the brighter purple colour or orange. Some brighter laces would go a long way too.

      • dirt migirt

        Jordan’s are for the ones who really seen him play. Not on YouTube or NBA TV classic. For the ones who caught the games when they were aired. You don’t see the niggaz in my era wearing Clyde Fraziers and shit or elgin Baylor’s. You hypebeast need to stick to collecting your lebron’s that a never be retroed. With your tight jeans and boybeaters making real niggaz laugh at them CHILD BOO!

        • isreal

          ?Or perhaps you need to realise that different people have different tastes? Or are you just one of those people who likes something because others do (definition of a hypebeast)? Shit, I grew up watching Jordan from here in Australia and I own pairs of Jordan’s with Nike Air on the back, but it doesn’t mean I can’t like anything new. This is a bad c/w, but the shoe reminds me a lot of the Air Penny 2, which I had for playing ball in as a kid.

          That said, Max 87’s, 90’s etc…are more my thing. For the record, I own zero pairs of Lebron’s and passed on the South Beaches that sat on sales racks over here because they’re ugly as sin.

    • so jordan should’ve stopped making shoes after his first retirment? and then his 2nd and 3rd? i’m sure lots will agree with after his 3rd retirement he should have stopped, but following your logic we wouldn’t have had the AJIXs or Xs if he were to follow your line of thinking.?

  1. CeeJizzy

    I think these were a bet that Penny hardaway could make the ugliest shoe ever and hypebeasts would still kill for it. shame

  2. Eriqc

    Hell NO. Dolphins are better and I just can’t get with the shape and all but they are growing on me. Just not with this colorway

  3. King of Kicks!

    If you take penny name of this shoe it would be just another BBall shoe at one of those cheap outlets like shoe dept. or shoe carnival just look at it. Stop the madness people.

  4. realthoughts

    The penny 5 really isn’t that bad/ugly of a shoe as most of you guys make it out to be. imo, they look good, but only with pants. dolphins are harder than these though

  5. I like these. I know many would consider me a hypebeast but thats fine. I’ve seen real hypebeast and trust me? they would even worry about penny 5s because the only shoes they would?wear are?the newest jordans or foamposites. Regardless these are my favorite colorway so far.

  6. jay

    where is the orlando colorway???? these might be the fresh for the summer if the color right.. unless LBJ drops another shocking color.

  7. Thearielortega

    this is what’s going to happen… people?aren’t?going to like the sneakers because of a really low quality picture of it, but then they start seeing better HD pics and then they say “hey , these aren’t even half bad, but i still wont buy it” and when it releases, and see it on people’s feet, they are going to regret ever sleeping on them.?

  8. Bishopp3000

    These are nice. I agree they need a little more color to balance the neutral, I think a good pair of custom laces will do it. I will have to get these. So don’t like that means more opportunity for me to get them.

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